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Fresh Picks: Holiday Party Heels

Even if you don’t wear heels on a regular basis, those holiday parties are certainly the best reason to break out some fancy footwear! So start practicing your best party-time strut and get ready to turn some heads at your next soirée in these fabulous heels:

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1. Steve Madden "Nyx"

2. Jessica Simpson "Claudette"

3. Sam Edelman "Claire"

4. Chinese Laundry "Imagination"

5. Betsey Johnson "Gown"

6. Dolce Vita "Hart"

7. GUESS "Chanta"

8. ALDO "Valik"

9. Report "Murphy"

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Timeless Basics by Stuart Weitzman

Fashion trends come and go, but there are those few style staples that manage to transcend often-fleeting trends, earning their way into “timeless go-to” status. Two Stuart Weitzman shoes fit this bill perfectly—the Platswoon and the Poco.

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Stuart Weitzman Poco & Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

Whether you go for versatile neutrals or rich new colors for fall, these ladylike pumps are the perfect office-to-dinner option.The Poco's low kitten heel looks fabulous with pencil skirts and tailored trousers, while the round-toe Platswoon features a higher heel for maximizing your legs in dresses, skirts and wide-leg pants.

Experience the benchmark of Stuart Weitzman design and  craftsmanship every day with these two classics. Trust us, you'll get a ton of mileage out of these!

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Fresh Picks: Party-Worthy Heels

We like to think of party heels like that fun, vibrant girlfriend who’s always the lively center of attention--the life of the party.

When it comes to getting dolled up for those holiday soirées, even the coolest outfit would be amiss without the perfect pair of party-ready shoes!

So without further ado, here are some of our recent favorites in the party heels department!

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1. Vince Camuto Harty, 2. Ivanka Trump Brynna, 3. L.A.M.B. Jean, 4. Fergie Bunny, 5. Nine West Amuse, 6. Penny Loves Kenny Fay, 7. MICHAEL Michael Kors Kymara T-Strap, 8. Sam Edelman Alexa, 9. Boutique 9 Nickeya

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Fall-worthy Heels

Who doesn’t love a great pair of heels? This new crop of stylish heels round out your fall ensembles perfectly. From rich fall hues to prints to the ever-versatile “new neutrals”, these standout heels are completely spot on with this season’s must-have trends.

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1. Anne Klein Pancho, 2. Ivanka Trump Aliza, 3. Vince Camuto Zella, 4. Paul Green Nadia, 5. Nine West Jeneil, 6. Circa Joan & David Atlee

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High Heels And Hats: One-Mile Walk In High Heels For A Great Cause

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With the Kentucky Derby only a couple of weeks away, the Best Buddies Kentucky organization is holding a fabulous Derby-inspired fundraiser called High Heels and Hats on Thursday, April 21st.

This unique event is the first of its kind. It will involve more than 300 participants walking 1 mile wearing their high heels and most creative Derby-style hats around the Westport Village Shopping Complex in Louisville. The walk will be concluded by a brunch and awards ceremony. Some of the awards will go to the highest high heels, best hat and even sexiest guy in heels! This event is definitely a team effort and everyone is welcome. The goal is for teams of nine or more to raise the most funds to get a free breakfast for the entire team sponsored by the Westport Village.

The proceeds of High Heels and Hats will go towards Best Buddies Kentucky, an organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Some of our Zappos family out in Shepherdsville, KY are participating in this event as well. Our outlet store next to the Zappos Fulfillment Center even hosted a special outlet shopping incentive to help participants find the best heels for the big day.

If you’re in Louisville this Thursday, be sure to support this wonderful event. Whether you participate or just donate to one of the fundraising teams and cheer them on, this is a great cause and a fun, unique way to get into the spirit of Kentucky Derby season!

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Regis and Kelly High Heel-A-Thon

Michelle T. is competing in the Regis and Kelly High Heel-A-Thon tomorrow in New York, with the hopes of bringing the title back to our Las Vegas office. Here is a video that was created to show everyone how serious Michelle is about winning 1st place! Our facebook fans helped us pick the Cole Haan Air Talia Mid Pump for Michelle to compete in, which we are confident will bring her the number 1 spot! 

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How to Wear Colored Heels Properly: Wearing Red

One of the most popular colors that woman love to choose for heels is red. The great thing about red heels is there are plenty of ways to wear them and they definitely make a fashion statement.

When a woman puts on a pair of red high heels it changes her whole outfit. A plain black dress can be transformed instantly into an interesting and fashionable outfit. A pair of jeans with a white button down shirt paired with red heels can go from ordinary to extraordinary in a minute. So, how does one properly wear red heels? It may just be easier than you think.

One of the key things to remember when wearing red heels is to keep it simple. Red shoes can definitely be a fashion statement and if you try to pair them with another loud or out-there piece, you may end up looking like you tried way too hard. Pair red heels with neutral colors to make them pop more. A black and white outfit with a cute pair of red heels is a winning outfit. Red shoes can be paired with any neutral color from white to brown. They go well with monochromatic outfits such as a black pantsuit as well as multicolored neutral outfits such as a white blouse with grey pants.

Another easy way to wear red heels is to match the color of the shoe to the outfit you are wearing. If you have on a red and blue dress, then red shoes would be a perfect match. Wearing red heels this way makes them not stand out so much, and is a great to subdue the shoes but still look fashionable. If you are going for a more casual look, dark jeans paired with a top that has red in it works great with red heels as well.

Some woman may be afraid of wearing red heels or they may think that they have nothing in their wardrobe to wear with them. The ideas listed here for wearing red heels are just some of the ways that you can possibly wear them. There are other bolder ways to pair red heels with items in your wardrobe, but for newbies to red heels, these are some great ideas to start with.

How to Walk in Heels

Many little girls dream of the day they'll be able to prance about in fancy dresses and those oh-so-sophisticated high-heeled shoes. However, high heels are harder to negotiate than they look. Fortunately, with some practice, walking in heels can become second nature.

Step 1
Choose properly fitted, comfortable shoes with a heel no higher than 2 inches. Avoid trying to learn to walk in heels in backless shoes or flimsy pumps with extremely high heels.

Step 2
Put the shoes on in a room with a hard but non-slippery floor and allow yourself to become accustomed to their height and feel. Wear nylons if the heels are the type best worn with hosiery.

Step 3
Take a few small steps forward, keeping your legs straight and close together. As each foot comes down, the heel of the shoe should strike the ground first with the shoe's toe following quickly after. The foot's weight, however, should be carried more by the ball of the foot than the heel when the shoe is on the ground. It will feel at first as if you are walking on tiptoes.

Step 4

Practice walking back and forth across the room, focusing on stepping with a shorter stride than your normal, flat shoe stride. Keep your posture straight with your shoulders back and your head up.

Step 5
Wear the shoes when walking across different surfaces, such as carpet, outdoor concrete and wooden floors.

Step 6
Practice walking up and down stairs. When walking up stairs, place the ball of the foot only on each step. When walking down stairs, place the entire shoe firmly on each step. Always hold the railing.

Don't try to move up to shoes with very high heels until you've mastered the basics of walking in lower heels.