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3 Scarves, 9 Ways to Wear

The scarf really is an amazing accessory. It adds warmth on cold days, style and coverage on sunny days, and can even keep a bad hair day under wraps!

Below we show you some wonderful ways to wear three popular styles of scarves for any weather. Enjoy!

The Sarong/Pareo Scarf

The Large Square Scarf

The Long/Oblong Scarf


How to Wear a Scarf in 5 Different Styles

Incorporating scarves into your wardrobe is a fast way to make boring old outfits cool again. Adding a scarf to your ensemble adds a touch of zing to Oxfords and makes scoop necks snappy. Adding a little silk, chiffon or a cozy knit scarf can even make you feel a little bit glamorous.

Step 1
Use a slipknot to create two fabulous looks. It's not the kind of slipknot you'd use to tie a horse to a hitching post or, but rather an easy, sophisticated way to secure a scarf. This works best with long scarves. Fold it in half, place it around your neck and pass the two loose ends through the folded end. Tighten it on the side to achieve a cosmopolitan flight attendant look, or loosen it in front for an oversized necklace effect.

Step 2
Use a bandanna sized scarf to create a smart looking choker. First, either roll the scarf like a cigar or fold it flat like a headband so it's about 1/2 to 1 inch wide. Lay the scarf across the back of your neck and pull the ends forward. In front of your neck, twist the two ends around each other completely so the end that was originally in your left hand goes back to your left hand, and the right end goes back to the right hand. Wrap the ends around back and tie them snugly. The result will look like two links of a chain on the front of your neck.

Step 3
Accessorize a jacket by draping a square scarf over the shoulders. Select a scarf that's somewhat large, fold it in half diagonally so it makes a triangle and drape it so the folded edge lays over the shoulders from back to front.

Step 4
Achieve a carefree look by wrapping a rectangular or long skinny scarf around the neck once. The two ends can fall forward, be swept behind you, or you can choose to wear one to the front and one to the back.

Step 5
Use a brooch to secure the ends of a scarf to the front of one shoulder. The rest of the scarf can be draped loosely around the neck and opposite shoulder to create a cowl.

Scarves can be used in a variety of ways, not just around the neck. Consider tying one around a ponytail, using it as a belt, wrapping it around your wrist like a cuff or wearing it as a headband.