N5 Contour by Naturalizer

Life is amazing. With days filled with smiles, laughter and keepsake moments with your loved ones, you often feel like you’re sitting atop cloud nine. However, in between those rays of sunlight, life can also be turbulent; and those same clouds can frequently create rain, lightning and resounding claps of thunder. 



Between the daily grind and stresses of work and home, there are times where you feel like you’re trapped in the middle of a storm cell. And when you feel you’re near your breaking point, something as trivial as an uncomfortable shoe can send you spiraling out of control.   

Naturalizer, a leader in women’s footwear, laid the groundwork for a commitment to fit nearly 90 years ago. Today, the brand honors that promise in N5 Comfort, a foundation built on superior wellbeing. The five building blocks of the N5 Comfort system provide an innovative design that’s dedicated to keep you long on your feet. However, with Naturalizer’s newly developed N5 Contour line, there’s a renewed focus on performance, advanced cushioning and support. Here are the elements of the brand’s exclusive N5 experience:



CUSHIONING N5 contour delivers dual-density cushioning throughout the entire sock liner, plus additional cushioning in the heel, arch and ball of foot, giving you superior comfort where you need it most.


BREATHABILITY N5 Contour is a sigh of relief with soft, breathable microfiber linings with agion, for cool, dry days and nights. 


BALANCE N5 Contour’s innovative shaped insole is designed to follow the lines of your foot and allow for maximum contact with the ultra-padded sock liner, creating balanced, stable comfort. A molded arch support and unique heel cup keep your foot securely in place. 


FLEXIBILITY N5 Contour is made with flexible materials inside and out, so they bend and move with you. 


LIGHTWEIGHT N5 Contour uses streamlined materials to keep you light on your feet while still providing the premium comfort experience.


From Naturalizer’s perspective, the days of being upstaged by discomfort are over. You deserve your best performance every day, no matter what scene you’re in — sunny, cloudy or otherwise.



Pajamas Were Made for the Holidays

During the holidays I hibernate like a bear and eat like one too. It’s the time of year when I’ll stay in my pajamas all weekend and eat almost anything that’s put in front of me. Thankfully, it’s also the time of year when that sort of behavior is acceptable, so I don’t feel bad about it and neither should you.



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Just remember that your pajamas need to be stylish in case any last minute visitors drop by. They should also be comfortable enough to wear all weekend. I’m currently in love with thermal one-pieces. They don’t ride up or expose your midsection to the cold and they’re loose enough to hide a bloated belly when you’ve eaten too much. If you’re a fan of the one-piece jammie look but prefer a two-piece style, then a stretch Henley PJ set will do the trick. 



pajamas, pjs, sleepwear, bedtime, jammies, holidays



The traditional PJ style of baggy pants and a loose button-up shirt is also a really great choice. The shape is flattering for every body type and comfortable to boot. If you’re always cold, like I am, you can choose a flannel version or throw a camisole tank top and thermal long johns underneath for extra warmth.


pajamas, pjs, sleepwear, bedtime, jammies, holidays



It’s also a good idea to invest in a soft robe. Besides adding warmth, it comes in really handy if you’ve spilled something on yourself and need to hide it from your visitors.  It can also double as a blanket when your too lazy to get up and grab one. I really like plush robes made of cashmere or fleece. They’re super cozy and totally worth the investment, but a cotton robe is perfect if you want something that’s warm and really easy to wash.



pajamas, pjs, sleepwear, bedtime, jammies, holidays


The holiday’s are meant for relaxation and you should take full advantage. So take after me and stay in your pajamas all weekend. Just make sure you do it in style.



pajamas, pjs, sleepwear, bedtime, jammies, holidays



Happy Holidays, everyone!




Work Boot Brands You Need To Own

The sun is an hour removed from cresting above the horizon and you’re already on your second cup of coffee. It’s a Tuesday, but the fatigue in your feet suggests it should be a Thursday, at minimum.

