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Great Looks: It’s in Your Jeans

There is nothing like how the right pair of jeans can make you feel. No matter what else is going on in life, slipping on the right pair of jeans can change your entire outlook. Jeans can be dressed up for a night on the town, dressed down for a day spent helping another, or right in the middle, where their only purpose is comfort. The best jeans give us a boost in the most important place — our confidence.



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Now don’t get me wrong, there are challenges with finding the right jeans. We all know the situation: we find a style of jeans that we love and adore, and that fits us just perfectly … and then, the brand stops making them, or they change the style in a weird and awkward way. But there is something about finding a staple that goes the distance with you while making you look and feel amazing. Using the right lines to balance your look make all the difference. While there are some recommendations for which type of jean looks best on which body, remember the first rule of fashion: There are no rules. 



#curvygirls, #WellRoundedWednesday, #zapposWRW, denim, jag jeans, kut from the kloth, Levi’s, NYDJ, plus jeans



While there are no rules, per se, there are some guidelines that leave the good looks up to more than just your genes, and I’ve gathered the guidelines and a few suggestions for you, so that you’re not leaving anything up to chance. The easiest way to determine the best fit depends on what shape your body falls into — Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Hourglass or Straight. Looking at your silhouette in a mirror, decide which one fits you best, then go from there with some great pieces.



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CURVES TO BOOT All body types work well with a denim meant for curves, and a boot cut will take your look to the head of the class. The flare at the base complements all bodies, no matter your body type, and, of course, is best worn with a great boot peeking our from the edge of your hem.



#WellRoundedWednesday, #ZapposWRW, #curvygirls, denim, plus jeans, Levi’s, Jag Jeans, Kut from the Kloth, NYDJ



GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT Simple, clean lines and nothing to worry about stepping on? That’s my kind of denim. Straight jeans are the other universally complementary style that fits every body type.



#WellRoundedWednesday, #ZapposWRW, #curvygirls, denim, plus jeans, Levi’s, Jag Jeans, Kut from the Kloth, NYDJ


WHAT’S THE SKINNY Best suited to an hourglass or straight figure, these styles look best tucked into a great tall boot, or balanced with a loose-fitting swing or peasant top. The number one accessory to pull off a skinny jean is confidence — and trust me, you look amazing!


I hope you enjoy great denim pieces. If you’re rocking out in any of the looks shown here, tag us in your selfies or pics with #zapposWRW — we’d love to see your style! 



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Menswear Guide: Adding Fall Layers

Gentlemen, we are arriving at that time of the year when temperatures drop, leaves start to change color and nights begin earlier. This is also the time to start pulling out your sweaters, pullovers and jackets. This is where I come in. I'm going to give you a few options to try out for the fall/winter season. Simple layering techniques that you can try out with different pieces.


Roll Neck

This sweater is a classic. It works so well in different scenarios. You can dress it up as well as dress it down. I've created two looks with these exact scenarios. Let’s start with the slightly more casual look.



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This look is simple yet eye catching. Throwing in the leather jacket to dress down the sweater and pants make it a statement piece. This modest layer makes the look stand out and keep you warm.



dapper style, denim, layering, mens clothing, Menswear Monday, military jacket, moto jacket, roll neck


The next one is just as easy. This time I selected a suit as the layering piece. This is a timeless style that always captures the essence of a gentleman. You'll use the same sweater as above here, along with the suit and double strap monk shoes.

With each of these looks, keep the accessories to a minimum. I'd suggest a black leather strap watch, if anything. You can also choose a different color roll neck and create these looks another way. 


Denim Jacket

My next suggestion is to pick up a denim Jacket. I'd advise one that is a dark or lighter wash. The denim jacket is timeless and can pretty much be worn with anything. Check out the first style below: 


dapper style, denim, layering, mens clothing, Menswear Monday, military jacket, moto jacket, roll neck


This look is made to be comfortable yet warm. I've used the jacket to layer the button-up shirt. If you're looking to make it a little more fashion forward, you can button the shirt all the way up. You can add in a simple gold or brown face watch along with a simple bracelet. If you'd like to dress it up a bit more, consider a black tie and switching the pants out to regular flat front pants. 

The next use for the jacket is over a sweater. Again, simple yet eye catching. It'll keep you warm and you'll look amazing. I'd recommend a striped sweater along with the tan pants and casual shoes. Here are the pieces:


dapper style, denim, layering, mens clothing, Menswear Monday, military jacket, moto jacket, roll neck


The striped sweater is a nice pop of color. You can pretty much wear this in any scenario. It's casual but not to the point where you're going to do yard work in it. Grab a couple accessories and you're set.


