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Celebrity Gossip: Jodie Sweetin Tells All

Former Full House star Jodie Sweetin, who played the sweet child Stephanie Tanner, is set to release a memoir recounting her past as an alcoholic and drug user. Jodie says that she spent years trying to prove she was not the innocent Stephanie Tanner and would try to get more “trashed than everyone else.” Sweetin says that even after having her daughter Zoie in April 2008 she fell back into her horrible ways which caused her separation from her second husband Cody Herpin. Even when she was talking to the public about being sober and beating her addiction she was still secretly doing drugs. In an excerpt from her book, she retells an account about speaking on her sobriety tour and doing coke right before talking to an auditorium of students at Marquette University about becoming sober. Her book is called unSweetined and has not been released yet.

Last week Kourtney Kardashian‘s home was burglarized and over $100,000 worth of jewelry was taken. According to Kourtney’s mom Kris Jenner and her sister Khloe, they have a real “hunch” as to who stole the jewelry. Kris says that “it was a group thing,” and hinted that the thieves were “jealous” people who have inside access from their reality show. She explained that there are always cameras rolling since Kourtney is on a reality show and the thieves had to know when the cameras were going to be off as well as gain entrance into the gated community. Khloe added that they also knew that her alarm system was not working at the time as well. Apparently there were plenty of other valuables that could have been stolen like laptops which were sitting right on the bed, but the burglars only took the valuable and sentimental jewelry. Kourtney is missing jewelry pieces from her late father such as a watch that was given to him on his wedding day. The question is, were these pieces away in a safe or just left out so everybody could see them?