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Scotty McCreery Obsession!

Check out the new webisode of, "Inside Zappos"! This week Pat and Darren see who sounds more ilke American Idol winner Scotty McCreery.  If you missed the last episode you can check it out HERE. Don't forget to tune in every other Tuesday for a new episode on

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Howe Suits On American Idol!

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The competition gets hotter as American Idol gets down to its Top 8 contestants. America tunes in every week as these talented young stars-in-the-making battle it out for the coveted title of American Idol. Tonight’s elimination episode will feature a Ford commercial featuring the top 8. Three of the guys, Scotty McCreery, Stefano Langone and James Durbin, will be rocking suits by Howe. Judging from their face makeup on some behind-the-scenes photos we've seen, it will be a zombie-themed commercial!

Make sure to tune in and check out these dapper contestants rock it out in their Howe suits. You can check out the entire Howe men’s clothing line on Zappos.

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Celebrity Gossip: American Idol Winner Carrie Underwood Plans Wedding

Two more celebrities are being taken off the market for good. It has been confirmed that actress Kristen Bell is engaged to her boyfriend actor Dax Shepard. The couple, who currently star in the movie When in Rome, started dating in 2007. A rep for Bell confirmed the engagement stating that it happened "over the holidays." Kristen is now sporting an emerald cut diamond that comes in around three carats and is an amazing champagne color on her ring finger. Shepard is having a pretty good year already as he is engaged to a beautiful girl and also has a new television series called Parenthood coming out on NBC. So what is the couple's secret to a lasting relationship? Last fall Kristen told Women's Health, "Your partner should hear your most embarrassing insecurities, because once you say them out loud, you've created a safe zone." She also jokingly added, "A snuggle party can fix anything - it's true." There is no word on when the couple plans on tying the knot.

Another celebrity who is soon to be off the market is country singer Carrie Underwood and she says that all she wants is to "just want to show up and have a good time," at her wedding. The American Idol winner got engaged to hockey player Mike Fisher back in December and already has "some of the big decisions made" for her wedding. The wedding will have to wait a little bit as Underwood is set to launch her U.S. tour in March. She says, "Right now I'm at the beginning of the race. I can't see the end right now, but it's really exciting. There's a lot going on." Carrie and Mike made their first red carpet appearance this past week while attending the Sens Foundation fundraiser but Carrie gave him a break for the Grammy's and Mike got to wait at the end of the red carpet to join his fiancé inside the auditorium. The couple has not announced when the wedding will take place but it most likely will be this later this year. Maybe a nice country fall wedding?


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Celebrity Gossip: Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz come together for Hope for Haiti Telethon

Can celebrities really be friends after a breakup? Justin Timberlake reconnected with ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz at the Hope for Haiti Now telethon and looked to be actually quite friendly. The two dated for four years and broke off the relationship in 2007. Cameron and Justin did have quite a messy breakup, as Justin didn't waste time finding a new girl after Cameron. Justin started dating Jessica Biel very shortly after his and Cameron's breakup and the two have been dating ever since. According to several reports Jessica and Justin have an on-again-off-again relationship that both of them refuse to comment on. Just a few months ago friends of the couple spoke out saying that Justin ended the relationship but the two of them have made a few appearances together since. From the backstage pictures of the event it appears that Cameron has forgiven Justin and is quite friendly with him. I wonder how Jessica feels about this?

Could singer Carrie Underwood be pursuing an acting career? The singer joked on her blog that she was going to quit singing and become a "professional sitcom actress." Although she may not be abandoning the country music scene anytime soon, she did film a guest starring role on the hit show How I Met Your Mother. Carrie guest stars as Tiffany, a sales rep and a new possible love interest for Josh Radnor's character Ted. The American Idol winner wrote on her blog, "I got to hang out with the whole cast, dress up like a flight attendant, play a cavewoman, and had a baby pig poop on me...jealous?" Carrie also wrote that she had "a blast" and that the show's cast and crew, "made me feel right at home and were super nice and great with me and my lack of experience." Carrie's episode will air in March and can be seen on CBS.