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OluKai Spring Break Picks

Reconnect with the ocean and a slower pace of life this spring break with OluKai and their signature “Fit by Nature, Crafted by Hand™” design philosophy.  Even if you can’t make it to the islands on your getaway, you can count on OluKai sandals and sneakers to get you in a more comfortable state of mind and body with their anatomically contoured footbeds for all day support—no matter where your spring adventures may take you!

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1. OluKai Ohana Shaved Ice Collection

2. OluKai Hema

3. OluKai Hikina


1. OluKai Nohea Twill

2. OluKai Ohana

3. OluKai Kono II

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Olukai Fall 2012

Although we love them for their super comfy, great quality flip flops and sandals, Olukai makes some pretty amazing boots and loafers, too! They still manage to infuse some Polynesian inspiration into their fall collection, whether it’s through subtle embossing in the leather, or just the style names themselves.

Just because you aren’t at the beach, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a little island style at all times!

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MEN'S: 1. Olukai Akepa Moc, 2. Olukai Mauna Kea, 3. Olukai Kamuela

WOMEN'S: 4. Olukai Kaonoa II, 5. Olukai Wali, 6. Olukai Holo Lio II

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SPY Optics Presents: Alana Blanchard + The Fiona

SPY paid a visit to the North Shore to do a photo shoot with Kauai native and surf industry bombshell Alana Blanchard.

Alana’s SPY shades of choice? The glamorous and fearless Fiona of course!

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Talk Story with Olukai

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Stories unite us all; they serve as the thread that connects people and cultures together, a way to share our past, present and future with one another. In the Hawaiian islands, this conversational dialogue is known “talk story”.

Olukai has dedicated a microsite especially dedicated to the tradition of storytelling. Their hope is to inspire and connect people from all walks of life through their words and passion.

Check out the Olukai Talk Story page for on-going stories of inspiration.

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New To Zappos: Scott Hawaii

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Scott Hawaii is a footwear company with a long reputation for superior quality. Its founders, Elmer and Jean Scott, moved to the Hawaiian Islands back in 1932 where they crafted plantation boots for the sugarcane and pineapple field workers. After World War II, Scott Hawaii changed their direction towards making the best casual sandals- or as the local Hawaiians call them, “slippers”.

Today, Scott Hawaii still lives by the highest standards of quality and staying true to its island roots. These comfy and durable sandals give you a touch of laid-back island life every time you step into them.

Check out the entire Scott Hawaii collection for men and women in the Zappos Rideshop!

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Reyn Spooner Has The Spirit Of Hawaii

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Before you know it, you’ll be breaking out the tanning oil, swimsuits and beach towels for a swim. Now is a great time to find a swimsuit for your Spring vacation or just lounging in the backyard. Reyn Spooner garments are tailored with meticulous, uncompromising attention to detail. Reyn Spooner's premium quality fabrics are designed with the customer's needs in mind, from durable and easy-care Spooner Kloth to the fashionable and comfortable silk.  

Awaken to a world of ocean-going opportunity in the Reyn Spooner Likao. The vintage, archival print from the Alfred Shaheen Collection features an abstracted lotus print. The Reyn Spooner Hui Hui Boardshort features an archival hui hui print that is a mélange of Hawaiian designs. Renowned Hawaiian artist Dietrch Varez designed the outrigger canoe print on the Reyn Spooner Wa’aopelu By Dietrich Varez Classic Trunk. These trunks will make you look like you were born for the water. 

As always, the key uniqueness of Reyn Spooner comes from their exclusive print designs. Inspired by tropical & casual lifestyle, the designs are conceived almost daily, with an eye towards authenticity and fun. As a commitment to the exclusivity of the designs, most of the garments are made in limited quantities, making many a collectible to cherish. Make Reyn Spooner a part of your own tradition. Whether worn daily as comfortable business attire or during casual times, we invite you to the try the Reyn Spooner lifestyle.

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Are you Ocean Minded?

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Ocean Minded™ a leading brand in ocean lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories for active outdoor enthusiasts has introduced a new close-toed shoe line. The 13-year-old company is known for its unique vision in pairing fashion, functionality and comfort in its product collections. The new close-toed shoe designs tout the innovative use of natural and sustainable materials including: organic cotton, metal-free leather, water-based glue, recycled Croslite™, recycled wool, recycled car tire and hemp.

