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TLC Flip Flops and TLC (The Learning Channel) joined forces to send approximately 25,000 lucky customers free flip flops last month.  This is just another way to wow our amazing customers and help to get them ready for summer.

Special thanks to Sonnet Treptow of our KY Video Team for filming and editing this awesome video!

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Celebrity Gossip: Evan Rachel Wood rules True Blood

Sad news for fans of Jim on NBC’s hit series The OfficeJohn Krasinkski, the actor who plays Jim on the show, is now officially taken. Krasinski, 29, recently got engaged to actress Emily Blunt, 26. The pair have been dating since November 2008. John Krasinski may have been inspired by his character Jim, who is planning a wedding with co-worker Pam Beasley on The Office.

Another hit for TV, one that has fans of HBO’s in an uproar, is True Blood. Many fans of the show were shocked to learn that actress Evan Rachel Wood was cast as vampire queen Sophie-Anne, especially considering the negative public opinion of her after her affair with Marilyn Manson during his marriage to Dita Von Teese. Now, fans have one more reason to hate the actress. Alexander Skarsgaard, the sexy Swede who plays yummy vampire sheriff Eric, has been spotted off-set spending a lot of leisure time with Evan Rachel Wood. Oh, Eric, you don’t know what you’re doing! Has he not seen the video where she’s making out with Marilyn Manson (yech!) while it rains blood on them (double yech!)? The directors of True Blood may be thinking twice about their decision to cast Wood in the role. If Alexander Skarsgaard keeps this up, it could seriously damage his enormous fan base!

Father of eight and serial dater Jon Gosselin is gunning for sympathy in his latest interview with “Good Morning America,” the first TV interview he has granted since divorce papers were filed early this summer. Jon Gosselin hurls accusations at his estranged wife Kate in the interview, claiming he despises her, she verbally abused him and that she stole his wedding ring. It’s a far cry from an interview he gave a couple of weeks ago in which he claimed to still love her. One can only hope that TLC will cancel Jon and Kate Plus 8 soon and put an end to the madness.