Fall Trends to Try

Ladies, if you haven’t already yet, it’s time to do the big closet turnover. This is the time to pack your summertime staples into the trenches of your closet and start pulling out your cozy sweaters, long sleeves and jackets. When you do the big closet switch-a-roo, you might discover last season’s cold-weather frocks are not measuring up to this year’s trending fashions. Priority suddenly sets in to give your ensembles a little refresher. “But, what are the big trends this season,” you ask? This is where I can help! Here are just a few simple, on-trend options to add to your fall/winter wardrobe that will also complement the winter-ready staples you already own. 






Ponchos and Capes

When mornings and evenings turn chilly, sometimes all you need is something to cover your shoulders. Capes and ponchos are the perfect solution! Try this sophisticated layer over a sweater dress, leggings and riding boots.







Oxfords and Loafers

One of the hottest trends of the season for women are menswear flats. Substitute your ballerina styles for some oxfords or loafers. These masculine styles are a classic, polished look to complement a skinny jean or cigarette pant.  






Carry-All Totes

An oversize tote is a necessity year round, but the season calls for buttery soft leather and suede materials. Don’t be afraid to venture from traditional black and try a forest green or eggplant purple. Using your bag as a statement piece will add interest to your wintery, dark ensembles.






The Miniskirt

The ‘70s micro mini is making a huge comeback. Designers Saint Laurent and Carven showed off these short hemlines at NYFW paired with tights and ankle booties. Try the look in rich suede or leather material mixed with solid tights, a pointed bootie and faux fur accessories.







Bohemian chic fashion continues to be a hot trend this season with fringe accents complementing these earthy-inspired styles. A suede fringe handbag or beaded tassel lariat are the perfect parings to ‘70s era silhouettes.







Plaids were hot last fall, and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Instead of the traditional plaid shirt, mix it up a little with an oversize coat or scarf. 





Wine Accessories

Merlot or wine color is a hit across the board in fashion this season. From head to toe, the color seems to be flooding the market. Slowly introduce the color to your wardrobe with accessories. A wallet, hat or scarf is just the small touch you need to show off your fashion know-how.




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Top 10 Clothing Sustainability Tips (Part 2)

Hi again, everyone! Thanks for coming back to check out the second part of this post! We hope you enjoyed yesterday's tips and found them useful enough to implement within your own home. If you're not one for scrolling, here's a recap of what you regrettably missed:


1. Repair old clothing
2. Purchase clothing, bags, and shoes made of recycled material
3. Purchase clothing made out of organic cotton instead of traditionally grown cotton
4. Wear your garment more than one day before you decide to wash it
5. Purchase second-hand clothing 


Without further ado, let's keep the good times rolling and round out the Top 10 Clothing Sustainability Tips. 


6. Don’t wash your blue jeans, put them in the freezer!

  • Levi’s encourages consumers to wash jeans less in an effort to reduce water consumption and make them last longer. Putting jeans in the freezer will prevent them from smelling bad.
  • Levi's CEO Chip Bergh said in an interview that he hadn’t washed his own jeans in more than a year!


clothing, global sustainability, recyclable materials, blue jeans, made in the U.S.A.


7. Wash in cold water and line-dry when possible

  • Hot water washes require excess energy. The less energy you use, the smaller an impact you make.  
  • Avoid the energy use that goes into tumble-drying altogether! Lint equals clothes deteriorating. Yikes!
  • Line drying your clothes will make them smell fresh like an afternoon breeze.


clothing, global sustainability, recyclable materials, blue jeans, made in the U.S.A.


8. Avoid buying clothing you have to iron

  • Ironing requires excess energy & excess time!
  • Brands like Dockers have been making wrinkle-free, iron-free pants for years!


9. Avoid buying clothing you have to dry clean 

  • Dry cleaning requires toxic chemicals and excess energy — plus time and money!


10. Buy local when possible. Support local clothing, shoe and bag designers that do not outsource their factories to other countries

  • Buying local reduces the carbon footprint of apparel, shoes or bags as it travels from factories where it is made to the USA.
  • For brands with a strong commitment to “Made in the USA”, check out New BalanceMunro American and Fox River.


clothing, global sustainability, recyclable materials, blue jeans, made in the U.S.A.


So there you have it, friends! You can reduce your impact by exercising one or all of these clothing sustainability tips! Remember, every little bit helps. Please do your part. 


Check out more awesome news from LEAF at Zappos.com/LEED, Twitter: @ZapposLEAF and on Instagram: Zappos_LEAF

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Top 10 Clothing Sustainability Tips (Part 1)

Hey guys! In this two-part series, the Zappos LEAF Team is here to tell you that you can reduce your impact on the planet by simply making a few changes regarding clothing use and clothing treatment practices. Below is the first half of our Top 10 Clothing Sustainability Tips featuring some of our favorite environmentally friendly brands.


1. Repair old clothing

  • A repaired tear just means your clothing has character! Sewing a patch to a pair of favorite jeans prolongs their life and prevents clothing that still functions despite small tears or holes from being wasted.
  • Want some help? Some brands have programs for customers to send back products to be mended or repaired. These repair programs can be found at Patagonia, Timbuk2, and Birkenstock.
  • Patagonia employs 45 full-time repair technicians at its service center in Reno, Nevada. It’s the largest repair facility in North America completing about 30,000 repairs per year! Also check out Patagonia’s road trip this summer with the Worn Wear truck fixing clothes across the country.


sustainability, global sustainability, recyclable materials, clothing, organic cotton


2. Purchase clothing, bags, and shoes made of recycled material

  • Did you know that recycled water bottles can be used to make clothes? For example, Marmot creates fleece jackets made of recycled material and Hurley and Volcom use water bottles in their board shorts.
  • Look for clothes featuring an “Upcycle” label.


