Celebrity Style: Classic Looks

There are a couple of classic celebrity fashion trends that seem to never go out of style. In fact, these fashion trends are classic looks for just about anybody.

The first classic celebrity fashion trend is the black pencil skirt . There is no way that you can go wrong with a black pencil skirt. You can go for the professional look and pair it with a fitted blouse that you tuck in like Jessica Alba did. Or you can go a little bit sexier and pair it with a low-cut top like Lindsay Lohan did. A variation on this classic fashion trend is to choose a pencil skirt that has a really high waist, tuck in the shirt and put a wide belt around the waist. This is the most popular way celebrities are wearing this fashion trend now.

Another classic celebrity fashion trend is tweed trousers . Some people may think of tweed trousers for older woman, but that is not the case. Tweed trousers can be sophisticated but also add some style to a boring outfit. Celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Liv Tyler have been spotted a couple of times wearing tweed trousers, and they are not old. They make the pants look stylish yet put together. They key to wearing tweed trousers is to keep the look young. Make sure the trousers fit well and pair them with a stylish top or jacket. Add some funky jewelry to glam up the outfit.

Lastly, printed blouses are another classic celebrity fashion trend. The print on the blouse can be anything from floral to polka dots, like this one from Just Cavalli . The main thing to remember with this fashion trend is to only wear the print on the blouse and pair it with something simple on the bottom like black dress pants or jeans. Choose a feminine blouse that adds some charm to your outfit. Celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Kidman are big supporters of printed blouses.

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Celebrity Gossip: Circus, Sex-Changes, and "Just Friends"

It appears that Britney Spears is doing her best to make a comeback. Britney’s latest album, “Circus,” is being released next month, and it seems like she has some big plans for it. On Britney’s Celebrity MySpace page, she put up four pictures of her auditioning male dancers “in anticipation of next month’s Circus.” Britney is planning to have her own concert tour next year, and she just sang a song with Madonna last week at the pop star’s concert. At the concert, Britney appeared really put together, like she is serious about her music once again. So, maybe she finally has cleaned up her life and is going back to the old Britney Spears. I can hear Britney fans all over the world rejoicing!

Here’s some really odd news. Actresses Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron will be filming a movie together and will be playing husband and wife! The movie, The Danish Girl, is based on a novel about true-life Danish artists Einar and Greta Wegener. Kidman will play Einar, who dresses as a woman for one of his wife’s portraits. Well, the portrait gains so much fame that Einar actually continues to dress as a woman and undergoes a sex-change operation. The movie is still in preproduction right now. I just find this really odd that Nicole Kidman will be playing a man (dressing as a woman), because her looks are so feminine.

Once again, The Hills star, Lauren Conrad, was spotted out with her boy, Kyle Howard. The two attended jazz night at Teddy’s together. The couple cuddled together at the corner of the bar, and it was quite apparent that the two are more than just friends, even though neither one has come out and made it official that they are together. I don’t know who they are fooling? If they really want to say they are just friends, how about acting like just friends out in public!

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Shannon on 90210, Cameron and Paul Move in Together, Naomi's pregnancy and Nicole's Baby!

By now you’ve heard that the ’90s television hit show, Beverly 90210, is coming back and bringing some of its former stars with it. Rumor has it that Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth will both have roles in the updated version of 90210, but guess who else producers are trying to get to come back as well? That’s right, bad girl, Shannon Doherty. Apparently, Shannon has met with producers of the new show and if she likes the story (and the studio offers her the money she’s looking for), Brenda Walsh just might be storming the streets of Beverly Hills again. Like how totally cool!

Cameron Diaz and her model boyfriend, Paul Sculfor, are shacking up already. Since Paul doesn’t have a home in LA, he’s been crashing at Cameron’s million dollar home. Considering the fact that these two haven’t been an item for very long, things seem to be moving pretty fast even by Hollywood standards.

And I guess it’s true that best friends really do like to do everything together. Naomi Watts is expecting baby #2 with husband, Liev Schrieber, which means that she and her famous Aussie BFF, Nicole Kidman are both pregnant at the same time and the babies will be less than a year apart.

George Clooney sure knows how to keep his ex-girlfriend’s happy. In a recent interview with Hello! Magazine, George’s ex, Sarah Larson, couldn’t say enough good things about George. She claims they’re still friends and that they actually keep in touch. Sarah isn’t wasting any time looking back or lamenting what could’ve been – instead she’s concentrating on taking advantage of her new status and maybe even meeting a British boy sometime in the near future.

A-list actress Nicole Kidman and country star Keith Urban welcomed their brand new baby girl into the world this past week. They promptly named her Sunday Rose which isn’t really as bad of a name as it could’ve been, but it’s still a little out there. There are rumblings that the baby’s name could actually be a jab at Tom Cruise’s religion, Scientology. Could it be that Nicole is still a little bitter about the whole divorce even this many years later?

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