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Woolrich: Woven True. Then and Now.

The spirit of American innovation is alive and well with Woolrich and its over 180-year legacy of creating fine quality woolens. Their steadfast commitment to designing beautifully functional products is what continues to guide the creation of the Woolrich footwear line.

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cold-weather boots, winter boots, Woolrich, Woolrich boots, Woolrich fall boots, Woolrich men's boots, Woolrich women's boots

(Clockwise from top:) Woolrich Santa Fe , Woolrich Rockies Hiker , Woolrich Baltimore

Why wool? Woolrich uses USA-made wool in their shoes because it is a natural, breathable insulator, providing warmth in the coldest conditions. It even regulates foot temperature, is naturally moisture wicking and anti microbial!

cold-weather boots, winter boots, Woolrich, Woolrich boots, Woolrich fall boots, Woolrich men's boots, Woolrich women's boots

(Clockwise from left:)Woolrich Woodright, Woolrich Millwright, Woolrich Machinist

cold-weather boots, winter boots, Woolrich, Woolrich boots, Woolrich fall boots, Woolrich men's boots, Woolrich women's boots

Woolrich Roadhouse

Natural wool also retains its insulation power even when wet. This durable, quick-drying material retains its shape, which means your Woolrich shoes will look and feel great for years to come.


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Get Ready for the Cold Weather with Timberland Boot Company!

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Timberland Boot Company "Marge" Snap Ankle Boot in Dark Brown

A pair of durable boots can really go a long way in the cold months ahead! Timberland Boot Company has taken timeless craftsmanship and infused a dose of effortless style to create boots we can easily see ourselves living in all season long.

Check out a few more of our latest styles just in time to welcome in the holiday season.

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Men's: 1.Timberland Boot Company Wodehouse Cap-toe Boot, 2. Timberland Boot Company Blake Winter 8" Moc Toe Boot, 3. Timberland Boot Company Wodehouse Cap-toe Oxford

Women's: 4. Timberland Boot Company Marge Zip Boot, 5. Timberland Boot Company Lucille Snap Mid Boot 6. Timberland Boot Company Lucille Pull-on Boot

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La Canadienne: Boots That Can Handle the Weather

It may be hard to believe now, but before we know it, it’ll be wintertime once again, and with that comes the rain, sleet and/or snow! Anyone who’s ever been stuck in inclement weather in the wrong shoes knows all too well the importance of the right footwear in any cold-weather wardrobe.

La Canadienne boots are not only guaranteed waterproof; they have an anatomically correct insole and flexible traction outsoles. Plus, their sleek, modern design makes them perfect for staying in style no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Check out a few of our favorites from La Canadienne in the season’s most noteworthy styles:

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1. La Canadienne Passion, 2. La Canadienne Rimes in Cherry Crinkle, 3. La Canadienne Malvern, 4. La Canadienne Megan, 5. La Canadienne Gaetana, 6. La Canadienne Klara

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New Brand Spotlight: Martino Boots

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Wet, snowy conditions don’t have to mean leaving your style out in the cold! Martino boots are not only 100% waterproof and handmade in North America to give your tired, cold feet the comfort they crave, they look great with tons of outfits! Their collection of classic yet stylish boots are perfect for work, weekends and everything in between.

So whether you live in the snowy streets of New York, or a wintry suburbia in the middle of the country, you never have to sacrifice comfort and dry feet over looking good. Martino boots has it covered. Literally.

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Fresh Picks: Winter Boots

Although it hasn’t exactly been snow season in our neck of the woods, we still love the fabulous crop of winter boots out there currently. They’re not only nice and warm; they’re stylish enough to rival our favorite non-winter boots!

Check out some of our favorites:

crocs, hunter, sperry top-sider, timberland, ugg, winter boots, women's boots, women's winter boots.fresh picks

Sorel Tivoli™: The functional comfort of these boots is almost overshadowed by the stylish exterior. We love these with skinny jeans or even sweater dresses!

Timberland Boot Company New Lucille 10” Boot: With combat-style boots being so hot right now, these are destined to be a go-to pair.

Sperry Top-Sider Brookhaven: These fabulous fringed moccasin ankle boots are so spot-on boho.

Crocs Kosmoboot: Unbelievably lightweight and comfortably stylish, you just might forget about the bitter cold temperature!

UGG Bailey Button Triple Bomber: The iconic Ugg boot with a little something extra.

Hunter Sascha: If your winters consist of rainy days, these versatile rain boots are a must. They transition perfectly right into spring.

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Timberland Suite at Lucky FABB interview with Timberland! from on Vimeo.

One of the coolest suites we visited while at LuckyFABB is the Timberland suite. I chatted with Leslie from Timberland about the biggest boot trends they carry for this fall/winter season.

Now I can’t wait to get outdoors with some stylish and cozy Timberland boots!

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Sorel Suite at Lucky FABB

We stopped by the Sorel suite at Lucky FABB to check out some of their fabulous fall boots! A big trend this season for Sorel is the wedge boot, followed by a healthy dose of fur trim. We can’t wait ‘til it’s cold enough outside to wear these awesome styles!

Check out the Sorel boutique on!

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Building a Wardrobe: Buying Boots Based on Seasonal Needs

Boots may seem like a fall and winter clothing item, but they can be integrated into nearly any season's wardrobe. The key is finding the right boot style and fit for your wardrobe. This is where things get a little tricky.

Fall Boots

Fall boots are part function and part fashion. The boots that you select need to provide a little insulation to protect your feet from the dropping temperatures and they need to be water proof to protect your feet from rainfall, sleet, slush and snow. When selecting a fall boot you will want to look for a style that offer a little traction and that fit the contour of your leg, as you will most likely still be wearing skirts during the fall months. The calf hugging fit will prevent rain and slush from falling down the boot and the snug fit will look balanced against your bare leg.

Winter Boots

In the grand scheme of things most winter boots are going to be purchased for function as opposed to fashion. They need to provide your feet with protection from the cold, the snow and the ice. They also need to provide you with adequate traction. Once these basic functional aspects have been achieved you can focus on the fashion of the winter boot.

You will want to look for a winter boot style that is going to complement your winter outerwear wardrobe and that also flatter your personality. If you are a no-nonsense professional then select a neutral tone winter boot. However, if you are a wild child then go crazy with your winter boot colors and select bold options like electric blue or candy apple red.

Spring Boots

Spring boots are similar to fall boots in that they are part function and part fashion. They will need to protect your feet from cooler temperatures and extra moisture. However, spring boots will have a lighter look to them. They will be slick, shiny and brightly colored. Have fun with your spring boot collection.

Summer Boots

Summer boots are going to be nearly all fashion. They will be used for adding drama and sex appeal to an outfit. Summer boots can be made of anything from leather to canvas.