Military Canvas Jacket

My last suggestion today is the Military Canvas Jacket. It'll keep you warm, you can carry a few things inside of it and, of course, it can be worm multiple ways. Let's begin with the first look:



dapper style, denim, layering, mens clothing, Menswear Monday, military jacket, moto jacket, roll neck


Pretty basic look — nothing too difficult here. You can wear the denim shirt by itself or place a white crew neck shirt underneath it and layer it over. Then layer the jacket over the top of the shirt. 



dapper style, denim, layering, mens clothing, Menswear Monday, military jacket, moto jacket, roll neck


Of course you can dress this jacket up as well. Grab a burgundy tie, a light tan pair of pants and you're all set. Two different looks, but reusing pieces to make the most out of your investment. 


There are several ways to layer for the fall. These are just a few simple suggestions on how you can incorporate classic pieces and make them look great with a little bit of layering. Feel free to try different color combinations and fabrics. The key here is picking up the classic items, making sure they fit you well and piecing them together to keep you warm. ’Til next time. And as always, it's all about taste.



How NYDJ Can Inspire Your Autumn Attire

Uncomfortable, unstylish clothes have been around since the dawn of time. Fortunately, due to modern resources and technology, we’re no longer succumbed to gathering fig leaves, spinning linen or wrangling up sheep on our own just to create a pair of itchy, wooly pants.  

Today we’re blessed to have fashion forward designers and manufacturers craft tops, bottoms and everything in between on our behalf. However, when it comes to everyday style, women are still tasked to choose comfort for looks, as well as looks for comfort.

NYDJ doesn’t believe in that mantra. Instead, the brand continues to innovate their products and break the mold by creating a line of clothing dedicated to women not just young in age, but also in spirit. 





NYDJ is notably known for their original slimming jean. Created with premium materials, you’ll never experience that awful worn-in, bagging sensation often felt with other brands. And with this season's newest Sure Stretch Denim® technology, you'll instantly see an increase in your pants' flexibility. 

Additionally, NYDJ's universal fit makes it simple to get the same flattering look in every pair you choose. That’s right! Whether you're a crop, capri, bootcut, straight or skinny leg kind of girl, you’ll experience the same satisfaction in each and every style.





And as part of the brand’s constant innovation, NYJD has created Lift Tuck® technology to give gentle, slimming control in the front while simultaneously lifting and reshaping the back.

In fact, each style is designed to make you look one full size smaller. How does this sorcery work? Well, each style features a built-in crisscrossing panel from within that trims the tummy and creates a pleasing silhouette where you want and need it most.

Beyond denim, NYDJ incorporates its Lift Tuck® technology in their line of pants, dresses, tops and athletic attire.





This autumn, don’t just pair your ankle boots and cardigans with any kind of denim, dresses or tops. Instead, explore NYDJ’s vast selection of clothing that’s guaranteed to keep you looking fabulous and feeling exceptional.



Your Favorites Are Back!

Joe’s Jeans are bringing back some of their most popular styles! It’s like when you can’t find anything new that fits, and you look longingly at that pair of jeans you wore until they were dead, just wishing your fave fit would come back (or lamenting that it ever went away). A great pair of jeans is so important.

Although Joe’s Jeans strives to be innovative, they are staying true to their original concept that all women have different body shapes and have signature looks when it comes to their beloved denim. Whether it’s ankle, bootcut, or ripped skinny jeans, these styles are available again!

OK, but what about your favorite color? Are you a dark, medium wash with bright hues or a rich, soft blue jean with wiskers and sandblast highlights? Tonal topstitch? Matte hardware? They got it.

Fit through the hip. Go get it girl! 

classic fit, denim, jeans for different body types, Joe’s Jeans

1. Joes's Jeans The Icon Skinny Jean in Seneka

2. Joe's Jeans Japanese Denim The Provocateur Boot in Aimi

3. Joe's Jeans Japanese Denim The Honey Bootcut in Kai

4. Joe's Jeans The Vixen Ankle in Regan

5. Joe's Jeans Japanese Denim The Icon Ankle in Aimi 

Falling for Fashion, The Top 5 Trends

With so many brands and styles out there, it’s tough for parents to stay on top of the latest and greatest in back-to-school fashion. Zappos’ team of stylists work year-round, researching apparel and footwear trends to ensure that we have what’s hot for kids of all ages.

From kindergarteners to high schoolers, we’ve got all the must-haves to get your kids stylish.

Here are five fashion trends that will have your kid falling in love with their back-to-school wardrobe, guaranteed to get them an A+ in style:

back to school basics, backpacks, denim, graphic tees, kids footwear

1. “Retro” kicks

Everything old is new again. Retro is in and top brands are taking notice, producing new product lines that pay homage to past eras. New Balance Kids and old school adidas are just two examples of footwear brands that are offering popular retro looks refreshed for 2015. Check out some of the Fashion Poet favorite retro looks.

