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The Dansko "Thea" Clogs

A lot of shoe trends tend to put a premium on style while neglecting to factor in comfort. Well, when it comes to the timeless yet totally on-trend clog, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style thanks to the darling “Thea” clog by Dansko.

We love this fresh update on the basic clog with the addition of a moisture-wicking cushioned footbed. That’s right! No more having to pass up wooden clogs.

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The Thea comes in a few great colors to wear all year round. Consider your clog prayers answered.  Thanks, Dansko!

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New Brand Spotlight: OTZ

OTZ’s story started not so long ago (2005, to be exact). Ludo, creative director of a leading athletic lifestyle brand, came across an article written by Petr Hlavacek describing the oldest shoes ever found. These belonged to Oetzi, the iceman, and dated all the way back to 3300 B.C. Now that’s a long time ago!

antimicrobial shoes, casual lifestyle, casual lifestyle footwear, clogs, comfort footwear, comfortable shoes, CorkLite, new brand spotlight, OTZ, OTZ footwearConsidering the time period, the shoes were quite remarkable—made of deerskin stitched to a bearskin sole with an internal woven net, filled with dried grass and moss for warmth and comfort. Inspired by Oetzi’s creativeness, Ludo was intrigued by redesigning this iconic shoe incorporating today’s trend, comfort, and technology. Thus the OeTZI3300 sneaker was born!

Ludo and his crew created a unique piece of art, utilizing a cork footbed technology, CorkLite®, that is made to make your feet smile—true barefoot comfort. CorkLite® is made for an all day, everyday adventure. The antimicrobial properties of the cork reduce bacterial build-up and allow you to wear the shoes with or without socks. OTZ® sneakers are designed for total comfort and a maximum organic fit. Just like any other sneaker, they will feel snug at first so a breaking-in period is recommended.

Fast forwarding to May 2010, OTZ was on the rise to revolutionize the industry. In such a short amount of time, and a slight shift in name from OeTZI3300 to OTZshoes, the brand has become recognized worldwide and continues to gain incredible momentum daily. OTZ is a happy family of workers who share the same passion and intensity for this brand, and the footwear they’ve created.


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Josef Seibel: The European Comfort Shoe

With more than 125 years of shoemaking under their belt, Josef Seibel is one of Europe’s longest established shoe manufacturers. This family-owned business started in a small German village and is now in its fourth generation under Carl-August Seibel.

All of their sandals, clogs, shoes and boots are expertly handcrafted using the Josef Seibel comfort concepts. Using only the best quality leathers and crafted using traditional methods, most of Josef Seibel’s shoes are still produced within their own factories in Europe.

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Strobel construction is also another core feature of Josef Seibel footwear.  The word "Strobel" describes the specific way of stitching upper leathers and lining to the insole of footwear.  The Strobel construction offers a much higher flexibility and strength than many other types of construction utilized in the shoe industry today.  As Josef Seibel said, "Our name on the outside, our knowledge on the inside".

After more than 125 years of shoe-making experience, we’d say that’s a lot of knowledge that you can see and feel with every pair of Josef Seibel shoes! Experience it for yourself this holiday season!

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New to Zappos: Papillio

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If you love the classic and iconic comfort of Birkenstock, but have a flair for something bolder and more fashion-forward, then you’ll love Papillio. Papillio shoes and sandals are all made with the traditional Birkenstock footbeds with vibrant seasonal prints and colors for the more style-conscious woman.

For this spring and summer, Papillio offers fabulous animal prints, metallics and florals to infuse trend-focused design into your everyday casual wardrobe.

Check out the comfy and fashion-loving Papillio collection on!

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Alejandra Sky's Sophisticated Footwear For The Modern Woman

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Alejandra Sky was created for the woman who seeks travel and adventure through a flattering fashionable wardrobe. Alejandra Sky boasts a fresh, collective blend of stylish footwear and apparel. This playful mix of impressive shoessandals, and espadrilles is designed around comfort without compromising style.  

