New Hire Meet and Greet

Going into a new job for the first time can sometimes feel a like the first day of school. It can make you feel a little nervous because you are going into new surroundings and don’t know anyone there. Zappos HR department has found a way to help our new hires come right in and be immersed in the culture right away. They call it a “new hire meet and greet.”

This week a new training class was starting for Zappos new hires, and HR held a meet and greet for them on their first day. It allowed them to hang out and get to know the other new hires they will be training with over the next several weeks, as well as meet some of the managers they will be working for.

Altovise Makes a Deal, and HR Builds a Positive Team and Family Spirit

We’ve been talking about the HR team’s big game show outing for the past few weeks, and last Wednesday we had a viewing party. Here’s a little video and interview we put together that we feel is an excellent representation of our culture, and Core Value #7.

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Zappos HR Game Show Appearance!

Remember when we told you our HR team participated in a game show? The episode of “Lets make a deal” aired yesterday and is on all day today. Click the link above and watch Altovise and the rest of our HR team today! Altovise and the rest of our awesome Human “Resourcers” appear at the 15:00 minute mark!

HR goes to a game show

Last week our HR team dressed up in costumes ranging in everything from Bananas to Hot Dogs. I insisted on taking their picture and found out immediately after that they were headed for a team outing. I could understand hanging out in the office dressed like that, but in Public? “No no, we’re going to be on a game show, you’re supposed to dress up” one of them said.

While I can’t tell you which game show they were on, I can tell you who they are.

Back row (+Left to right+)Jacob P., Altovise M, Maritza L,
Jamie N, Eric V, Erica J, Hollie D, and Christa F.

Front Row(+Left to Right+) Rebecca R, Lindsay K, Cheryl H.

missing from photo:Brandis P, Drew K .

There's a Time for Work..........

On Wednesday, July 8, 2009, it was a time for play. For those of you that missed out, our managers took the time to put together an employee appreciation day just for us. The managers not only participated in the activities on their shift, but also took the time to participate in the festivities of the opposite shift as well.

We were called to the zafe area a little after start-up, where Anthony V. announced we were going to have two hours of fun and games for the first employee appreciation day held at the new warehouse. We were then herded to the side door and greeted with chicken and pork chops. This was not only wonderful because it was such great food, but also because it was soup, salad and sandwich day.

There were plenty of activities to participate in. We had our blow-up obstacle course along with a blow-up rock wall. If you didn’t want to play in either of them, you could participate in karaoke, dodge ball, limbo, sack races, shoe toss or the money box.

This was the first time I have witnessed an event held at Zappos in which everyone got together and got paid to play and have fun. It was a pretty amazing day at the fulfillment center. I definitely felt the positive team and family spirit. I, along with the rest of our team, would like to give a BIG thank you to all of our managers here at Zappos!

-Erin S.

Rapped Up in Hoopla!

KY Content sponsored the Safety Core Value activity in July with hosting the first Safety Idol at the Kentucky location. The focus was to incorporate fun and a little weirdness, and increase the awareness of safety in the fulfillment center.
To enter the contest, teams of up to four employees, were faced with the challenge of putting safety topics in the flow of a rap…...which had to include the word HOOPLA!

H – Healthy work habits equal Healthy Employees!

O – Observing the Core Values!

O – Organization that empowers individuals to be an active part of Safety!

P – Personal Protective Equipment!

L – Learning about Safety is Fun!

A – Awareness is the key to Success!

With a unanimous vote, Andrew Kim, Jimmy Music and Nick Catt, won the Safety Idol and also appeared live and presented their new hit single HOOPLA at the all hands meeting in July. The room rocked and gave a standing ovation at the completion of the rap performance, which was the opening act for Tony, Alfred and Fred to then address the group.

Way to go, Fellas!

written by: Leah Morris 10 yr Anniversary / All Hands Meeting

The Kentucky warehouse closed down completely for 2 hours on Wednesday June 24th, 2009, which is almost unheard of in Zappos-Land! Everyone gathered in Sheperdsville, KY for the the 10th Anniversary All Hands Meeting.

One of the hightlights of the meeting was the Time Capsule that was created especially for Zappos. All the departments brought a box filled with treasures to place in the huge metal box.

We watched a documentary created by the video department of team members sharing their stories on how has grown in such a short time. We had food and drinks for all, along with a performance of the winning “Spirit Week” cheer performed by the Photo Department.

All team members were paid to attend this meeting! What? Yep! Paid to party!

written by: Rhonda F.
photographs by: Ashley P.

Spirit Week in Kentucky

Blue hair spray and Face painting?... Spirit Sticks?... Cheer contests and fake tattoos?... Where are we, at summer camp?

No, this is spirit week at… didn’t see that one coming did ya?

When I started here 2 years ago, I walked into an environment that I had never been around before. I was surrounded by people who enjoyed being at work. Within a month, I was hooked, not only on the culture, spirit, and values of Zappos, but on the happiness I felt when I went home. Still to this day I feel the same way. Spirit week to me isn’t only a week out of the year…. it lasts the whole year. As of June 28th, I became B1 singles Lead…. I never would have been motivated enough to go for a lead position if it hadn’t been for the spirit and culture of Zappos pulsing through me, and THAT’S A FACT!!!!

written by: Michael B.