NavWow Multi-select

Since the original launch of NavWow (faceted search navigation), one of the biggest requests from customers has been the ability to select multiple search facets at the same time. In the next couple of weeks we'll be launching that multi-select ability in NavWow. It'll be exposed only to a randomly selected subset of customers and you might find yourself seeing it (if you followed the link from a search to this blog post, you're likely in that test! Congrats!). Lots of work has been put into this by our cross functional search team.

Here's Dylan Bathurst explaining NavWow:

We have more changes planned in the next few months but we think this is a great start. We're looking forward to your feedback!

The Perpetual Cart

With all the shoes, clothes and accessories on our site it's fun to look at lots of product and add things to your cart quickly and easily. With the perpetual cart, we're hoping to make that even more smooth by allowing you to quickly view what's in your cart from any page on the site without having to leave that page. Additionally, we're testing perpetual cart's functionality that allows you to stay on the product page when adding an item to the cart.

This feature also leverages our public API, which allows 3rd party developers to write applications that interface with the Zappos site.

Perpetual Cart

Stacey Eddy, Sr User Experience Architect, and Brandon Murry, Front-End Developer, who both worked on this project give their thumbs up on the perpetual cart.

Stacey and Brandon

Give us your feedback!

A Conversation with the Customer - Listen, Watch, Learn and Tell

This past year, we released a bunch of new features to the site. Some more obvious than others but our growing team got a lot accomplished and it was another amazing year for the Zappos Family. While we delivered on our internal timelines and optimized a lot of things on the site, one thing that we didn't do that well is have that conversation with you, our customer, on which site changes worked, which didn't and give you a heads up about new features that are being released in the future. In 2011, we'll be listening, watching and learning about what's working and what isn't and also telling you about site changes and new features we roll out. 

Listening. We've always had a great feedback loop at, through our conversations with you on our 1800 number (1 800 927 7671), facebook, twitter, blog comments, surveys and testimonials, we get a pulse of how you are doing and how we are doing. We're going to continue to listen to your feedback and be actively asking for your input on existing and new site features. Every comment is read, often multiple times, by different people and a lot of the feedback we get from you start discussions and define what we work on. Keep the comments coming because it's one way to inform the team if we're on the right track and doing the right things. 

Watching. In the past few years we've built out our research capabilities to better see what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Occassionally we'll roll out new features to just a subset of customers to see how they are received and interacted with. In some cases, we'll keep features and in others we won't depending on how things are received. In addition, if you stumble or are having problems with the site we send our team of sleuths out to investigate to find what went wrong and many times escalate that pain point as a project to fix as soon as possible. 

Learning. All of this is in an effort to better Learn how we can offer the absolute best online shopping experience possible and maybe even read your mind so that the next time you visit the site the experience will be even better than the previous. We haven't hired a psychic yet, but it's on our todo list. 

Telling. Finally, we're going to Tell you about changes on the site and at the same time introduce you to the team that's responsible for making those changes. As new features roll out, look out for our new feature kitty,

The New Feature Kitty

that will let you know that we have a new feature on the site. You'll have access to a survey about the feature to give feedback and a blog post describing the feature showcased by the developers and designers that worked on it. 

So, if you're a long-time customer or brand new to the site, let's continue to have that conversation and build that relationship until we're one of those couples that makes our friends uncomfortable. We're looking forward to it! ;) 




FEZ (Front-End Development) and UX (User Experience) Manager

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Get the All-New VIP Experience

zappos, vip, user experience, development, improvements

There are some exciting changes on for all VIP members (if you aren’t a VIP, click HERE to sign up). One of the Zappos Family core values is “embrace and drive change” and we are excited to announce some features that will improve your shopping experience. Shoppers will be happy to find a helpful “More from the brand” link next to the brand on each product page for easy navigation. Navigating to a brand page has never been easier. Enjoy the ease of viewing every angle and magnification of each item on the product page without having to open a separate viewing window. The reorganized color swatches will make it more simple to choose the product of your fancy. And lastly, tell all your Facebook friends what you are shopping for with the “Like” button on each page. The Zappos Family is always developing new methods of improving the user experience for our customers. We hope you enjoy the changes that our teams have worked so hard to deliver for you.

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The Evolution Continues

Last week we posted a blog explaining the customer facing portion of the launch of our new site design evolution, this week we want to tell you that the next phase is hitting the site tonight around 11PM PST.

Last week we launched the newly designed header, footer and also changed the background color of the site. We also made a visual change to the search results page (many more changes to come in that area soon). This week we are changing the visual design to the product pages. The changes are subtle, for this phase the changes revolve solely around visual design. Future phases will tackle interaction challenges and interface challenges, we expect those changes to happen later in Q2 of 2010.

We remain committed to rapidly create a more positive shopping experience for our customers, while making the changes in such a manner that does not introduce confusion. If you find that we are not doing a good job at that please do leave comments here on this blog so we can better learn about your needs! 

Be sure to check the site tomorrow to see the change. Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy the evolution.

PS, for more frequent updates from the User Experience team at Zappos, feel free to follow us on twitter, @uxzappos