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Just Like Home

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Working at Zappos is like working with a big family.  We all feel very at home here and our desks become an extension of our homes. Mine for instance is very messy just like my house, but my neighbor Jerildito's is very clean and organized.  (name changed to protect the innocent). Some are extravagantly decorated with personality dripping off every side and some are covered with pictures of kids or vacations they have taken or dream of taking. 

Although Jerildito's desk is very clean, he prefers the crazy antics that the rest of us decorate with. He once told me a story of when he went to visit a friend at an office with cubicles just like ours.  The only difference was no one could decorate their cubicles like we do and when Jerildiito took a wrong turn in their office, he got lost.  Everything looked the same and he couldn't find his way around! Now, this would never happen here at Zappos HQ.  If someone couldn't find their way we would just say something like “Take a left at the giant blue and white shoe, if you pass the jungle, you have gone too far.” Just one of the advantages of working in a highly-decorated workspace!

Green Hornet Party Ideas

The Green Hormet is about to come to the big screen this January.  It’s a perfect movie outing for school-aged boys who are interested in regular guys using their talents to become super heroes and defeat the bad guys. The Black Beauty car looks uber cool too.  This movie would not only make a great movie outing, but a fun party theme too.  Keep these Green Hornet party ideas in mind to bring this theme together.

Send a Green Hornet Invitation.  Create a paper Black Beauty car using heavy black card stock.  On the reverse side, cut out green paper that can be placed directly on Black Beauty and write your party details on the Green Hornet side.  Use language calling your party guests, Kato, and inviting them to help fight crime with The Green Hornet:

Think about this, Kato. We’ve been completely wasting our potential. This city needs our help. We could be heroes! We will *pose* as villains to get close to the bad guys. That way, no one will suspect we’re really the good guys. Will you come with me on this adventure?

Of course, your Green Hornet decorations should be green and black. Use these colors for balloons, streamers, and tableware.  Additionally, hang Black Beauty cars with fishing line from the ceiling of the party room and above the party table too.

When the party guests arrive, provide the kids with masks for the kids to wear during The Green Hornet party.  Additionally, paint Green Hornets on their faces.

For a Green Hornet craft, provide the kids with wood block cars that the kids can paint and decorate into their own Black Beauty cars.  These would be perfect to take home as a party favor.

Play Kato Tag.  Have the birthday child play Kato and set out to tag the others.

Provide the kids with green slime and have a slime-throwing contest among the party guests.

Divide the kids into two teams: The Green Hornets and the Kato(s). Set up a relay race where the kids must run to one end of the party area, and dress up as either The Green Hornet or as Kato and rush back and have the next child do the same.  First team done wins.

Black Beauty Race.  Provide the teams with two cars, any type will do, and have the kids race their Black Beauty cars.

When it comes to your Green Hornet party menu, think about the fast food scene where The Green Hornet and Kato try to order fast food and blow up the restaurant instead.  Serve up hamburgers and fries to your guests, along with fruit slices (a healthy treat), and green milkshakes (add in green food coloring!) Additionally, a batch of your favorite cupcakes, topped with green frosting and candies would also be thematic.

For your party favor, have the kids take home their masks and Black Beauty cars as a perfect party take away.

Halloween to Thanksgiving Seasonal Decorations

It's autumn and Halloween is right around the corner and Thanksgiving is a mere 4 weeks later.  What is wonderful about these holidays is they fall within the autumn season and use the same color scheme.  As a result, many of the things you purchase for one can be used for the other.  This reduces the amount of money you need to spend on the kids' fun during this season.

Here are some examples:

Cookie Cutters: The simple pumpkin cookie cutter you chose to create marvelous pumpkin invitations and decorations for your spooky Halloween party can be used at Thanksgiving time to make pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin bread, brownies, etc.  Pumpkins are as festive at Halloween as they are at Thanksgiving.

Tablecloth: Use an orange tablecloth for your Halloween party table, and then trim it up using brown ribbon and scalloped scissors to create a formal tablecloth for Thanksgiving. 

Purchase plain orange and white tableware, e.g. napkins, plates, cups, for Halloween.  Use the leftover supplies for Thanksgiving as well.  Provide your children with brown markers and draw turkeys on their cups and napkins to make them into festive Thanksgiving tableware.  You may use the good china for the Thanksgiving meal itself, but this will be great for snacks before the meal and to serve leftovers on.

The bales of hay and Indian corn you purchased to make your yard, front porch, door, and even serve as a table centerpiece during the Halloween season can all be used during Thanksgiving as well.  The items will keep fresh throughout the entire autumn season.  You can also use the cornhusks to create dolls and puppets for more Thanksgiving decorations or plain fun!

Mini pumpkins and gourds look as festive for Halloween as they will for Thanksgiving.  Have the kids draw faces on the small pumpkins and turkeys on to the gourds.

Any leftover orange balloons can be blown up for Thanksgiving and the kids can either draw with brown magic markers or use other craft materials to create turkey balloons.

Have the kids roll up large orange napkins that you may have used for your Halloween party and create napkin rings using white and black construction paper rings (the Pilgrim colors, of course!)

Did you bob for apples at your Halloween party?  Use apples to create Apple Candlestick Holders.  Core out the center of the apple to fit a candle snuggle.  Older children can carve out patterns on the skin of the apple, or just keep them plain red. 

Have fun decorating for the two holidays in one fell swoop!

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Santa gives out the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVER!

Today, Santa will be played by Melissa and The Grinch will be played by Patrick.