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New Brand Spotlight: SOL REPUBLIC

sol republic,sol rebublic headphones,audio accessories,headphones,new brand spotlight,earbuds,music,music accessories,electronics,SOL REPUBLIC is a global consumer electronics company dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through better-sounding headphones. The company was founded by consumer electronics veterans who share a vision of ridding the world of hollow-sounding headphones and to make great sound attainable for everyone.

SOL REPUBLIC is comprised of music fanatics who develop products from the ground up to make headphones that look, sound and feel unlike anything else in the market.

More than just a headphone company, SOL REPUBLIC celebrates the people who make music, love music and are devoted to music. They are committed to creating a community where music fans, athletes and all dreamers are welcome to put a voice to their ideas, share their sound, and be heard.

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New Brand Spotlight: Beats by Dre

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Established in 2006, Beats Electronics is the brainchild of legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, who set out to develop a new type of headphone with the capability to reproduce the full spectrum of sound that musical artists and producers hear in professional recording studios.

In January of 2008, Dre and Iovine announced a partnership with audio innovator Monster Cable to engineer "Beats by Dr. Dre," the most advanced headphones ever developed.

Check out Beats by Dre on!

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Tech-Savvy

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These days, it seems like everyone is tied at the hip with their favorite tech gadgets. Whether it’s the mp3 player, smart phone, tablet or laptop, these handy devices make life easier, more entertaining and make waiting in long lines more bearable. We thought it was only fitting to feature some of our favorite tech-savvy gifts for all their favorite tech toys.

1. Dakine Mission Photo 25L Camera Pack (Set)Perfect for the photography enthusiast, this pack is like having your own mobile studio right on your back.

2. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones: These headphones sure come in handy in a noisy plane or when they need to get in the zone at their desk.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Stardust Logo iPhone® 4G Case: The true Marc fan will love showing off this thoroughly cute case.

4. Knomo Bayswater Nylon Revello Tote: A chic bag that keeps their laptop and everyday essentials in one place. Who wouldn’t love that?

5. Nine West Glitteratzzi Small Disco Crossbody: Perfect for the party girl, this fun, compact evening bag holds her phone, ID and cash while she hits the dance floor!

6. Lodis Accessories Cirque Molly Tab E-Reader Case: The modern book worm will adore this stylish animal-print case.

7. Echo Design Cheetah Echo Touch Gloves: Texting and browsing in the cold is no problem with these ingenious gloves.

8. Nuo Tech Molded Sleeve for Kindle® Fire: This lightweight and durable keeps their favorite new toy nice and protected.

9. Rebecca Minkoff Touch & Go iPad® Case: We love this chic iPad case for the stylish techie.

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Skullcandy Visits the Zappos Video Department!

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Zappos VCC Andrew with Nick Stagge, Global Training Manager for Skullcandy

Z: What was the most fun part about working with Nick?

A: There were a lot of cool things about working with Nick. Mainly it didn’t even feel like I was working with someone I just met. Nick reminded me of a bunch of my friends, so it just felt like we were just kicking it with one of my homies!

Z:  What was your favorite feature he highlighted?Skull Candy

A: We learned a lot from him just going over some of the technology.  Mic 1 and Mic 3 tech was cool.  Skullcandy has the new Fix’d headphones coming out and to see him demonstrate how good they stay in the ear was cool. He hung some pretty heavy boxes from his ears. Pretty tight.

Z:  What was the most interesting tip he gave you about presentation?

A: The sense of just being yourself while explaining the headphones.  You start to learn from just seeing the product in your hands after he's explained what the thought process was going into making the certain model headphones.

Z:  Where did you take Nick while he was here?

A. He decided to leave a lasting impression on us by kicking a hole in to the wall. He did make a pretty sweet “Z” shot though. After work we ended up shooting around on the basketball court for a bit while we waited on traffic to die down. After ballin, we headed downtown [Louisville] to eat at Doc Crows. The food was great and the converstations were even better. While everyone got beer and or sodas, I proceeded to get the manliest drink ever--the Shirley Temple.

Nick videotaping videoSomething to Remember Nick By

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Bang Your Beats With The Matix Domepiece Headphones

matix, headphones, audio, quality, sound, mp3, cd, bumpin

The fusion of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing brings the Matix style to life. Keeping close to its roots within the riding community, Matix will continue to produce quality products for the athlete looking to push the envelope. The Domepiece headphones from Matix will penetrate your skull on the mountain with amazing sound quality. They feature 40mm power drivers for a loud, crisp listen and 33 ohms of impedance making these perfect for portable devices like MP3 and CD players. Also, with a frequency range of 20-20,001 hz you won’t miss a thing and the gold plated 3.5 Stereo plug makes the connection crystal clear. Rock out this season with the dopest headphones in snowboarding, the Domepiece from Matix.

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Skullcandy Is Music To Your Ears

skullcandy, headphones, audio, video games, nerdy, snowboarding

If your skull doesn't vibrate with bold bass and wicked highs when you listen to your music, then you obviously don't have a pair of Skullcandy® headphones. Expect nothing less than universe-bouncing booms when you try one of Skullcandy's products.

Check out the 8-bit color Skullcandy G.I. Mic’d 10 headphones that pack a big punch with enhanced audio drivers. The soft leather-touch ear pillows make the G.I. Mic’d 10 one of the most comfortable 40mm headphones on the market. When you aren’t listening to your tunes, tuck the braided nylon cord away in the specially-designed stash pocket on the top of the headphones. Made for action sports people, BY action sports people, these products are built to withstand the bumps and bruises that come along with the action sports lifestyle. And don't expect to look lame in these!

These are not your grandma's sound products! Awesome designs give you the look that you want in an unusual way. Get Skullcandy headphones and apparel at

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Zappos Cheer Up: Pat Opens His Heart

Welcome back to yet another Zappos Cheer Up! Today we just want to let Emma and Angel know that telling people how you feel is the best way to lift your spirits. It works for Pat all the time.

Running Tips: Running with Headphones? You Decide

Running with headphones is dangerous, but not wearing them should be your decision.

When I first started running, I used to listen to music for my entire run. It gave me the motivation to get out there and the motivation to run further as it gave my mind something to concentrate on besides running. Then, someone I knew was hit by a car while running with headphones on and it was then I realized how dangerous it could be.

Having music playing at a loud level when running blocks out the sounds around you. Traffic sounds, emergency vehicle sirens, even bicycles—you can’t hear any of it if you’re listening to loud music.

For women especially, running with headphone plugs in can be very dangerous. If the music is at a high enough level, it can stop you from hearing someone running up to you and many reports now show that, of the women who have been attacked while running, many of them were wearing headphone plugs. For women, if you must wear headphones, make sure the volume of the music is low enough that you can still hear what’s going on around you.

Unless you choose your music carefully, running while listening to music also actually interferes with your pace. You’ll find yourself running faster or slower depending on the beat of the song you’re listening to at the moment. This can be a detriment, especially in a race where pace really does matter.

However, having said all this, I do not agree with the race officials who are banning personal music players and iPods from races. The U.S. has become a ridiculously litigious society where everyone is worrying about being sued. If somebody wants to wears headphones, I still believe it is their right to do so. Personal freedom is being taken away in our society all the time and, whether or not I feel headphones can be dangerous, I don’t believe it’s my right to force that opinion on anyone else. After all, if you’re an adult, you should be able to make your own decisions on whether you’re going to run with headphones or not. As long as you’re aware of the dangers and some of the potential ramifications of running with headphones, then it’s your choice…..just be careful!