The stunning Elise clog will complete your sophisticated look. The attractive stud accents and leather or suede upper make this one of the most attractive clogs on the market. The beautiful wood heel and platform stands at a lavish 4 inches on a 1-inch platform. All Alejandra Sky products are made in Spain. Alejandra Sky exudes your unique and feminine style and allows you to express your distinguished persona. Get fine Alejandra Sky footwear for women on

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Charming Clogs For Your Little Princess

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It can be tough finding a shoe that not only fits your little girl properly, but also that she enjoys wearing. Dansko has been in the clogs business for two decades and their approach to the classic Danish clog is unmatched. Available in several different colors and materials, Dansko kids’ shoes have the same aesthetic, quality and design that Dansko adult shoes have. With Dansko, she’ll love the way they feel almost as much as she loves the way they look. 

The Dansko Kids Jada is a modern, stylish twist on the classic Dansko style. The high quality leather upper adds years to the clog’s life and she’ll love the heart-shaped buckle closure. The roomy Thermoplastic toe box provides durable reinforcement and toe protection while allowing toes to move comfortably. If she prefers slip-ons, the Jemma is the perfect complement to any outfit. The PVC inner frame provides stability and reduces torque and pronation.

For the classic Dansko look and an ideal mommy-and-me style, the Gitte Patent features high quality leather upper that follows the natural contours of the foot. It has a smooth, clean finish with the natural irregularities removed. It is the easiest leather to maintain, and can be wiped clean with soap and water.

Whether you are trying to find a matching pair to wear with your little girl, or you just want to give her a pair of clogs that she’ll adore – Dansko is the brand to turn to. Check out the full line of Dansko products on

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Weekly Comfort Item: Colorful Birki's Woodby Clogs

If you hate heel blisters from ill-fitting shoes, and love cute and unique footwear then the perfect weekly comfort item for you is an adorable pair of clogs. Heel blisters and pinched toes don’t exist when you slip on a pair of clogs. Even though there are many different companies that make adorable clogs, nothing is quite as wonderful as an adorable pair of Birkenstock Birki’s Woodby clogs .

Birki’s clogs are unique in that the cork-latex footbed of the shoe form to your foot. Nothing feels better and stays comfortable longer than a pair of shoes that are made especially for you. In addition to being super-comfortable, Birki’s clogs are made by a company that cares about the world in which we live in. Birki’s are manufactured with only solvent-free adhesives. Birki’s also uses solar energy in the manufacturing process and provide the customer with fully recyclable boxes for their Birki’s clogs .

Birki’s are made by the same company that makes Birkenstock clogs, and you will receive the same comfort from each label. These clogs and sandals are “prescribed” by many podiatrists to treat various ailments in patient’s feet. If you are on your feet all day, or have to walk a lot you could be quite surprised to find out just how comfortable Birkenstock clogs really are.

Why are Birki’s clogs and Birkenstock clogs so comfortable? As mentioned before, the secret lies in the footbed. Originally, Birkenstock made inserts for shapeless shoes. It was only after they realized that they could transform their footbed inserts into a shoe people would love that they got their big break. Now, millions of people proudly sport their sandals, clogs, and Birki’s shoes each and every day.

Another wonderful thing about the Birkenstock family of shoes is that you can have them re-soled. When you wear out the soles of your shoes, simply send them in and get them re-soled for the fraction of the cost of new clogs. While you may initially think you will be tired of the shoes by the time their soles wear out, you will be quite surprised once you get them broken in. You won’t want to wear anything else, and you certainly won’t want a new pair.

What’s a girl to wear with a great pair of Birki’s Woodby clogs? Glad you asked. Birki’s Woodby clogs look excellent with a pair of boyfriend jeans and an embroidered tunic. In the winter, you can select a nice warm sweater. During hot weather, choose khaki shorts and a tank top. No matter what casual attire you are wearing, Birki’s Woodby clogs will add a nice splash of color to your outfit and keep you smiling all day long.


These MICHAEL Michael Kors clog heels are the perfect transition shoe. Not quite a shoe or a bootie, but rather that rare combination of a pump and a slide, providing style and comfort. Pair them with a dark rinse bootcut jeans, an asymmetrical top and slouch shoulder bag.