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Laws of Layering by Gorjana

Layering your jewelry is a lesson in both subtlety and balance, hence Gorjana’s “Laws of Layering”. Their lovely jewelry pieces just beg to be worn in multiples, so here are a few tips from Gorjana on how to make sure your pieces play nicely with each other:

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Featured styles:

1. Chevron Pendant Necklace

2. “Mika” Pendant Necklace

3. “Isla” Ring

4. Shimmer Bar Ring in Rose Gold

5. “Taner” Cuff Ring Set

6. “Mila” Shimmer Ring Set

7. “Taner” Wrapped Cuff

8. “Chaplin” Cuff Bracelet

9. “Mika” Necklace

10. “Mika” Opposition Stud Earrings

11. “Artemis” Cuff Ring


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The Art of Style, How To: Men's Spring-to-Summer Transition

Fellas, get ready to finally shed those heavy winter clothes into some springy layers that transition seamlessly into the warm summer months. In the how-to video below, we break down some key wardrobe updates to pull off the transition easily and with effortless style.

Shop the items featured above by clicking directly on them! Pretty cool, huh?


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3 Scarves, 9 Ways to Wear

The scarf really is an amazing accessory. It adds warmth on cold days, style and coverage on sunny days, and can even keep a bad hair day under wraps!

Below we show you some wonderful ways to wear three popular styles of scarves for any weather. Enjoy!

The Sarong/Pareo Scarf

The Large Square Scarf

The Long/Oblong Scarf


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How to Go from Beach to Evening with Stila

Jenn from Stila shows you how to take your daytime look to evening with just a few key Stila products!

Featured products:

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Stila Custom Color Blush in Coral

Stila Set and Correct Baked Powder Trio “The Illuminators”

Stila Lip Glaze

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Beauty School: How to Get a Healthy, Natural Tan


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As much as you crave a nice summer tan on your face, every beauty expert (and dermatologist for that matter) would urge you to avoid the sun’s harmful rays as a means to an end. Instead, we suggest using these fabulous Alpha Beta Glow Pads from Dr. Dennis Gross to get an enviable, natural-looking glow that’s totally customizable.

Why would you ever risk wrinkles, sun spots or worse when these pads are so easy to use and so effective? Trust us; your skin will thank you!


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How to Wrap and Unwrap Presents

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How to Shake a Present and Fnd out What's Inside!

Be careful, it's easy to get carried away. Shake presents with caution!

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How to Measure Platform Height

Ladies, if you love platform shoes check out this video where our friend Katrina shows us how to measure your platform height.

To check out all our platform shoes (in different heights, of course!), click HERE.