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Epic Nerf Battle

Believe it or not, this is not a sponsored post for Nerf guns. Several years ago, the proverbial Hatfield and McCoy Zappos Family nerf rivalry began when development would ambush anyone who walked into their area with nerf guns. Many moons and many nerf gun modifications later, the battle still carries on.

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Finance Thanksgiving Potluck

The Finance team organized a department wide potluck dinner in the style of “The Pilgrim Supper” . We decided to check it out and see what was on the menu, and maybe do a little taste testing as well! Great job of exuding core value #7 Finance team!

Frank Z. gets Wizzaaafied!

Merchandise Planners Daisy L. and Sarah Z. declared Finance Frank Z. an ACCESS WIZZARD! Frank has been graciously sharing his Microsoft Access knowledge cross functionally, especially with his favorite team Merchandise Planning! To show their appreciation, they custom made a one of a kind Wizard hat and threw in a magic light up wand.

What a magical example of Zappos Core Value #5 Purse Growth and Learning! Thanks for all you do Frank!

Office Pranksters!

This is how to create the most awesome office prank ever. WATCH!

Crazy Hat Day!

At the end of each quarter, our Finance department has a team event to celebrate their accomplishments and have a little fun before the next quarter. Each event has a different theme, and this quarters was “Crazy Hat Day.”

Check out how creative our Finance depatment can be.

Finance Gets Mohawks Over UFC Fight!

When you think about a Finance department, you don’t normally think of guys doing crazy things like betting on getting a mohawk hairdo over a UFC fight – but then again, this is Zappos we’re talking about.

Scott S. lost the bet and had to get a mohawk, and since we’re all about team spirit around here, Daniel and Lakshan went ahead and joined in on the fun.

Book Cleaning at

The Zappos Finance Department teamed up with Spread the Word Las Vegas to help Clean books for At Risk Children in Southern Nevada. Spread the Word gathers gently used books from Children who have outgrown them, find groups to help clean them, and place them into hands of children who may have never had a book to call their own. We feel this not only helps our Community, but also helps the finance team to build a positive team and family spirit .

Random Acts of Breakfast!!

Sure the Finance team is known for Random Acts of Kindness, but today they transformed the 2290 Breakroom into a Pancakery!! This morning on my way into the office, I was greeted with a Pancake and a smile, and I must say it made the rest of my day much brighter.They don’t call Breakfast the most important meal of the day for nothing.