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Instant Dance Party at Zappos HQ Lobby!

If you come out for a tour of Zappos HQ, make sure NOT to press the button…unless you want to be surrounded by pure awesomeness. You’ve been warned!

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How to Wrap and Unwrap Presents

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Follow the Leader!

Who doesn’t like creating a little fun and weirdness?

We all know that the Zappos Video Team is weird, but we can be really fun too!

Our new favorite way to have fun at work is playing an old childhood favorite, “Follow the Leader”. On certain days after lunch (or perhaps even a break), we line up in single file and have some playtime on the way back to the video studios. It’s a pretty long walk, so why not have some fun along the way?

Not only is it a blast, it’s a good way to burn some extra calories, too. Team members do tend to work up a sweat as they shimmy, side step, waddle and clap their way around the warehouse.

If you're ever in the warehouse, feel free to join our game! However, there are some safety guidelines to follow: no running and no walking backwards.

That being said, what are some of your favorite ways to infuse some fun to the work day?

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Zappos HQ Randoms: Royal Wedding Parade!

zappos family, zappos culture, fashion team, royal wedding, kate and william, royal wedding madness, parades, zappos hq, zappos parades, create fun and weirdness, fun and weird,royal parade,

The Fashion team from Zappos Merchandising, Inc. is so over-the-moon excited about the Royal Wedding, they decided to do a random afternoon parade to remind everyone in the office to tune in early tomorrow morning. 

They've all got their "royal waves" down and tiaras on for the big event. Even Dave (far left) is getting in touch with his inner princess.

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Zapponian Spotlight:Kelly T.

zappos culture,zappos family

For our first ever Zapponian Spotlight post, we will get to know a little bit about Zapponian Kelly T. from Zappos Development, Inc.

Kelly is known around these parts for having entirely way too many nicknames and for her penchant for boxed wine. We asked her a few questions to find out more fun stuff!

Pick three words to describe your personal style:

Kelly: Whatever happens to be clean. That's five words.

Who is your favorite musician or band?

Kelly:  All of them under 45 years old? Musicians are kind of my type. No but really, I adore Johnny Rzeznik from The Goo Goo Dolls. Not only do I think he is an extremely talented songwriter, but I also want to have his children.

Name three things you never leave home without:

Kelly: iPod, credit card, and my hair done.

If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would it be?

Kelly: At the moment, Charlie Sheen. I just want to sit down and be like… “Dude, seriously…what’s up with you?”  

What’s the weirdest thing to ever happen to you?

Kelly: I ran into a group of guy friends at the Colosseum in Rome while we were backpacking on separate trips in Europe. Needless to say, it kind of took away from the history and culture because I was too freaked out by the coincidence.

What’s your favorite part about working at Zappos HQ?

Kelly: I can’t pick just one, really. So, I'd say I get to be challenged every single day, and I get to work with my extended family. I consider myself to be very, very lucky.

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The Amazing Easter Hunt

culture, easter, fun and weird, fun and weirdness, games, minute to win it, the amazing race, zappos culture, zappos family, Zappos fun, zappos hq

Here at the Zappos HQ, we love to celebrate every holiday. Actually, we love to celebrate just about everything, and always manage to find reasons for celebrations. Since Easter is coming up this weekend, we held an Amazing Easter Hunt yesterday. What is the Amazing Easter Hunt you ask? It’s a crazy combo of Minute To Win It, The Amazing Race and a good old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt.

Each team had to complete Minute To Win It-style games such as strapping on a belt with a tissue box filled with ping pong balls and shaking and shimmying like mad in order to get all the balls out of the box as fast as possible.

After teams were eliminated, three teams were left standing to do the actual Easter Egg Hunt. The premise was like The Amazing Race in that they had to complete challenges to get clues about where the eggs are hidden. In the end, Team "Egg-cellence" (Corey B., Jesse C. and Maureen S.) reigned supreme and took home 1st place.

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Be A Part of Zappos Culture History!

Zappos Culture Book

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Last year, we had such a great response when we asked our customers, employees and partners to submit photos for the 2009 Culture Book, we’re going to do it again!

It was really fun to see everyone’s unique ‘eye’ on the world and it just goes to show how much talent and passion stretch across the extended Zappos family!

Because of the great response, we can only consider those images that fall within the required specs (see below).

 Things we’d like to see:

What you think of when you hear “Zappos”

Your favorite Zappos item

Something fun and a little weird

Something that makes you smile

Something you’re passionate about

Your interpretation of one of our core values (


Things we won’t like to see:

Your dirty laundry :)

Anything inappropriate

Anything excessively photo-edited or Photoshopped.

Feel free to add informative titles, descriptions, your name and where you took the picture (in the email, not on the picture). If you’re submitting a photo, you’re giving us the right to use it in our book and you’re verifying that it’s your original photo (and not someone else’s).

Specs for images:

It’s going to be printed in a book, so the higher the resolution the better. It’d be a shame if we love your picture but can’t use it!

JPG format only.

300 dpi 5” x 7” or higher.

1200 × 1600 pixels minimum.

You must own the full copyright.

No trademarks (e.g. logos, brands, entities with copyright or trademarked).

Please send your images and questions to: by March 19, 2010.