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Mobile-Ready Pants

Is it a phone? A tablet? A phablet?


We know you're having a tough time taking your phone/tablet/phablet in and
out of your pant pocket. We've seen it all, missed phone calls, broken
screens, poor blood circulation (here's to you skinny jean wearers), and
worse, phantom vibration syndrome.

While we can't agree on what to call it, we can all agree on needing
bigger pockets. We are so happy to introduce Zappos Mobile-Ready Pants, just in
time for the iPhone 6!

Follow the Zappos Mobile Team @zappos_mobile 

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The Webby Awards People's Voice Best Navigation/Structure

aol,webby,webby awards, zappos,  Zappos Development,Zappos Ip,zip, Technology,Peoples voice winner best navigation/structure,

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us for the Webby Awards People’s Voice Best Navigation/Structure! We're very honored to receive this great recognition and to be among the other great companies who were nominated.

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Now Live On Outfit Builder

vip, outfit builder, coming soon, technology, fashion, mens, womens, women, men, style, trend

Have you ever wanted to see what your new shoes will look like with a new dress? Zappos VIP customers will soon be able to mix and match products in our Outfit Builder! Pairing clothing, footwear, handbags and accessories has never been easier. Simply click the Outfit Builder icon at the botom of the VIP site, search for the products you want to add in and simply drag them down to the Outfit Builder Pallette. You can size them to fit together and save your look for others to see. Want to see what other VIPs have come up? You can see other VIP's creations in our gallery! Stay tuned to for the launch of Outfit Builder. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Zappos Family Seattle Coding Challenge And Tech Tweet Up

The Scoop: Open bar, open bar, appetizers… Oh! And did we mention OPEN BAR!

Vegas Baby: Can you code at a bar? If yes, then you can code at Zappos! 

We will be having 2 coding challenges – 30 minutes each – 25 people max in each challenge. You can only do one of the challenges. If you need headphones, bring ‘em. Oh, and a laptop - that’s kinda important!

1st coding challenge at 6:30pm 
2nd coding challenge at 7:30pm

The coding challenge is the first screening step in our interview process for hiring software engineers at Zappos. The person who gets the correct answer first from each round will be fast-tracked to VEGAS BABY! Yep, the second step in our screening process is an in-person interview in Las Vegas at our offices. And as always when we fly folks in to spend the night in Vegas, tour our offices, and interview - expenses are on us! Sorry, any gambling is on you. ;)

You don’t have to do a coding challenge or be a software engineer to hang with us!! We love all you tech peeps indiscriminately. Come on down and have a drink already! And our CEO, Tony Hsieh, will be at the event! If you participate in the challenge and would like one, he’s happy to sign a copy of his book, “Delivering Happiness” for you. 

If you are a helper and know super awesome tech folks, tweet this link!

And in closing, check out what Zappos developers do when they aren't coding:

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Share Widget

Check out the new share widget on! The share widget allows you to share your favorite products on via Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can even post them on your blog! Jen from Zappos IP, Inc explains the new share widget. Check it out and comment below!

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Letter From Our CTO

Hi Team – welcome to the final Technology Newsletter for 2010! WOW - what a year this has been! As we discussed at tech all hands, we've had incredible successes by over-delivering on the roadmap and doing a spectacular job running a robust technology operation. There were many naysayers when we laid out our goals for the year but this team has collectively proven that we DELIVER ON OUR COMMITMENTS regardless of the difficulty or complexity of those commitments! We are in the midst of a very heavy peak season and it is clear that our work has paid off – a rock solid, error free and super fast website (our technology handled a $12.8M day flawlessly!) , an array of website features, unprecedented visibility into our business for merchandising and finance via the EDW, our ability to respond quickly to business changes via tools like Baffin and the Drools Rules Engine, APIs that have enabled us to deliver our ipad and iphone apps in record time, our newly minted category agnostic technology platform (away from a shoe centric platform) aka sizing, that takes findability/customer experience to the next level and so much more…

We go into 2011 with great confidence that we can take on any challenge that comes our way!! Our 2011 roadmap is being worked on by team members from all departments across technology in partnership with business teams – look for this to be published in the coming weeks!

Once again, I want to convey my most sincere thanks to this team that has gone above and beyond to deliver a spectacular 2010 for the Zappos Family– here's to an even more spectacular 2011!


Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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Shop From Your iPhone and iPad

That's right. Thanks to the combined efforts of multiple departments within Zappos tech, users of the Apple iPad and iPhone can shop at anytime and from anywhere.

To get started a customer just needs to download the fee app from the iTunes app store and start shopping. The customer will see the familiar brand styling and identical catalogue to our "regular" site. In addition, the mobile application adds some extra functionality not found on the website. For example, users on the mobile app can simply tap, pinch and swipe to easily navigate the storefront. And thanks to the great work of our API team, customers can shop with confidence, as the app even offers secure transactions.

So far, iTunes has served up 70,000 downloads of the free Zappos Mobile App, we've had a near-constant 4 star rating, and we were even highlighted in Apple's featured shopping Apps section!

Each app required close to 10 weeks to complete. Development required the bulk of the time at close to 6 weeks. This is a remarkably efficient turnaround based on the complexity of the application and relative unfamiliarity tech had with the format. The most interesting hurdle that they had to overcome was that the team couldn't view the complete app until the very end when all the various components are included. At that point, it was a mad dash to put the final touches on the app, get all the QA done, and release the app to the public.

The team that brought to our adoring and tech savvy public is comprised of all-stars from various departments. The UX team designed the customer-friendly look and feel. The DEV team provided the underlying code to support this highly-functional app while the QA team kept everyone honest by making sure no "bugs' made it to the final app. Special thanks also to the CLT for fielding customer support inquiries and keeping our customers happy. Finally, the Product/Program Management team wrangled all of these teams into one cohesive, efficient and creative whole. We've all been busy working on various projects, and it's been humbling to see these teams come together to take advantage of this evolving segment of the market.

Next up, will be the development of apps for the Android and Chrome OS. Like all projects that we get passionate about, the team will also constantly tweak, update and improve the current apps. Feel free to stop by and say hi to the team! They're sequestered in the Penn and Teller room in building 2290!