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August Random Acts of O: Be a Good Friend

O, The Oprah Magazine, in partnership with, is going on a kindness mission to spread the love and make the world a friendlier place. Each month, we'll be giving you a brand new kindness challenge. This month's challenge –Be a Good Friend!

Take the Friendship Quiz and answer questions about a friend and find out what makes them so special to you!

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Inside The Blogbus: Plixi at 2010 Blogworld Expo

We were lucky enough to get one of the co-founders of, Rodney Rumford, in the Blogbus during the 2010 Blogworld Expo. (formerly known as was once the fastest growing website on the net and they did it with only 8 employees. allows users to share their photos across Facebook and Twitter with ease in a totally interactive platform. Users can tag their friends and create events. There really isn't a better photo-sharing platform for your social networks than Check out our interview with Rumford below and make sure you follow him on Twitter at @Rumford:

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Celebrity Gossip: Friends Reunion?

Chris Brown reveals that he is not ready to date yet and has been working on getting himself together. He told MTV News that he “loves women” and that they are always going to be around but he needs to take time for himself right now. He says, “I haven’t really been trying to get into a relationship or trying to date anybody. I’ve just kinda been working on me. Like I said, just really getting me straight.” In some recent interviews Rihanna has spoken out about the assault on her from Brown and has described what took place that night. Chris says that he wished that Rihanna would have kept the matter private and not done the interviews. Rihanna and Chris Brown have been ordered by the court to keep a distance from each other for 5 years. He says that women are always going to be around for him, but that may not be so true after hearing what Rihanna has said about the incident.

For all you Friends fans, you may be interested to know that according to Lisa Kudrow (who starred as Phoebe) “it doesn’t look like” a Friends reunion is going to happen. The reason is not as juicy as you may think. She simply says that “everyone is busy.” Although the cast may be busy there are some objections to the reunion show. It’s not the cast members who are against the reunion, it’s actually the show’s writer-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane. Lisa also had some qualms about the reunion as well saying, “It would be fun, but I don’t know. How? Why? Really?” Friends ran for 10 years between 1994-2004. The other friends included Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. There was a mini-Friends reunion as Lisa shot an episode of Courteney’s new television series, Cougar Town. I guess Friends fans will have to continue simply watch the reruns that are all on television.


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Celebrity Gossip: Justin Timberlake and Rihanna? Don't think so!

Despite rumors that Jennifer Aniston will host a weekly talk show for Oprah Winfrey’s cable channel, a rep for the actress has confirmed that Aniston is not returning to television. There were several tabloids and celebrity magazines that alleged the star didn’t care about money and wanted to do the show because she thought it would be fun. A rep for the actress told US magazine that the rumors were “absolutely false.” Jennifer has not taken on a full time television role since she played Rachel Green on Friends 10 years ago. Her friend and former co-star Courtney Cox-Arquette just recently returned to television once again the show Cougar Town.

Once again rumors that have been circulating in the tabloids as well as online websites have been proven to be untrue for now. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were spotted walking arm in arm last week and just recently conquered climbing Grouse Grind, which is a trail 2,800 feet up to the peak of Grouse Mountain, together. There have been rumors spreading all over that the couple has split up and that Justin is already dating Rihanna. I don’t think Rihanna would like Justin spending time with his ex-girlfriend like this, so I for right now I am saying that Justin and Jessica are still on.

Could Taylor Swift and Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner be more than just friends? The two are filming a movie called Valentine’s Day together but have been seen together quite a bit off of the movie lot. Lautner attended Swift’s concert in Chicago and was given a special hug a few weeks ago. Recently the two were spotted at the Los Angeles Kings game and hanging out afterwards. Reps for Swift or Lautner did not comment on the relationship. Wouldn’t these two make a pretty good looking couple even though Lautner is still a minor at 17 years old and Swift is 19 years old?


Drinkin' With Friends

We here at Zappos have a great big “Team and Family Spirit”...oh, and we like the “spirits” as well…

Hollie's "Tchotchke of the Week"!!

Hollie has literally set the stage for the Tchotchkes of all Zappos employees to be admired upon! Tchotchkes are considered to be Knick Knacks or Small decorative collectibles with very little (or absolutely zero) dollar value. Every Week a new Tchotchke has the ability to shine on in the slpendid see-through box in the HR area. Please contact Hollie if you have a Tchotchke worthy of this great honor! Update - July 24, 2008

Dear Investors, Employees, Partners, and Friends of Zappos:

With the WSA shoe show coming up next week, I thought it would be
a good time to send out another company update.

