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Wanderlust Wednesday: Melbourne

Today we’re dreaming of the vibrant city of Melbourne, situated in the south-east corner of Australia. This young and exciting city is brimming with great restaurants, galleries, cool bars, and eclectic enclaves throughout.

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Where are you jetting off to this Wanderlust Wednesday?  

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New Brand Spotlight: Lazybones

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Who doesn’t love melting into a comfy, cushy bed at the end of a long, busy day? Lazybones understands the importance of plush luxury when it comes to the most relaxing part of your home—the bed.

Founded and designed exclusively in Australia’s idyllic beach town of Byron Bay, Lazybones creates sumptuous bedding and pillows in the loveliest designs and colors.

Lazybones is manufactured primarily in Bali, Indonesia, as well as Australia and China—using natural fibers and processes including organic, eco and surplus fabrics.  

As a company, Lazybones deeply committed to ethical and fair conditions for its large team of workers. Many employees who helped start the company more than a decade ago remain with lazybones, and their compensation has grown in scale with the business. is the first company in the U.S. to offer FREE shipping on Lazybones. That means you can indulge in the comfort and relaxation of Lazybones bedding as soon as tomorrow night! Sweet dreams!

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Emu Australia Comes To Zappos

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Emu Australia is dedicated to creating premium quality sheepskin footwear. Founded in 1994 by surf veteran Andrew Raggett, EMU is known globally for its tradition of offering the most comfortable footwear in the world. Emu has expanded its collection with inspired designs and direction for both adults and children, now offering new concepts and use of original Australian design & aboriginal art. Check out the EMU Australia Tundra, a water resistant Australian double-face sheepskin boot with asymmetrical lace positioning that has been engineered to follow the natural curves of the leg. We gladly welcome Emu Australia to


Clothing from Around the World: Australia's Comfortable Fashion

Australia is a country where pretty much everyone likes to be outdoors. So much so that Australians like their clothes and fashion to be casual and comfortable. Nobody wants to go to the beach in an overly designed dress or a restrictive pair of pants. Both men and women want casual fashion, and that’s always been represented by each season’s new designs. But, even while staying casual, Australian designers create innovative clothes with beautiful silhouettes, colors and patterns.

In 2009, this casualness is likely to continue with the following Australian designers representing the epitome of designing for comfort. Akira Isogawa uses natural fabrics – silks, cottons and vintage fabrics – to create soft and flowing dresses and skirts in primary colors. Isogawa likes black, white and red. He loves a layered look, with gorgeously embroidered skirts with long see-through vests worn over them or off-white, beautifully cut pants with a long-sleeve top with a tight bodice and flowing sleeves.

Lisa Ho specializes in cute, comfortable shorts paired with baggy tops and an equally baggy jacket, comfy pants or pretty, figure-flattering summer dresses . She’s also famous for glamorous gowns worn by many of Australia’s top actresses and entertainers. Her winter 2008 collection highlights browns and creams with, again, a layered look including raincoats, tight pants, pinafore dresses, sweaters and lovely gowns with elaborate designs and patterns in vibrant colors.

Saba designs both men and women’s clothes that are quite simple in design, yet perfect in execution. This season, Saba’s designs for women include brightly colored, simple t-shirts, simple short-sleeve shirts and even belts and clutch bags. For men, stripes and checks are in, with lots of khaki shorts and hats and woven belts – all designed with comfort in mind, yet with an eye for quality. Saba has been at the forefront of Australian contemporary fashion for more than 40 years and has influenced many of Australia’s new crop of designers.

As you can see, fashion in Australia isn’t likely to move away from comfort and casualness. Australian Fashion Week, which is held twice a year in May (in Sydney) and October/November (in Melbourne), is a fabulous time to check out Aussie fashion and Aussie designers.

Importance of Fashion in Films: Costume Dramas

Generally when we talk about costume dramas, we mean films involving heavy dresses and corsets that take place well before the 20th century. But this fall two of the biggest costumes dramas to hit the screen are solidly 20th century flicks, and both could have a huge impact on this season’s fashions.

The first is Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, an epic romance that travels across the Australian continent during WWII. Despite Luhrmann’s films being known for their glamour, expect rugged looks, natural colors and masculine styles with feminine tailoring from Oscar-winning costume designer Catherine Martin. Khakis with soft blouses, military influences and riding boots will surely look spectacular on star Nicole Kidman and will likely all be making appearances in wardrobes soon. With Hugh Jackman playing the male lead, there will surely be significant fashion impact for men from this film too.

Set just slightly later is the new Sam Mendes film, Revolutionary Road which is a domestic drama set in 1950s Connecticut. Costumes by Albert Wolsky feature the playful dresses of the era with snug waists and full skirts as well as the delightful, but alluring, more conservative ladies suits of the time. The film, which is garnering lots of attention for its reuniting of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen, showcases many of the cultural tensions that began to emerge after WWII and also contains many of the styles that became popular with the rise of the teenager as a social and economic force. Expect to see a 1950s influence in this season’s holiday dresses in both cut and color.

There are plenty of more traditional period epics, such as the rococo saga The Duchess from director Saul Dibb. Staring Keira Knightly, its fashions will surely inspire envy, but translating them to the modern closet will be a more challenging leap, which is why this season’s movie-inspired fashions will be all about the relatively recent past.

Best Surfing: Just Look Under and then Down

A review of several of the top spots to surf in Australia.

The best surfing in the world has long been associated with the country of Australia. Known for some of the most incredible waves as well as some of the most talented surfers, Australia, the land down under offers surfers of all levels of surfing skills the sports opportunity of a lifetime. Where surfing definitely looks like a cool sport with the chic shades, and comfy board shorts, deciding to take on the type of waves available in Australia is more than an afterthought.

Australia not only offers some of the best surfing in the world but also some of the most talented surfers in the sport come from Australia. Several of the greats have trained in the more popular spots in Australia. It is here where novice and true talents bring their laid back surfer style to test some of the most incredible waves in the world. In fact, surfers looking for an incredible experience will find just that in Australia.

Known as the Land of Oz, Australia offers an endless coastline with water that offers heavy and hollow waves and awesome barrels. Oz is a great place to plan a surf trip with high season being in August, though most surfers headed to Australia tend to want to take this journey alone, surfing tours are still available for the faint of heart. News of a swell generally draws large crowds though there is certainly adequate coastline for surfers headed west, east, or south. The popular areas in the east include Kirra and Burleah Heads. Those headed towards the western coast of Australia generally surf in the area of the Margaret River and Rottnest Island. The popular spots in along the southern coast include Bells Beach and Torquay. Anyone headed towards the north coast should beware of crocs and jellyfish that dominate the area in the north.

To get to Australia fly a major airline from the west coast with flights generally going out daily from either Los Angeles, San Francisco or even Honolulu. One of the main cities to fly into is Sydney, Australia with surfing opportunities all along the pristine coastline of the Land of Oz. If you are prepared for a real surfing experience, man up or woman up, and then gear up with your beach shoes, board shorts and shades and head to Australia for some of the best surfing in the world.

Anyone been there or no of the best surfing in your opinion? Comment below!