3. Purchase clothing made out of organic cotton instead of traditionally grown cotton

  • Traditional cotton consumes more chemical pesticides than any other crop. Furthermore, conventionally grown cotton uses 3% of the world's arable land, 10% of all agricultural chemicals, and 25% of all insecticides.
  • 100% organic cotton has a much smaller impact … plus it’s just as comfortable as conventionally grown cotton! Brands like Patagonia and Toad & Co. are making serious commitments to organic cotton.


sustainability, global sustainability, recyclable materials, clothing, organic cotton


4. Wear your garment more than one day before you decide to wash it

  • As Zappos Sustainability Manager, this is my favorite tip. I love wearing my cleanest dirty shirt … Umm, it might be time to wash my shirt!
  • Wearing a lightly soiled garment a few times reduces energy and water consumption.


5. Purchase second-hand clothing

  • Second-hand clothing has more character — it experienced a whole life before it got to you!
  • Wearing second hand clothing reduces consumption of resources that go into creating new clothing.


Come back tomorrow to view the remaining five clothing sustainablity tips. In the meantime, check out more awesome news from LEAF at Zappos.com/LEED, Twitter: @ZapposLEAF and on Instagram: Zappos_LEAF

Quote of the Day

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Quote of the Day

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From the Shopping Haul to the School Hall

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We are very excited to bring you the Zappos Back-to-School Haul, your online destination for all of your back-to-school needs. We want to inspire you and your family with ideas, the latest fashion trends, and ways your kids can a splash of their own personality to their school clothes. 

Those kids that haven’t started classes yet are enjoying the last days of summer vacation. But we know you’ve already flipped your shopping calendar to a back-to-school mindset. It’s time to retire the swimsuit and bring out the soccer cleats.

That’s why we’re here. We know how stressful it is to find the right clothes — and the right sizes — for your kids. With the ease of Zappos, you can do all of your back-to-school shopping while enjoying your morning coffee. 

We are your back-to-school headquarters. The Zappos Haul features all your back-to-school essentials. We’ll help your kid put the “You” in Uniform with our array of accessories, from backpacks, to uniforms, to cool sneakers and much more. And of course, we offer fast and free shipping, whether you are ordering your entire Zappos Haul, or if you are ordering just one or two forgotten items. Returns also are free. Have a question? Our customer service team is just a phone call away, and available 24/7.

Best of all, at Zappos, you’re not shopping alone — you can count on our team of fashion experts, as well as a group of moms that will give you tricks and tips on what to buy and when to buy it. Our team works year-round to offer the latest and greatest apparel and footwear trends. We have all the back-to-school must-haves and we never compromise quality. 

Stay tuned as we share more back-to-school excitement with Zappos Haul videos. You’ll get essential checklists, tons of fun posts and must-haves that will get you ready for this busy season. Join the Zappos Haul conversation online by posting your own videos and using the hashtag #ZapposHaul!

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Inspired By: Knit & Lace

Even as the weather cools down, we still stay in that perpetual mode of trying to strike a balance between cozy and chic. Today’s street style inspiration achieves just that.

By pairing a sexy knee-length skirt with a cashmere knit sweater, you instantly achieve that perfect juxtaposition that looks so effortless! By finishing the look off with a smart satchel handbag and pointed pumps, this outfit is more than chic enough for work or a night out.

Street style inspiration of a woman's knit sweater and lace skirt look with heels

street style image source: WGSN

1. MINKPINK “Chalet Girl” Jumper

2. Steve Madden Ombre Tortoise Sunglasses

3. Rebecca Minkoff “Amorous” Satchel

4. L.A.M.B. “Trina” Pumps

5. Free People “Story Teller” Skirt


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New Brand Spotlight: Fig Clothing

FIG® Clothing is a Canadian sportswear brand for active, urban, and elegant women who love to travel. The collection is inspired by adventure and practicality. It is designed for those in need of versatility. FIG's mission is to offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional travel wear, an alternative that showcases the womanly body and makes it possible to feel at ease in all sorts of situations: in an urban setting like Manhattan or in a Tanzanian safari.

clothing, women's clothing, travel, clothing for travel, versatile clothing, new brand spotlight, FIG clothing, FIG, FIG apparel

With FIG, it is fast and easy to switch your style by simply changing from a sandal to a high heel shoe! FIG's COMMITMENT FIG clothes are developed and manufactured entirely in Canada. This business model allows the company to encourage the local workforce and limit travel related to the production and distribution of its clothes. It is not only a part of the DNA of the brand. It allows FIG to have better quality control and respond quickly to its clientele's needs. This commitment also encourages FIG to choose Canadian fabrics as well as organic fabrics whenever interesting options exist.

The SAFARI and CHALET collections are in fact great alternatives for eco-responsible clients! Why FIG? The FIG leaf symbolizes the invention of clothing, with Adam and Eve as original models. Since the company's mission is to keep things simple and down to the essentials, what better way is there to illustrate it than with a fig? In the language of choreography, fig. is short for figure (as in dancing figure, acrobatic figure). In other words, movement and action . . . things for which FIG is designed. Figure also evokes the silhouette, the shape of a woman. In this regard, FIG collections are designed to flatter and celebrate the female body.