As I mentioned in the last update at the beginning of this year,
our goal is to break $1 billion in gross merchandise sales for
2008. The economy has been tough, but so far we are still on track
to hit that number. Back in 2003, we had set a the goal of hitting
$1 billion by 2010, so we’re very excited that we’re on track to
hit the $1 billion milestone ahead of our original goal!

For those who don’t know, here are our historical gross
merchandise sales numbers:

1999: Almost nothing
2000: $ 1.6 mm
2001: $ 8.6 mm
2002: $ 32 mm
2003: $ 70 mm
2004: $184 mm
2005: $370 mm
2006: $597 mm
2007: $840 mm
2008: Over $1 billion (goal)

Here are some of the highlights so far for 2008:

  • We grew our customer base to a total of over 8.2 million paying

customers, meaning that almost 3% of the US population has
bought from Zappos.

  • With our focus on customer service, our customers continue to be

extremely loyal to us. On any given day, approximately 75% of
our sales are from repeat customers.

  • We now carry more than 4 million items in our warehouse!

  • We began our partnership with Merrell, and are now selling them

on our site.

  • We completed our magalog for fall, and will be dropping 1

million copies of it in a few weeks. We’re very excited about
this because the quality is a big step above our previous
magalogs. Special thanks to our vendor partners who
helped support our magalog project!

  • We continued to grow sales in all of our categories, especially

our non-footwear categories, including apparel, handbags,
sunglasses, watches — even cookware and electronics! Our
apparel category is up 250% from last year, making us a “head to
toe” destination for many of our partners and customers.

  • We’ve continued investing in our warehouse operations to handle

other product categories, including the implementation of
technology from Kiva Systems.

  • We ran a television ad campaign in the spring which has helped

with our branding efforts. You can see the commercial here:

  • We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes for our new

technology platform which we are internally calling “Zeta”.
Among many other things, Zeta offers better search and browsing,
and you can take a sneak peak at Zeta here:

  • Our “Powered by Zappos” program continues to grow and will soon

be moved over to our new Zeta platform, which will enable us to
help power more of our vendors’ ecommerce operations.

  • Our company blogs have taken a life of their own and have turned

out to be a great way for us to share our unique company culture
with the rest of the world:

  • The 2008 edition of our culture book has just arrived. Every

year, we ask all of our employees to write a few paragraphs
about what the Zappos culture means to them, and except for
typos, it’s unedited. This year’s edition is bigger and better
than ever before! Be sure to pick up a copy if you ever stop by
our offices!

  • We continued and improved our unique training program for new

hires in Las Vegas. All new hires in our Las Vegas office,
regardless of what department they were actually hired for, must
first go through 4 weeks of Customer Loyalty training (answering
phone calls from customers) upon joining the company.

  • We officially turned 9 years old as a company!
  • We were recently featured as the lead story on ABC Nightline:

Our focus continues to be on building our brand and our culture
around providing the very best customer service and experience.
Our hope is that 10 years from now, people won’t even realize that
we started out selling shoes online. In fact, our business doesn’t
even have to be limited to just the online world.

If we can build Zappos so that our brand is simply about the very
best customer service and the very best customer experience, the
sky’s the limit as to what we can eventually accomplish. Right
now, we are just scratching the surface of what’s possible. In the
ABC Nightline story, there’s even a mention of the possibility of
a Zappos Airlines later down the road:

Thank you everyone for all of your support and getting us to where
we are today! I’ll be sending out another update after the year is
over, and look forward to reporting on our progress!

Tony Hsieh

Our lawyers want us to put in the following disclaimer, so here it

This email contains forward-looking statements that involve risks
and uncertainties, as well as assumptions that, if they ever
materialize or prove incorrect, could cause our results to differ
materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking
statements and assumptions. These risks and uncertainties
include, but are not limited to, the risk of economic slowdown,
the risk of over or underbuying, the risk of consumers not
shopping online or at our web site at the rate we expected, the
risk of supplier shortages, the risk of new or growing
competition, the risk of a natural or some other type of disaster
affecting our fulfillment operations or web servers, and the risk
of the world generally coming to an end. All statements other
than statements of historical fact are statements that could be
deemed forward-looking statements, including statements of
expectation or belief; and any statement of assumptions underlying
any of the foregoing. assumes no obligation and does
not intend to update these forward-looking statements.