Perhaps the most iconic shoe in the world, the “Chuck Taylor All Star,” remains a popular choice, managing to adapt to the times just enough to stay on the top trends lists year after year. More than one billion pairs of “Chucks” have been sold worldwide, with styles that burst with color or classic solids that can be personalized. Perfect for kids of any age and personality.

back to school basics, backpacks, denim, graphic tees, kids footwear

2. “Heritage” Backpacks

Heritage style backpacks are making a big comeback. Many of these are classic backpacks that pair vintage style with a modern twist. The Heritage style from Herschel Supply is a clear example of how the brand is staying on-trend this season. From Dakine to Vans, Jansport also has a wide selection to have your kid carrying their books in style.

3. Boots

There’s no surprise that boots are big for the fall. From the flower motifs that work from summer to fall, the classic Dr. Martens Kid’s Collection boots can add edge to your kids’ wardrobe. 

Your kids can make a big splash with some cool rain boots. Hunter boots are perfect for long rainy and snow days, keeping them stylish and staying warm.

4. Graphic Tees

Kids can make a bold statement with graphic tees. The coolest T-shirts show off their personality, and this year it’s all about positive messaging.

From novelty T-shirts with witty and humorous phrases to athletic fits and vintage styles, we’ll have your kid styling in the classroom.

back to school basics, backpacks, denim, graphic tees, kids footwear

5. Denim

Denim is a timeless staple. We are loving denim jackets, jeans, shirts and skirts that are a big trend for the fall. It’s durable, comfortable and cool and will get them through math class to after-school gatherings. 

Ripped or colored are some of the coolest treatments that your kid can rock. 

Top-Notch Denim That Delivers

Comfortable, simple and durable, denim is undoubtedly society’s go-to wardrobe staple. From skinny, slim and straight to boot cut and flare, there are styles and varying rises suitable for every body and booty.

Each year, an estimated 450 million pairs of jeans are sold in the United States (wowzers!), a flourishing industry that was spawned by blue jean inventor Jacob Davis in 1871 and patented two years later by Levi Strauss. 

Today, upon quick count, there are roughly 109 American denim brands vying for consumer attention at any given moment, all hoping their coveted leather brand tab outlasts the competition. But in an ever-convoluted industry where it’s paramount to stand apart from all others by doing something different, only a few companies are doing so successfully. Queue AG Adriano Goldschmied, upstarted in 2000, one of my favorite contemporary lifestyle brands.

When shopping, I’m oftentimes a stickler when it comes to premium denim, and it takes a lot for a company to catch my attention and money. However, with every new AG purchase, I become more and more infatuated with its line of quality, environmentally friendly denim.

Through the utilization of eco-conscious fibers, ozone technology, and an AG-ed wash process — a method to naturally age denim for a worn-in or destroyed look — AG hits the metaphorical bull’s-eye in regards to ethics and style. Moreover, its soft, power stretch fabrication allows that extra give for days when I need it most. 

Chic, sophisticated and always classic, Adriano Goldschmied appeases to women by offering a wide selection of colored and whiskered denim for a trendy, fashion-forward look. And with fall on the horizon, why not add some freshness to your style with these bestsellers? 

AG Adriano Goldchmeid, denim, flared denim, skinny jeans, women's fall fashions AG Adriano Goldchmeid, denim, flared denim, skinny jeans, women's fall fashionsAG Adriano Goldchmeid, denim, flared denim, skinny jeans, women's fall fashionsAG Adriano Goldchmeid, denim, flared denim, skinny jeans, women's fall fashions

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Inspired By: Carefree Cozy

One of our favorite ways to give the classic knit sweater a more rough-around-the-edges feel is to pair it with distressed jeans. Today’s street style inspiration does a fantastic job of taking an otherwise preppy cream-colored sweater into that cool and laidback territory.

Check out our version of this easy-to-wear look below:

street style, LAmade, Free People, Sam Edelman, Steve Madden, women's sweaters, distressed jeans, women's jeans, free people jeans, Sam Edelman shoes, Steve Madden bags, denim, women's jeans,

street style image source: WGSN

1. LAmade Cutout Hem Pullover

2. Steve Madden “Ravall” Crossbody

3.  Free People Destroyed Denim

4. Sam Edelman “Dax” Sneakers


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The Art of Style, How To: Wear Denim (and even double denim!)

Denim is hotter than ever this season! Today’s episode of The Art of Style is dedicated to our never-ending love of denim and ways to incorporate the timeless denim jacket into casual and dressy looks.