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Burton Head-to-Toe Snow

If reports of fresh snow fall leave you feeling giddier than a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, then you’ll definitely love our new shred-ready picks from Burton

You still have time to add them to your holiday wish list to get you ready for this snow season!

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For Her:

1. Burton Saltnpepper Beanie

2. Burton Scoop Hoodie

3. Burton Ginger Jacket

4. Burton Touchscreen Liner Gloves

5. Burton Midweight Pant

6. Burton Indulgence Pant

7. Burton Bootique Snowboarding Boots

For Him:

1. Burton All Day Long Beanie

2. Burton Crown Bonded Pullover Hoodie

3. Burton 2L Swash Jacket

4. Burton Powerstretch® Liner Glove

5. Burton Midweight Pant

6. Burton Poacher Pant

7. Burton Tyro Snowboarding Boots



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New Brand Spotlight: CAPiTA

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CAPiTA Snowboarding is based on the fishing docks of Seattle, Washington and is recognized throughout the industry for unique graphics, progressive product, and world-class athletes. Founded in 2000, this is the 12th collection using the finest materials, meticulous construction and award winning design.

CAPiTA has not only teamed up with the most respected factory in snowboarding but has refined their technical designs while implementing innovative new shaping theories and materials. This has stepped up the freestyle specific snowboard construction for everyone out there.

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Shopping Guide: Snowboarding Gear

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Men: 1. Grenade G.A.S. Sullen Jacket , 2. Burton Poacher Pants, 3. Grenade Lizard gloves, 4. Spy Optic Platoon goggles, 5. thirtytwo Lashed 2012 boots, 6. Burton Custom Flying V 158 snowboard

Women: 7. Sessions VPS, 8. Oakley eaves 2.0 Pant, 9. Celtek Neptune gloves, 10. Arnette Mercenary goggles, 11. Burton Sapphire boots, 12. GNU B-Pro snowboard

There’s lots of fresh powder begging to ridden out there this season. Are you ready to carve through the snowy terrain? We’ve rounded up some of our best snowboarding gear to get you ready to shred it all winter long.

To check out even more snowboarding shoes,clothing and gear, check out the Rideshop Snow page!

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Burton's White Collection Snowboarding Jacket is Perfect for when You Get Lost on a Ski-Run

When you go snowboarding down your favorite diamond slope there is always the distinct possibility you could get lost. On some runs it looks like you are supposed to turn right, when really that mistake will take you into the middle of a forested grove with three foot powder. So what do you do then?

Well, if you are wearing one of the highly extroverted jacket styles available from Burton's White Collection Division , any helicopter search crew should have no problem spotting you. These jackets come in some seriously wacky yet highly fashionable styles. So you will also look really cool if you prefer sipping hot chocolate in the lodge instead of hitting the slopes.

Manufactured with a dry-ride Durashell 2-layer coated fabric, the Burton White Collection Division jacket will always keep you toasty warm and dry. There is a removable waist gaiter for that tailored look and each jacket comes with a hefty and sturdy hood for when the snow is really coming down.

This is no diva jacket however, as you can machine wash it in cold water and tumble dry it on low in the dryer with no adverse effects. Still, when you are wearing this jacket you will seriously feel like working the runway. (If you are into that kind of thing.)

Available in Factory Red Division Plaid (perfect for those helicopter fly-overs), True Black Distressed Dilemma (for true extroverts), and True Black (for a bit more of a classic look), there is a style for any snowboarder out there. Truly contemporary and stylish, the Burton White Collection Division Jacket is a must for any snowboarder this ski season.

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RideShop Item of the Week: DC Villain LE Shoes Perfect for Any Snowy Climate

Just because there is snow, slush and ice outside doesn't mean you have to wear tacky looking heavy duty hiking boots. DC makes a very stylish line of shoes purposely built for the snow called Villain LE. But don't worry; there isn't anything remotely evil or anti-social about these stylish and warm shoes.

Fully lined on the inside and along the collar with warm faux-fur, the DC Villain LE shoes can keep away chills even in the most frigid of climates. These are the perfect shoes for heading into the lodge after a long day of skiing or snowboarding. There are no laces, so they are also perfectly easy to slip into and out of much like your most comfortable pair of slippers.

Built with an EVA insole to aid the cushioning of your feet, these shoes are also super comfortable no matter what sort of terrain you are walking over. Available in stylish brown or basic black, the DC Villain LE snow shoes feature leather stitching for a classic moccasin look. So no matter if you are just lounging at home or hitting some of the flicks at Sundance in the mountains of Utah the DC Villain LE shoes are the perfect choice.

So if you have had enough of trying to walk around ski areas in your clunky ski boots or just need something warm and easy to slip into to wear around town this winter there is nothing like the comfort afforded by this very special pair of DC shoes. Stylish for any occasion and built to last, the DC Villain LE line of shoes make a great winter accessory.

Types of Snowboard Boots

Snowboarding boots are not all equal. Some types of boots are most appropriate for performing snowboard tricks, while others are better for racing. Still others can accommodate both comfort and control. Knowing the different types available and matching the type you purchase or use to your level of expertise and snowboarding needs will help you get the most out of your snowboarding experience.

Hard Boots
Hard snowboard boots are the best type of boot for people looking for support while racing. The outer portion of this type of boot is made of hard plastic that firmly surrounds the lower calves, ankles and feet. Hard boots feature buckles for adjusting the fit and attachment locations on the soles for connecting them to plate bindings. Because of the boots' sturdiness, they allow the snowboarder the ability to control high-speed carving on packed snow exceptionally well. These boots often have hinges built into the ankles to allow for some flexibility, but, overall, these boots are much too stiff to use for specialized snowboarding moves.

Soft Boots
Soft boots work for freestyle and freeride snowboarding as well as for snowboard tricks and maneuvers. These boots are the most comfortable and flexible of the three types of snowboard boots. Although there are a number of different variations on the soft boot type, ranging from soft boots with a stiff inner boot to soft boots with foam inner boots, all types have an inner boot, or bladder, that is laced separately from the harder outer boot. The soles of these boots are much softer than those of hard boots.

Hybrid Step-in Boots
Hybrid step-in boots combine aspects of both hard and soft snowboard boots; they have the same soft upper boot portion as the soft boots and the same hard, inflexible sole as the hard boots. Because of this combination, hybrid step-in boots provide more flexibility than hard boots while also providing more control than soft boots. These boots also feature strapless binding; they are designed to be used exclusively with step-in bindings.