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The Trend: Eugenia Kim Interview

The Trend host Victoria Recaño talks celeb style with accessories designer Eugenia Kim.

Getting your shopping list ready for this Black Friday? Check out this week’s featured trends:

Eugenia Kim Genie Floppy Hat

Eugenia Kim Jill Alpaca Cable-Knit Beanie

Vivienne Westwood  Rectangle Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg Jazmine Sunglasses

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Sarah Jessica Parker: The New Muse of Halston Heritage

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sarah jessica parker,halston,halston heritage,sex and the city,carrie bradshaw,SJPSeven years have passed since Sex and the City went off the air, but watching old episodes still have women all over the planet pining for Carrie’s enviable wardrobe. Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic style has certainly managed to stay relevant long after the hit HBO show’s final episode.

SJP’s impeccable mix of classic-meets ‘70s-meets modern style has been a source of envy for women everywhere.  When it was announced that the style icon herself was named the new creative consultant for Halston Heritage, the buzz was palpable. Now, the rest of us can capture SJP’s effortlessly glamorous style without having to take out a loan!

Her often-imitated eclectic style resonates through the Halston Heritage collection of retro-inspired dresses and tops.  The pieces feature iconic Halston elements such as one-shoulder, swingy skirts , pleats and ruffles.

To get your hands on a piece of Sarah Jessica Parker’s invariably fabulous style, check out the Halston Heritage collection on!

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Celebrity Makeup Tips: Selena Gomez

Create the magical look of young actress and singer, Selena Gomez. The raven-haired beauty has a fresh look and a natural glow. She looks polished but her makeup does not age her beyond her 17 years. Her hair is a uniformly dark color, without unnatural highlights to distract from her pretty face. Use a side-swept look for hair across the forehead, so your locks become a part of your overall look, rather than overdoing the makeup.

Capture the look by moisturizing your skin, preferably with a moisturizer containing SPF, to help protect youthful skin. Apply a non-comedogenic foundation over the face to even out the skin. Cream on some pink blush. Cream foundation is easy to control, without creating large strips of color on your face. Dab the blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend it in. Another way to create a magical all-day glow is to apply Stila Liquid All Over Shimmer.

Create an unfussy eye with a shimmery pink eye shadow over the lid and under the brow. Brush on metallic gold eye shadow on the lid up into the eye creases and blend, blend, blend. Line eyes lightly with a pencil liner in a color matching your lashes. Also line under the lower lashes. Curl eye lashes and apply mascara. For best results, remove excess mascara along the inner edge of the mascara tube before applying to the lashes. Selena's eyes are naturally outlined by her lush lashes, so apply multiple coats after each one dries.

Lips should look natural and complement the rest of your face, and should not be the focal point of the Selena Gomez look. A completely nude lip would look like you forgot something. Instead, apply a shell pink lipstick with a layer of gloss, or a tinted pink lip gloss.

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Celebrity Makeup Tips: Get the Out of this World Look of Zoe Saldana

Mimic the out-of-this world looks of Zoe Saldana. Any woman who could raise the eyebrows of the normally unflappable Spock and capture the imagination of a nation while helping make box office history in Avatar is worth emulating.

Set the stage with concealer where you need it, including the sometimes troubled under eye area. Blend a lightweight foundation onto any area which needs to be evened out, using a make up sponge. Finish with a matte powder, for a shine-free look.

Drama Queen

Boldly bring your eyebrows where they've never gone before. Create a dramatic look that will rocket your look into hyper drive. Run an eyebrow brush along your eyebrows to find their natural shape. Apply eyebrow shaping wax to set the shape. Use a #10 eyebrow brush with a light brown color to fill in any gaps where eyebrows are thin or missing. Follow up with a darker brown to emphasize your eyebrow's natural arches. Pluck or wax stray hairs which go too far down the brow line.

Apply a primer and then a warm moon pearl eye shadow over the entire area, including under the eyebrow. Brush a generous amount of copper on the eyelid, with a peachy coral into the crease. Add multiple layers near the outer corner of the eye.

Use a black liquid liner to line above the upper lashes. Start in the outer corner and run the line inward and repeat on the other eye. When the dark liner is dry on the first eye, add a second layer, creating a small triangle shape on the outer edge of the eye for a meow-inducing cat eye. Finish with black mascara.

Just Peachy

Use a large dome-shaped brush to apply a peachy blush to the apples of your cheeks. Continue enjoy the fruits of your labor by applying a sheer plum lipstick to your kisser. Dab the excess color and apply a gloss to your lips.

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Celebrity Makeup Tips: Christina Moves Beyond the Genie in a Bottle Look

Christina Aguilera and fellow celebutantes perfected the red carpet and post-show style with soft and demure makeup. More simple and appealing than her normal, makeup stage look which reaches nearly-costume proportions, Christina Aguilera looked like she was trying softer, not harder, finally losing her "face from a genie in a bottle look."

The Appeal of Softer

When that lucky person beside you wakes up in the morning, you want to be recognized, and look like you even without your evening wear makeup. The best way to pull off that beautiful in the morning look is to go softer on your makeup. You can copy Christina Aguilera's softer makeup look, which proves you can still be glam without looking like you're trying too hard.

What a Girl Wants: Shimmer

Create your own soft look with illuminating liquid foundation. Achieve Christina Aguilera's shimmer using one product, which includes moisturizer, primer, foundation and powder topped with an illuminator. Yes, you should still moisturize and prime if your skin is dry or porous. The illuminator will prepare you for your close up, giving you an airbrushed glow, without a chalky finish.

Brush a neutral base of the lightest, matte beige eye shadow you have over the entire eye area, including under your eyebrow. Apply a shimmery brown, similar to Paula Dorf's Tease onto the outer half of your eyelids. Use a small brush to dot some of the same shadow underneath your lower lashes, blending up and into the shadow on the eyelid.

Line eyes with your favorite black eye liner, or go for brown for a more natural look. For daytime, use only one coat of black or brown mascara, preferably one which lengthens lashes. For an evening look, go heavier on the mascara.

Brush a rose petal pink on those happy cheeks of yours. Brush some of that blush on the eye crease and blend. The cherry on top is a generous helping of pinkish coral lipstick with a lot of gloss.