You sit for a minute and ask yourself how you’ll make it through the week. As the clock ticks on towards 5:30 you top off your canteen, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and head out the door for another 12-hour day at the plant, construction site, or to the countless other occupations that keep America running.

A few hours on site and you’re already cringing with every step. The strain in your heel and midfoot is overwhelming, but you persevere on because what other choice do you have? The thing is, you do have a choice: purchasing a quality pair of work boots.

You see, in today’s day and age you shouldn’t be succumbed by the same footwear your great grandfather wore in the ‘60s. Brands like Skechers Work, Wolverine, Keen Utility and Bates have reinvented the proverbial wheel, making your days comfier and more bearable than ever before.

With innovative technology in and around the boot, you’re guaranteed full protection from nature’s elements, slippery surfaces and falling objects. Here’s a preview of four exceptional boots that I suggest you give a try:



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These prominent brands are no stranger to toughness and style. In fact, they dare you to put in a full day’s work and not come home fully satisfied. Gel-infused insoles keep you feeling good for hours on end and flexible rubber outsoles are the benchmark to uncompromised stability.




work boots, durable boots, protection, stability, wolverine, skechers work, bates, keen


A unique design and durable construction are what makes these boots stand apart. These ankle styles are impenetrable to outside factors, and may just be the answer to your prayers. Anti-fatigue components ensure long-lasting support, shock absorption and durability, and waterproof membranes deter moisture from seeping in.




Fam Bam Pajama Jam with Bedhead

Admit it. If it were socially acceptable to wear pajamas everywhere, many of us would. We’d let our kids wear them all-day too because it’d be easier than trying to match an outfit. Sadly, making yourselves and your children presentable is a must. On the upside, BedHead makes incredibly fun and cozy sleepwear for when the day is done and the pajama party begins.

BedHead sleepwear comes in a variety of fun patterns and colors that are available in two-piece shorts or pants sets. They are super comfy and boast up to a 700-thread count in each pair, making them super comfortable and easy to wash. BedHead jammies are so comfortable and well made that they’ve become a favorite item of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey. If the stars are loving them, then you know they’ve got to be good!

BedHead’s cute and funky prints make them an easy favorite for children and tweens too. You’ll find dinosaur designs for boys, leopard patterns for girls and floral prints for mom. The sleepwear styles come in pants with a snug fit, classic baggy with stretch or loose fitting shorts. Infant one-pieces are also available in case your newest “mini-me” is joining the slumber party too. Pick up these high-quality pajamas for the family and rock out bedtime or a sleepover in super comfortable style! 

pajamas, PJS, sleepwear, jammies, sleep shorts, pajama bottoms, pajama party, BedHead, Bedhead, comfort, pajama jam, pajama pants, family, cozy, bedtime, sleepover

pajamas, PJS, sleepwear, jammies, sleep shorts, pajama bottoms, pajama party, BedHead, Bedhead, comfort, pajama jam, pajama pants, family, cozy, bedtime, sleepover

pajamas, PJS, sleepwear, jammies, sleep shorts, pajama bottoms, pajama party, BedHead, Bedhead, comfort, pajama jam, pajama pants, family, cozy, bedtime, sleepover

  1.  BedHead Short Sleeve Shorty PJ Set
  2.  BedHead Classic Stretch PJ Set 
  3.  BedHead Kids Snug Fit L/S Classic PJ (Toddler/Little Kids) 
  4.  BedHead Kids Short Sleeve Tween Snug PJ (Big Kids) 
  5.  BedHead Kids Short Sleeve Tween Snug PJ (Big Kids) 
  6.  BedHead Kids Short Sleeve Two-Piece Shorts Set (Toddler/Little Kids)

New Brand Spotlight: Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply, casual clothing, casual clothes, men's shirts, men's polos, Apollo
MIT students Kit, Gihan, and Aman shared a vision for everyday clothing that could be as capable as their athletic gear. Aman and Gihan had been sewing prototypes for years, and Kit’s drive to transform customer experience was unstoppable. In 2012, the three came together and introduced their first performance tech dress shirt, the Apollo, and sought funding via Kickstarter. Upon launch, their campaign set a record for most-funded fashion project and gave way to its continually evolving full line of optimal comfort garments.

