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Macbeth Shows Off their New Line at the Zappos Expo

Macbeth rolled up to the Zappos Rideshop Expo in their rockin’ Macbethmobile stoked full of their new styles inspired by Mike Dirnt from Green Day, Tom Delonge from Blink 182, and their 100% Vegan shoe the Eliot inspired by, well, Vegans.

Check ‘em out!

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Workout Tip of the Week: Go Green with Your Workout!

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t only mean you need to work out regularly and eat right. You can get in shape and conserve the planet’s resources by ‘greenifying’ your routine! Here are some easy ways to make your workouts more eco-friendly:

1. Use a sports bottle, not a water bottle. Skip the convenience of plastic water bottles and fill your own sports bottle instead. All that extra plastic is just going to a landfill, so you can take a greener approach simply by using a flask or portable bottle throughout your workout and busy day.

2. Walk to the gym. If you live just a couple of miles from the gym, consider walking or jogging there as part of your workout. You’ll be saving emissions from the car, and it’s a great way to get outdoors for some fresh air before your gym routine.

3. Wear vegetarian shoes. Vegan and vegetarian shoes are made without leather, but are just as sturdy and strong as regular styles. Vegan shoes are typically made with recycled materials and natural fibers such as hemp, natural cotton and bamboo. Narrow down your search for green shoes as you walk the walk with your eco-friendly lifestyle.

4. Use organic towels. Do you need to carry around an extra towel or two when you hit the gym? Wick away sweat and moisture with organic towels that will show your support for the planet and get the job done. Organic towels are made with supersoft bamboo cotton and natural fibers, and can easily be stashed in your gym bag or tote for your workout routine.

5. Snack on organic foods. From organic energy bars, to trail mix, to granola, make sure your diet is healthy by snacking on organic foods between meals, or before a workout. Organic, unprocessed snacks can give you that much-needed energy boost you need and support your healthy, and green, lifestyle.

There are dozens of ways to ‘go green’ and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and you can use any of these strategies to ensure your workout routine not only helps you achieve your health goals, but also supports the planet!


Fans of Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms Shoes — a company that donates a pair of shoes to children for every pair of shoes sold — will be excited to hear that the company has joined the world’s green initiave and is creating an eco-friendly shoe line. Toms has partnered with Whole Foods Market to design an exclusive line of vegan shoes which will be sold at Whole Foods Markets around the country. This new style of the alpargata is made of organic cotton, non-leather interior, and recycled rubber from tires for the sole.

The collaboration with the organic foods giant will help to broaden Toms consumer market, as well as further educate the consumer about Toms Shoes mission to help shod impoverished children in third world countries around the globe. Mycoskie told FashionWeekDaily and Blogger, “I wanted to find a way for more people to be able to truly understand the core of Toms Shoes. With the launch of the eco-friendly collection, and our partnership with Whole Foods market, we will be able to reach even more people, and ultimately give more children their first pair of shoes.”

Toms Shoes are the perfect trifecta for the fashionable folk, they are comfortable to wear, a relaxed fashionable style and now, socially-aware. Its a win-win for everyone.