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Zappos on Extra: New Balance

This week on Extra TV We get a head start on New Year’s resolution season with fresh new styles for the gym and beyond from New Balance. Let’s face it, hitting the gym is much better with great workout clothing and fitness shoes that perform as nicely as they look!


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New Brand Spotlight: Champion

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A trusted name for athletic clothing since 1919, Champion has remained an industry leader for performance, quality and timeless design. Pioneering such activewear innovations as the hoodie sweatshirt and the sports bra, Champion continues to inspire active people of every endeavor to excel in every aspect of their training.


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New Brand Spotlight: Zobha

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Named after the Sanskrit word for “grace, beauty and brilliance”, Zobha has set out on a mission to create a distinctive line of luxurious yoga clothing with an elevated aesthetic.

With styles that go from the yoga studio and everyday life, Zobha activewear reflects the grace, beauty and brilliance of the women who live and practice in them. 


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Zappos “Glow & Flow” Yoga Event presented by LivingSocial

We love a good party here at Zappos. Throw in some yoga, a few glow sticks, and some glow-in-the-dark paint, and we’re in a whole new level of partydom! To celebrate National Yoga Month, Zappos invited yogis and yoga newbies from the all over the community to participate in the first ever Zappos Glow & Flow event right here in our downtown Las Vegas campus.

Check out some of the fun footage from this totally zen, one-of-a-kind yoga party:


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New Brand Spotlight: Tonic

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For more than a decade, tonic® has been thoughtfully designed in keeping up with the demands of athletes while producing quality workout clothes for women.

Manufactured in Vancouver, Canada using environmentally responsible practices, their apparel is known for having durable fabrics, technical excellence, and exceptional fit.

Not just a yoga brand, tonic apparel provides a wide array of activewear with collections meeting the needs of active, lifestyle, and tennis athletes alike.

Their workout clothing doesn’t just meet performance standards, they exceed them with a strong, smart, and beautiful mantra: nothing feels like tonic.


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The Ryka "Devotion"

As the only athletic performance footwear company in the world dedicated exclusively to women, rykä knows a thing or two about how to keep women’s feet healthy and comfortable even during the most strenuous workouts.

Take the lightweight and responsive rykä “Devotion” for example. This is the perfect hybrid training shoe that works with your body’s movement thanks to its proprietary Re-Zorb® active foam technology. This means a full-body challenge in every step—without all the bulk!

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1. Chrome Silver/Nirvana

2. Black/Bright Violet/Detox Blue

3. Chrome Silver/Lime Blaze/Atomic Pink

So whether it’s power walking, light weights or machine cardio, the rykä “Devotion” will make those workouts feel less like work—for your feet at least.

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New Brand Spotlight: Jofit

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Jofit™ is an extensive line of athletic wear made for women, by women. Each piece is designed to fit and flatter regardless of size, activity, or age. The fabrics are created to perform, wick moisture, and maintain their shape.

It is fit for you and your lifestyle. Wear Jofit to run errands, shop, or dine in. It always looks as good post-game as it does pre-game. Clean, cool, athletic, comfy and sexy!


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Inov-8 with Ropetec

Today’s new crop of athletes and fitness enthusiasts demand more from their workout shoes more than ever before. That’s why Inov-8 launched their new Ropetec F-Lite 240 for men & F-Lite 215 for women styles to their line of functional fitness footwear this fall. They saw the need for added durability when rope climbing—a fitness activity gaining a surge of popularity thanks to Crossfit™ and bootcamp-style classes.

Working with athletes to design the F-Lite Ropetec series, Inov-8 sought out to help solve a common problem—wearing and burning of the midsole when descending and ascending the rope.  Along with great protection, these shoes also offer greater traction and durability via the rubberized caps over the exposed EVA midsole.

Check out the Inov-8 F-Lite series to take your fitness to a whole new level!

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Inov-8 F-Lite™ 240

Inov-8 F-Lite™ 215