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The ECCO Sculptured 75 Collection

For those of us who refuse to compromise style for comfort (or vice versa), ECCO has some great news: you don’t have to! The ingenious Structured 75 shoe collection by the world-famous Scandinavian footwear brand is the perfect style solution for busy women who want to look stylish AND comfy in their heels way beyond the nine-to-five. No compromise needed!

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1. ECCO Sculptured 75 Tie

2. ECCO Sculptured 75 Ankle Boot

3. ECCO Sculptured 75 Shoetie

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Fresh Picks: Fashion Boots

‘Tis the season…for boots! It’s no secret that boots are always on the top of our winter fashion essentials list, and we’ve rounded up a few of our recent favorites below.

Why not treat yourself to a new pair for being on the “nice list” this holiday?

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1. Call It Spring Clarcia, 2. Madden Girl Gemini, 3. Dirty Laundry Bellestar, 4. Blowfish Kaper, 5. Steven Wesleyy, 6. Rocket Dog Sayla

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Ecco Presents: "A Time Upon" Winter 2011

I’ve always been a believer that style and comfort can coexist. ECCO’s  Dress Casual Collection proves that classic, modern design never goes out of style.

Speaking of style, here are some of my tried-and-true tips to pull off a great cold weather look:

  1. Skinny jeans or straight leg jeans work best for tucking into ankle and knee-high boots.
  2. Try adding splashes of bright color into your ensemble with scarves, gloves and hats.
  3. Layering is the key to stay comfy without having to deal with bulky winter jackets
  4. When picking out a winter coat or jacket, make sure it’s not too big or it can make you look shapeless. However, make sure it’s roomy enough to accommodate layers.
  5. Look for puffy jackets with more feminine cuts or ones that belt at the waist to give your shape more definition.
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Stylish Boots that Withstand the Winter: Hot Chocolate Boots

Drink in winter with abandon-- in a pair of hot chocolate boots. Brown is the mid-winter season color that will add spring to your step before the flowers bud and trees show tiny signs of green. With winter stretching its cold and icy fingers deep across the country, mid-season winter boots have never looked so hot. Even if black is your staple wardrobe color, the new winter browns will seduce you into trying something new. With color names like dark chocolate, hawk, and velvet brown....some winter boots are simply irresistible.

Worth Your Salt

Dark brown boots that are made to withstand the harsh realities of winter should not only be waterproof and warm, but they need to be stain-resistant. With snow and ice comes something potentially more damaging to our footwear, road and sidewalk salt. Look for a pair of boots that won't be damaged by salt or calcium. Internal features of boots like the Bastien's will make you wish for cold days. With cozy fleece and heat-retaining material, you won't want to take these off until sandal weather arrives.

Winter Boot Musts

High Tech - When your feet are trapped in your favorite brown winter boots, you want to be able to remove them with confidence at the end of the day. If you are concerned about foot odor, look for boots with antimicrobial technology. This technology will fight both odors and bacteria.

Polartec - Polartec lining keeps feet warm and dry. Velvet brown Patagonias have Polartec lining as well as chic trim.

Thinsulate - Winter boots with synthetic fiber installation keeps your feet warm without weighing you down.

Waterproof - Brown winter boots with waterproof suede and leather keep the water from seeping in where you don't want it. Waterproofing will allow you to wear your boots on not only the days of fluffy snow but on the days when the snow has turned into a slush fest outside your door.

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Stylish Boots that Withstand the Winter: Double Feature Winter Boots - Comfort and Style

Revel in your comfortable winter boots from sun up until sundown, without having to change into another pair of shoes for the office. The latest generation of winter boots has you covered: inside and out. These winter fashion boots are made to win the battle against the icy cold yet maintain a level of comfort appropriate for all day use.

Comfort Features

Like a steamy mug of hot chocolate or your favorite piping hot, winter comfort food, today's winter boots heed the needs of your soul and soles. Features of the most comfortable winter boots include padded insoles and cushioning. Gel insoles offer extra dreamy comfort for your feet, which need some TLC in the winter months.

Make Room for Calves

Winter boots with extra-wide calf room are as appropriate for standing as they are for sitting, or jumping out of your chair for an impromptu post-holiday stretch or a session of office yoga. Rubber soles offer non-slip protection, enabling you to walk with confidence. Winter boots are lightweight, yet worthy of winter, are best for keeping your stride, without clomping around like the Bride of Frankenstein in too-heavy winter boots.

