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Burton Gift Picks for the Snowboarder on Your List

If you have someone on your gift list that lives for shredding, then we’ve got the gift list just for them! What snowboarder wouldn’t love to see a shiny new deck or a cool new jacket under the tree?

Check out some of our favorite gift picks from Burton to make this season one to remember:

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Guys: 1. Burton Imperial boots, 2. Burton Rider's Bag, 3. Burton All Day Long Beanie, 4. Burton TWC Throttle Snowboarding Jacket, 5. Burton Custom X Snowboard, 6. Burton Gondy Leather Gloves

Girls: 7. Burton Axel Women's Boot, 8. Burton Wheelie Gig Bag, 9. Burton Chloe Beanie, 10. Burton Tonic Snowboarding Jacket, 11.Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard, 12. Burton Pele Under Gloves

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New Brand Spotlight: StepChild Snowboards

stepchild, stepchild snowboards,snowboards,new brand spotlight,snowboarders,snowboarding,,StepChild® is not just a snowboarding company that makes quality snowboards that are built to last. It is a team of like-minded individuals who believe that staying true their roots is exactly what the industry is lacking. Ever since its conception in 2001, owners Sean Johnson—a self-proclaimed ‘washed up’ 90s pro snowboarder—and childhood shred buddy, Brad Richmond, have made it their mission to help develop great products while supporting both professional and amateur riders.

With technology such as Carbon Stringers and Kevlar, StepChild delivers the very best in snowboards from beginner to pro. It’s not hard to guess why these boards are the number one pick for pro boarder, J.P. Walker, and E-Man Anderson.

At StepChild, they believe in their own way of doing things. Involved in almost every aspect of snowboarding since 1985, they are the “old dogs” who learned to ride on a golf course until the mountain allowed them access. Refusing to let corporate flakes dictate to them what snowboarding is, StepChild stands behind their product and team 110%. This is the main reason they are still around today. StepChild—Bigger Hearts Than Brains!

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Buyer's Picks: Burton Snowboarding Gear

With snowboarding season just around the corner, you just might have new gear on your holiday wishlist. That’s why we asked Jim C., one of our buyers for the Zappos Rideshop, to recommend some of his favorite gear from Burton.

Now all you need is some fresh powder, and you’re ready to shred!

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Guys: 1. Burton Custom 160 Snowboard, 2. Burton Malvita EST Bindings, 3. Burton Imperial Boots

Girls: 4. Burton Feelgood Flying V 149 Snowboard, 5. Burton Escapade EST Bindings, 6. Burton Mint Women's Boots

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New Brand Spotlight: Signal Snowboards

snowboards,signal snowboards,snowboarding,zappos rideshop,signal snowboarding,snowboarders,hardgoods,signal hardgoods,new brand spotlight,Toward the end of 2003, a team of forward-thinking individuals banded together in the hopes of forming a snowboard company unlike any other – one that connected with customers on a one-on-one basis through a philosophy, not an image. They knew their name would have to symbolize and encompass just that; so, in 2004, Signal was founded as an artistic company anchored in snowboarding.

Handcrafted in Huntington Beach, California, Signal snowboards are produced year-around, with the factory in constant research and development in order to provide the very best in snowboarding and customer service.

In order to provide the very best riding experience, all Signal snowboards come equipped with top-of-the-line technology. The latest is Rocker Technology which makes for easier edge to edge turns and float in powder. For Signal, Rockers are flat through the bindings and roll up to a 5 degree or 10 degree rise, allowing unbelievable height on the slopes. Flat Technology is made for park riding. The lack of camber allows the rider to engage the entire edge and get better leverage for tricks.

Signal's mission is to build a community with a much bigger cause—one that includes building boards and a foundation at home in California. It is their priorities that separate them from other snowboard companies and keep them dedicated to building a solid community, as well as quality snowboards.

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New Brand Spotlight: CAPiTA

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CAPiTA Snowboarding is based on the fishing docks of Seattle, Washington and is recognized throughout the industry for unique graphics, progressive product, and world-class athletes. Founded in 2000, this is the 12th collection using the finest materials, meticulous construction and award winning design.

CAPiTA has not only teamed up with the most respected factory in snowboarding but has refined their technical designs while implementing innovative new shaping theories and materials. This has stepped up the freestyle specific snowboard construction for everyone out there.

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Shopping Guide: Snowboarding Gear

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Men: 1. Grenade G.A.S. Sullen Jacket , 2. Burton Poacher Pants, 3. Grenade Lizard gloves, 4. Spy Optic Platoon goggles, 5. thirtytwo Lashed 2012 boots, 6. Burton Custom Flying V 158 snowboard

Women: 7. Sessions VPS, 8. Oakley eaves 2.0 Pant, 9. Celtek Neptune gloves, 10. Arnette Mercenary goggles, 11. Burton Sapphire boots, 12. GNU B-Pro snowboard

There’s lots of fresh powder begging to ridden out there this season. Are you ready to carve through the snowy terrain? We’ve rounded up some of our best snowboarding gear to get you ready to shred it all winter long.

To check out even more snowboarding shoes,clothing and gear, check out the Rideshop Snow page!

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etnies x JP Walker

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Pro snowboarder JP. “The Don” Walker has collaborated with etnies to create the RVM 2 sneaker. J.P. has been hailed Rider of the Year by Snowboarder magazine a total of six times; that’s more than any other snowboarder in history!

To keep up with The Don, check out his tumblr page. And to rock his latest kicks, check out the etnies RVM 2!

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Snowboarder of the Week: Greta Gaines

Fans of pro snowboarding may have observed Greta Gaines providing commentary on ESPN. In fact, Greta also has hosted MTV's Sports and Music Festival, and on the Oxygen Network she's been the focus of "Freeride with Greta Gaines."

Viewers may not realize, however, that Greta Gaines has an athlete's background as a snowboarding champion, or that her main career is in entertainment rather than athletics. Greta currently is pitching a new album, "Whiskey Thoughts," which she describes as "a real hippie, country, psychedelic, southern rock record .... a witty and rollicking ride."

Greta Gaines' main snowboard riding, before she became a cable TV extreme sports commentator, took place during her childhood and young adult years. In rural New Hampshire during the 1980s, she joined her two brothers in snowboarding during the winter and fly fishing during the summer.

This was during a time before snowboarding became popular. When the sport emerged during the 1990s, the free-spirited Greta Gaines moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she says her lifestyle was "snowboarding all day, and singing songs in country and western bars at night." She captured an extreme snowboarding tournament championship, establishing credentials to enter the broadcast ranks.

An original life? Greta Gaines comes from an original family. Her father, Charles Gaines, is an author whose bestselling work was "Pumping Iron" and who played a role inventing the game of Paintball. Her mother, the former Patricia Ellisor, is a painter and sculptor who held the Miss Alabama crown. "My parents wrote their own rules, so it didn't seem odd to me to invent my life as I went along. I started out to show the world that women can represent in non-traditional sports such as snowboarding and fly-fishing, and have a career singing and songwriting at the same time," Gaines says, in promoting her new album.

"I've never been interested in the status quo. It took me 20 years to get here, before anyone saw the link between sports and music. But here I am, and I want to be in your iPod."