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How to Inspect Halloween Candy

Make it a safe Halloween for your kids by inspecting their trick-or-treating haul first! Darren shows you how:

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Another Zappos Family Birthday Prank!

Mauricio’s team is at it again this year! You may remember the awesome prank that his team lovingly played on his birthday last year. Well, this time, the birthday “surprise” is more elaborate and involved an even bigger mess!

This is why it’s probably best to stay home on your birthday… IF you happen to work at! ;)

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What Was Your First Concert?

We have a lot of music fans here at Zappos HQ, and we thought it would be interesting to find out what people's first concerts were. We were definitely right; it was interesting to say the least. We even got some Zapponians to serenade us with sweet melodies from their first concert. It's like a musical walk down memory lane. Enjoy!

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Merchandising Happy Hour

Every Quarter the merchandising teams films a video skit for all their fellow coworkers to see, while sipping on a beer or taking shots of vodka at the Merch Happy Hour. I must say the videos get better and better every year, and the blogs team is happy to be a part of putting them together!