A poor fitting and sweat-stained shirt can ruin your day, therefore, Ministry of Supply strives to solve these inherent, everyday problems. To alleviate these points, the company bases all their designs on real people and experiences. Ministry of Supply believes even the most promising idea must be tried and honed. The brand designs, builds, and field-tests, then they implement feedback and do it all over again. This demanding process has translated into the production of higher quality and performing garments for modern life.

As the lines between work, play, and downtime continue to blur, people more than ever need garments that can keep up with their entire day. Thanks to Ministry of Supply, this is being achieved with clothes that actually fit the human body and are easy to care for and wear, regardless what you choose to do in them.

Vionic For Men: Your Ultimate Guide

For as long as I can remember, owning dapper, good-looking shoes has usually meant having to deal with tired, achy feet. Not only is this true for the casual dresser upper but, more importantly, for those working a nine-to-five in a business-professional setting.

During my time in banking, every eight months I was in the market for new shoes. Sure, I could find a stylish pair of leather footwear no problem, but finding a quality, well-cushioned footbed included in the high price was hard to come by. The same was true for the other end of the spectrum in regards to cheap shoes with limited fashion. So this got me thinking: why do shoe designers and manufacturers teeter between providing style over comfort, and vice versa, never really aligning footwear’s two most sought-after and basic principles?

It’s now been years since I’ve left the banking industry; unfortunately, all those ill-designed shoes have left me with flat and overpronating feet. For a quick human biology lesson, the foot, if you didn't know, was designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces like sand and soil. But in today’s world, it’s commonplace for us to stand and walk for hours on cement, tar, or wood surfaces. These unnatural surfaces force the feet to slightly roll inwards and make contact with the ground, simultaneously flattening the arch.    

Not long ago I stumbled upon Vionic with Orthaheel Technology. The brand’s medical products, developed by Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, implements tried and true technology to help restore and enhance the foot’s natural function. With a firm yet flexible midsole, an innovative biomechanical footbed and stability-enhancing heel cup, these shoes helped me twofold by 1) providing soft, stable comfort, and 2) help lift the arches to properly realign the foot, ankle, knee and hip.  

For a more technical explanation on this process, Dr. Vasyli demonstrates how the patented Orthaheel technology works: 

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology, Orthaheel, Vionic shoes, comfort sandals, comfort shoes, comfort footwear, comfortable shoes, Orthaheel footbed, Podiatrist-approved shoes, podiatrist Phillip Vasyli,
Vionic’s men’s collection of oxfords and loafers come in several colors and styles, each made with high-quality, durable materials and accented hardware that will never disappoint. The Roth, seen below, has even received the American Podiatric Medical Association’s (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. How many wingtip shoes do you know has that same credential?

cushion, flat feet, footbed, men's, overpronation, oxford, pronation, shoes, support, Vionic with Orthaheel Technology, wingtip

Moreover, comfortable footwear shouldn't solely be worn at the office. In addition to the brand’s great selection of men’s dress shoes, Vionic also features athletic sneakers and an abundance of sandal styles, including thongs, flip-flops, slides and more. So the next time you’re in the market for new footwear, do yourself a favor and go from work to leisure in style with Vionic with Orthaheel Technology.


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6 Super Comfortable Summer Sandals

As we happily spend the long, winding days of summer basking in the heat and sunshine, it quickly becomes evident that the need for sandals that start out comfortable and stay comfortable all day is pretty high on the priority list! Think about it; summer days often consist of zipping around from place to place, taking the kids from one activity to the next, vacations spent wandering and sightseeing…. Who has time to mess around with uncomfortable sandals? We sure don’t.

