Hot Dog!!

Yesterday the Pipeline team invited everyone over to their area for a Hot Dog Social! Brett had a chance to talk to a few pipeline instructors and ask a few questions about classes, and of course enjoy a tasty Dog! Is there a dancing class coming up in the near future?

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Hot dog eating contest?

Below is an e-mail from Loren, he participated in last years hot dog eating contest and is doing so again this year in about a week! Here is his e-mail that he sent to the masses at Zappos (with some pics from last years fetivities).

Hello Zappos,

I have heard a lot of people talking around the office about taking the hot dog eating title from me. First off, I welcome the challenge and look forward to the competition, however talk is cheap without the follow through. I was informed earlier today that only one person had signed up to challenge me. If that one person is not you,
please refrain from telling me you are going to “take me down” or “this is the end of your reign” or “Watch out, I’m gunning for you this year.” This type of taunting should be reserved for people with the intestinal fortitude to put their name on the dotted line and step up to the challenge. I hope this email inspires some of you trash talkers to give it a go and try to beat me, but as you can see below my technique is unbeatable.