“We’ve taken the concept of living ‘an ocean lifestyle’ year-round and have created comfortable shoes with the highest quality materials,” said Andy Palmer, general manager, Ocean Minded™. “With this new line we’re now able to offer consumers a year round footwear solution that fits their lifestyle and budget,” he said.

Finding the perfect spot can take a bit of work, so take a trek with the sublime styling of the Dune Rider from Ocean Minded™ and find a bit of surfing enlightenment. The Dune Rider uses recycled Croslite™ materials in the anatomical footbed to make these shoes comfortable, lightweight, and odor resistant. Enjoy the comfortably cool feeling of the natural wool lining on the inside and a combination upper of full-grain leather, nubuck leather, and metal-free suede for the outer shoe construction.

Being 'ocean minded' and living an 'ocean lifestyle' begins with the inspiration and allure that the world's oceans and beaches offer each one of us. The Ocean Minded™ brand enables an individual to identify, visualize and embrace their personal beach and water-oriented passions in the course of their daily adventure. Whether you're devoted to surfing in Hawaii, kayaking on the Sea of Cortez, snorkeling in Australia or warming up around a campfire in Big Sur, Ocean Minded™ welcomes you with open arms. Check out Ocean Minded™ at

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Hang Ten With Maui Jim

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Maui Jim began as one man selling sunglasses on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii, back in the early 1980s.  Today, Maui Jim is the fastest-growing polarized sunglass maker in the world.  As local demand grew for sunglasses that provided advanced protection from the severe glare and UV rays of the Hawaiian sun – without distorting the beautiful colors of the Islands, the company developed proprietary technology – PolarizedPlus, which was later patented.

All of the new models are equipped with Maui Jim’s patented PolarizedPlus®2 technology, which starts by vanquishing the glare.  The lenses feature 3 rare earth elements, maximizing transmission of the colors your eyes see naturally.  The multi-layered lens design allows more usable light to be transmitted to the eyes.  The result is visual acuity, contrast and color that is unrivaled.  In fact, Maui Jim’s patented PolarizedPlus2 technology continues to be the top choice of eye care professionals, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Check out their new styles:

The Hamoa Beach offers a modified rectangle frame with a medium fit.  The nylon frame is lightweight, tough and non-corrosive and features a nickel/silver spring hinge, high-gloss finish and easily adjustable wire core temples.  The lenses are made of ST (SuperThin) Glass, which provides durability, scratch resistance and incredible optical clarity.  Available in three lens colors—Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, and Maui Rose.  Perfect for active lifestyles and activities such as hiking and boating.


The Dawn Patrol offers cutting-edge lens technology with a retro feel.  The ST Glass lenses are 20% thinner than conventional laminated polarized lenses.  The aviator frame is made from a high-grade nylon, making it lightweight and tough.  Available in three lens colors—Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, and Maui Rose.  Dawn Patrol is the perfect companion for catching early morning waves, strolling along the beach, driving along the coast.


The Manele Bay is another addition to the Maui Jim Aviators collection and delivers a strong, modern style.  The Monel metal frame is durable, resilient and easily adjustable.  It features bronze temples with rubber temple tips, along with a rubber sweat bar.  The ST Glass lenses provide superior optics, durability and scratch resistance without the weight.  Available in three lens colors—Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, and Maui Rose.  Ideal for driving, walking, hiking, and boating.


The Maui Cat III is a tribute to one of the original Maui Jim styles and offers a retro feel.  The high grade nylon frame makes it durable, lightweight and comfortable.  The Maui Evolution lenses provide superior optics, scratch resistance and impact resistance in a lightweight package.  Available in three lens colors—Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, and Maui Rose.  Great for active lifestyles, driving or boating.


The Backyards combines modern style with lightweight comfort.  The frame is made from high-grade nylon and is durable and lightweight.  The lenses are Polycarbonate, which makes them light, comfortable and impact resistant.  Available in three lens colors—Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, and Maui HT.  Ideal for fast action sports or everyday wear.


The Lighthouse goes backs to basics and sensibly combines classic style with comfort.  The frame is made from high-grade nylon, which is very lightweight and provides superior comfort and fit.  The Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and feature Maui Jim’s proprietary CLEARSHELL®.  It provides excellent scratch resistance on the front and back of the lens.  Available in three lens colors—Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, and Maui HT. 

Protect your eyes from harmful glare today without blocking out any of the vibrant colors around you with a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. We also carry the women's line of Maui Jim sunglasses on Aloha!