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The Art of Style, How To: Wear Denim (and even double denim!)

Denim is hotter than ever this season! Today’s episode of The Art of Style is dedicated to our never-ending love of denim and ways to incorporate the timeless denim jacket into casual and dressy looks.


NEW Space-Age Chairs for the Zappos Campus!

We’re rolling out (literally!) our new, state-of-the-art office chairs here in the Zappos Campus and we’ve made a little infomercial to show off its mind-blowing features. Ergonomics have never been so cool!

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How to Scare Your Friends for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Here at Zappos, we sort of have a long-standing tradition of trying to "outscare" and "outprank" each other. So we thought, what better time than Halloween to show you how to properly scare the daylights out of your friends for fun!

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Elevate Your Style with J.C. Rags!

Stuck in a style rut? Zappos and fashion menswear brand J.C. Rags are here to help pull you out of that sad excuse for a “wardrobe”! Now the only thing you need to worry about is which date to take out first!

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An Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Taylor

We recently met up with designer Rebecca Taylor in NYC to get the story about how she got her start in the fashion industry as well as her sources of inspiration in the big city.

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Micah Cohen from Shades of Grey: 3 Key Pieces

During our sitdown with Shades of Grey founder and designer Micah Cohen, he shared his must-have wardrobe pieces that every man should own.

Take notes fellas!

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An Exclusive Interview with Ali Fatourechi of Genetic Denim

Ali Fatourechi certainly knows jeans. We caught up with the Genetic Denim founder and creative director and got the scoop on what inspires him as well what it means to have his own denim brand.

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An Exclusive Interview with Norma Kamali

Entrepreneur, designer, style icon—Norma Kamali is a woman who wears many hats. We paid a visit to the iconic designer in her New York City showroom to get the scoop on her journey in the fashion industry.