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Fall Season Family Outdoor Project: Sun Prints and Bookmarks

Doing family crafts and projects in the great outdoors is a fun way to experience the wonders of the fall season. Sun prints and bookmarks can be made outdoors with a few supplies and help from nature. Gather the kids and the supplies below to get started. The sun print part of this particular project requires that it be a sunny fall day. If it’s cloudy, but nice enough to still be outside, no worries. The bookmarks can be made without the sun and can be made in conjunction with, or separate from the sun print project.

Sun Print Supplies:
Assorted colors and shapes of fall leaves
Colored construction paper of fall colors

Bookmark Supplies:
Assorted colors and shapes of fall leaves
Clear contact paper
A paper weight or heavy book

Sun Print Instructions:
Each child and parent should have a sheet of colored construction paper and an assortment of leaves. The leaves can be collected while doing the craft or perhaps from a previous nature walk . Each person can lay his or her sheet of paper in the sun and arrange the leaves how they want the pattern to appear. The paper will remain its original color where the leaves are placed and be lightened by the sun in uncovered areas. Leave the papers in the sun for the day. When the leaves are removed at the end of the day, a beautiful pattern will appear on the paper. Save the leaves for the bookmark project.

Bookmark Instructions:
Parents should pre-cut bookmark shapes into clear contact paper. When it’s time for this outdoor craft, parents can be sure everyone has an even amount. Two pre-cut bookmark shapes are necessary to make one bookmark. Be sure they’re wide enough to fit the sizes of leaves you will be using. There needs to be at least 1/4’‘ of space left without leaves on the edges. To do this outdoor craft, the first step is to peel away the protective cover from one bookmark shaped piece of contact paper. Then, stick the leaves to it in the order you wish. Next, place another over the top of that one and seal it. That’s it! Now, everyone can go read a book using their new fall bookmarks.

What are you Thankful for?

With Thanksgiving coming up, Heaven wanted to make her area around the front desk a little more festive for the season. To get everyone involved in the season, she put a tree on the front entrance and then passed out different color leaves to all the departments. On the leaves, each person wrote what they are thankful for and then posted it on the tree. Now we have a colorful Fall tree for everyone to see when they walk in the office.