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Building a Wardrobe: Updating Older Pieces with Accessories

One of the challenges of building a wardrobe is keeping up with fashion trends. As you collect clothing items it is not uncommon to eventually find yourself standing in front of a closet that is full of clothes that are out of date but that still have a lot of wear left in them. If you want to get more wear out of these quality items then you need to learn how to update older pieces with accessories and styling.

Accessorizing Within Jewelry
One of the easiest ways to update the look of an older dress, shirt or suit is to use jewelry. Necklaces in particular can be very helpful at modifying the look of a clothing item to make it more modern and chic. For example, the style of the necklace, its length, its colors and the size of the beads on the necklace will influence how modern or stylish your new outfit will look. To modernize the look of your wardrobe just select a necklace that is fashionable for today’s standards and that also compliments the colors of your older wardrobe pieces.

Accessorizing With Belts
Belts are a great fashion styling item. They can be used to change the shape of an older piece of clothing to make it more fashion forward. Belts are also relatively inexpensive so you can afford to invest in multiple pieces. The height of the belt, its color, its buckle design and its general pattern will be useful in updating the look of an old suit, an old shirtdress or an older pair of slacks. You can also use belts to add a punch of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. If you are losing weight, belts can be used to modify your clothes’ fit until you are ready to buy a smaller size.

Other Accessories
Hats, scarves, gloves and leggings are other accessories that you can use to modernize your out-dated wardrobe. All of these items are relatively inexpensive so it is okay to buy trendier looks. You will need them to be trendy as they will be what update the look of your outfits. As you buy accessories, however, think about what you are going to be comfortable wearing. If you are not a rhinestones and leopard print type of person don’t buy accessories with these design features. Remember your wardrobe is supposed to reflect who you are.