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Zappos vs. Amazon: 5th Annual Tech Donut Eating Contest!

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Yesterday, our tech team hosted one of the "sweetest" (sometimes stomach-churning) traditions at Zappos--the Tech Donut Eating Contest. We faced off against in an all-out donut war. Unfortunately, Amazon won. The winner ate a whopping 24 donuts in just 20 minutes!

Fortunately, nobody got sick, although some looked close to it...

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Zappos Las Vegas Holiday Party

We had our annual holiday party at Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on January 14th. It was wedding themed (to celebrate our wedding with Amazon), most people came dressed as either brides or grooms, and the club had sectioned off bachelorette and bachelor parties (complete with semi-clothed strippers) and a "Wedding Chapel" with Elvises marrying or re-marrying people.

CEO Letter

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