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Inside Zappos: Crowded Peninsula

This week on Inside Zappos the AV Team steps into the rap game. If you missed last week's episode you can watch it HERE.

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G-Shock x Dee & Ricky Collab Coming to

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G-Shock teamed up with New York fashion duo Dee & Ricky to create the retro fabulous GA110DR-1A. The huge watch face paired with the vibrant color contrasts that Dee & Ricky have become famous for make the GA110DR-1A a metropolitan masterpiece. They set out to create a watch that draws influences from their Lego designs to invoke toy watch elements with a streamlined, mainstream appeal. This stunning collaboration timepiece is JIS Class Level I magnetic resistant and is functional underwater up to 200M. G-Shock and Dee & Ricky hosted a product release at the Bowery Hotel, complete with a performance by Donnis, with some big name attendees such as Coco & Breezy, Bun B and Andre Harell. The GA110DR-1A is coming to soon so make sure you stay tuned.

The Featured Spoken Word

Every other month we gather for our Spoken Word event. People are encouraged to share something special for the Spoken Word, whether it be a poem, short story, book passage, lyrics, or anything else that we find funny, interesting, or just a great read. This last Spoken Word event hit the year and a half mark and we are happy that this has turned into such a popular attraction.

Moving forward we will be blogging a Featured Piece from the Spoken Word. So, without further adieu, I will introduce a few pieces that were read this time around, and then we will share the featured piece. Enjoy!
Samantha Fleming – A poem written by Cary Grant that was submitted to Dear Abby

Alec – Finale from Theodor Adorno’s Minima Moralia
Zerina – A Poem of Friendship, by Nikki Giovanni

And now, our FEATURED WORK in full:

A Zap Rap
By: Amanda Cook

We’ll say the Z is for the zoo that we’ve created
All the work anticipated
All those weird obsessions
And crazy self expressions

The A – Abundance
‘Cuz you know we got it all
Keep risin’ to the top,
But still, we love to fall

‘Cuz that’s where we learn,
Which brings me to the P
For progress – With no stress

I’mma add another P
Just for them parties,

‘Cuz work hard,
Play hard
That is how we roll
Brings me to the O
In WoW
Where it’s all about the crowd –
The you
The me
The one big family
We’re bringin’ ripples of change
Further than we can see

A joke, a tear
A laugh, a bond
It all starts with you
We’re bringin’ smiles by the shoe

Powered by Service
I’ll end it with S
An empire of strength
Humble, But the best.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Spoken Word. We drive the culture that we all live by and it is a beautiful thing!

Yo, CLT Raps!

Our June Customer Loyalty Training class graduated this past Friday, and, during the ceremony, they had a special treat from one of the graduating class.

Amanda (BOK!!!) C., who you might remember from a few blogs ago for her special chicken noise talent , really laid it down for the 60+ Zapponians in attendance.

Congratulation to all the new graduates! Roll it, yo!