That’s why our beloved comfort brands like Birkenstock, UGG and Dr. Scholl’s spend so much time perfecting the art of comfortable sandals! Who doesn’t appreciate all-day comfort and versatile style? Besides, you’re far too busy enjoying all those summer activities to settle for anything less.

Below are just a few of our most comfy summer sandals to enjoy:

birkenstock, comfort sandals, comfortable sandals, Dr. Scholl sandals, Gentle Souls, josef seibel, Romika, sandals, ugg, women's sandals

1.  Josef Seibel Kira 09

2. Romika Bali N 07

3. Gentle Souls Layton Slides

4. Dr. Scholl’s Flight Original Collection

5. UGG Navie Flip-Flops

6. Birkenstock Gizeh


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My Adventures Through South East Asia with Toad&Co!

There are few things that I enjoy more than taking trips to foreign places. Whether it’s to a new place across town, a neighboring state or a location overseas, there is something to be said for exploring never before seen places. This summer, I was fortunate enough to visit the vast and amazing lands of Southeast Asia. Our trip started in Cambodia, wound through Vietnam and ended up in Thailand. As excited as I was for this trip, there was one thing I was not thrilled about: packing.

Packing for an international trip is about as much fun as an ingrown toenail. There are so many factors to take into consideration and the fact that I couldn’t exactly rely on the old “If I forget it, I’ll just buy one there” adage makes me a little a lot on edge. This is why I was more than relieved when I found out Toad&Co (formerly Horny Toad) was launching their new Modern Travel Collection. This collection was the answer to all of my travel prayers: functional, fashionable clothing that I could wear, re-wear, sweat in, spill on, crumple up and continue to wear yet again throughout the journey.

Knowing that my trip was coming up, I selected a few items to take with me, which quickly turned into a few more items, and then a little bit more for good measure! I will now share with you some of my Toad & Co favorites, though I have to say that they all were just what I needed.

Our first day was in Siem Reap, Cambodia, visiting the astounding temples of Angkor Wat. Because we would be visiting a religious site, we were told that we would have to wear clothing that covered both our shoulders and legs. Knowing that it was 97 degrees outside and 90% humidity, I knew that I would need pieces that were lightweight, breathable and would be able to keep me as cool as possible (or at least hide all the sweat stains that I was sure to encounter).

The Ella Ankle Pant and Ursa Three-Quarter Sleeve Tunic were just the solution to my conundrum. They maintained the appropriate coverage while being light enough so I didn’t feel like I was suffocating in the surrounding heat and humidity. For the other portions of our trip where it wasn’t necessary to dress as conservatively, the Rizzo Sleeveless Stripe Shirt and Farflung Short were amazing. These pieces were perfect for our trips to the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam and exploring markets in Bangkok as they allowed for maximum comfort and mobility.

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1. Toad&Co Ursa Three-Quarter Sleeve Tunic

2. Toad&Co Rizzo Sleeveless Stripe Shirt

3. Toad&Co Ella Ankle Pant

4. Toad&Co Farflung Short

5. Toad&Co Alluvial Dress

6. Toad&Co Linette Dress

7. Toad&Co Capellini Dress

8. Toad&Co Allisa Dress

On the days where we had more time to shop, explore and weren’t necessarily as active, the Allisa Dress and Capellini Dress were just right. From the breathable, stretchable fabrics to the versatile and easy designs, these dresses were just what I needed!

I am typically the type of person that could live in pajamas, and since that is usually frowned upon; I have to say that these dresses were the next best thing. They were beyond comfortable and super stylish.

Finally, for dressier occasions like dinner and shows, the Alluvial Dress and the Linette Dress provided the perfect dose of dressy while still remaining extremely versatile and relaxed. As with all of the other pieces, I found that I could wear them comfortably during the day and easily dress them up at night; making my wardrobe decisions that much easier.

For all my future adventures, instead of worrying about what to bring in my suitcase, I am truly excited to know that the versatile Toad&Co Modern Travel collection has me covered…literally!