Staying Stylish

A pair of winter boots meshing textures, including patent leather trim and suede are as appropriate at the copy machine as they are at the coffee house. For a Bohemian look, go with an all-suede slouch winter boot and low heel. Pair with your favorite little black dress or for a different look, try them with a layered peasant skirts and knit tights.

Uniquely You, The Winter Version

Look for one-of-a kind winter boot features such as white, diagonal stitching on black leather, or a leather strap that ties into a loose bow at the calf. Boots with faux-fur lining at the top and no laces up the front offer a different take on the trapper style boot. For weekend style, a pair of winter sweater boots with platform wedge heels will take you where you need to go.

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Stylish Boots that Withstand the Winter: Color the World with Winter Boots

Color your winter wonderland with a splash of color on a pair of winter boots.

Tickled Pink

Pink is an outstanding and stand-out color for winter. There are no naturally pink objects on the horizon in a winter landscape. Liven up the scenery with a pair of hot pink Dr. Marten's and show that ice patch who's boss. Or opt for the softer side of pink with a pair of tall UGG Classic Argyle Knit boots in Seashell Rose.

Color Me Purple

The tall Uggs are also available in a girlish, Dusty Wisteria. Another purple-powered pair of boots is the faux-fur lined sweet-meets-rocker chick winter boots from Ed Hardy in a deep purple.

Blue Suede Shoes

Suede comes in many colors, and a pair of bright UGGs will brighten anyone's gray day. Ultramarine Blue, Magenta and Fern are eye-opening colors to whisk away the winter blues. Ideal for mild winters and causal jaunts in the cold, UGGs pair well with jeans, leggings and your favorite skirts. If you frequent a local ice skating rink and need a pair of cozy winter boots to wear after ice skating, slide on a pair of UGGs.

Going Green

Snow dwellers need an insulated pair of boots that won't let the deep snow find its way in through a loose and wide top. A pair of Gravis Camelia Boots in bold green has an elasticized top to keep the elements out, and padded mesh lining for dryness and warmth. You won't slip up due to the high-traction rubber outsole, and you'll always be able to find these happy, green boots in your mud room. There are also Moon Boots in Acid Green, for the truly brave winter souls.

Seeing Red

Winter sure isn't warm, but a pair of winter boots in red is hot. A pair of practical Romika Colorado 118 winter boots are smart with waterproof uppers and a toggle enclosure. If you're a hot ticket, consider the Keen Betty Boot in beet red and black. The white stitched design looks almost flame-like, and your feet stay warm with insulation.

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Stylish Boots that Withstand the Winter: Peek-a-boots

Make a date in a restaurant with a fireplace, because you won't be able to resist the new generation of peek-a-boots this winter. With barely a smidgen of your foot or toes showing, these boots are making a splash well before spring. These boots beg to be worn, and will win you over first, and then your date next. The peep-toe boots with platforms will keep you dryer than the rest, and women living in cities where winter is a mere cool breeze will be embracing the peekaboo bootie.

Hot Legs: From Ankle to Calf

A pair of peekaboo boots with a high heel and platform keep you dry, and sexy. The zipper embellishments on these stark black boots are a strong contrast to the organic shape of the boots cut around the ankle. The boots come up slightly higher in the back, providing a vampish collar-like look, raising the hotness factor of your winter ankles.

Highlight your shapely calves with a pair of peek-a-boots that climb confidently higher on the leg, to the lower calf. A front gold zipper adds a touch of elegance to this otherwise serious boot which demands, "You better buy me exotic flowers or heavy jewelry before you knock."

Peek-A-Boo Surprises

Surprise your date and your friends with a boot that peek-a-boos the top of the foot. In red, natural or black, these boots combine one part 80s retro with one part low-heeled practicality and a surprising peek-a-boo. Ideal for showing some skin, without worrying about a winter manicure, these boots will keep your fashionista friends on their toes.

Winter boots with peek-a-boo surprises include a lace up version, where diamond-shaped cut-outs show off feet, without overexposing them to the elements. Your feet will warm up easily to a pair in cozy chestnut in a luxurious fabric like suede.

Other peek-a-booties have buttons or buckles, appearing to hold together straps of fabric across the feet, leaving some areas exposed. Bronze, plum and black are all suitable colors for your cuter-than-they-should-be winter boots.