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Packing Essentials for Summer Vacations

Any travel-savvy person can attest to the importance of organized and efficient packing—whether it’s for a long weekend or an extended holiday abroad. That’s where the right luggage, bags and accessories play a crucial role. Smart packing can save you a lot of time and hassle in transit, giving you more time to enjoy the journey ahead.

Below we’ve gathered up a few of our packing/travel sidekicks for every kind of summer trip on your itinerary. Bon voyage!

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Weekend Getaways:

1. Kipling “Darcey” Luggage Small

2. Bric’s “Milano Bojola” Traditional Shave Case

3. Tumi Voyageur “Geneva” Carryall

4. Rimowa “Salsa Air” Ultralight in Acid Green (Zappos Exclusive)


International Travel:

1. Eagle Creek “Sandman” Travel Pillow

2.Rimowa “Limbo” Cabin Multiwheel International

3. Pacsafe RFID Safe™ RFID-Blocking Travel Waist Wallet

4. Jonathan Adler “Airplanes” Passport Case


Summer Explorations:

1. Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Backpack/Duffel

2. Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Specter Wallaby Small

3. Fossil “Keyper” Beach Tote

4. Arc’teryx “Pyxis 12” Backpack

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Packing Made Easy: The Eagle Creek Pack-It System

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The Eagle Creek Pack-It™ System organizes your belongings so they fit perfectly in your favorite bag.

Whether you're getting away for the weekend, or taking a long trip, this packing kit will help you stay organized during all your travels.

Check out the video below to see this ingenious system in action-- streamlining and organizing your essentials for travels near or far!

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1. Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Folder

2. Eagle Creek Pack-It Clean Dirty Half Cube

3. Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Cube Large

4. Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac Set M/L

5. Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube Set

6. Eagle Creek Jet Setter Pack-It Set-Zappos Exclusive

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How to Choose Travel Clothing

Choosing travel clothing involves more taking something to wear to the business meeting or beach. Selecting clothing for a trip involves where you are going, what you are going to do and how long you will be gone. Take fabric content into consideration for comfort and care and think ahead about local customs for foreign travel. Choosing the right clothing makes for an easier and more memorable trip.

Step 1 - Select clothing that is comfortable to wear. This includes shirts and tops that are long enough cover your skin without excessive adjustment and slacks or skirts with waistbands that do not bind.

Step 2 - Choose clothing made from wrinkle-free fabric, especially if you must go directly from the airport to a meeting. Whereas natural fibers might breathe more, they also wrinkle easily. Another plus is that wrinkle-free fabric is easy to launder, should a garment require it while you're away from home.

Step 3 - Buy separates that mix and match. Two pair of solid colored slacks and several matching tops offer a wide choice of outfits yet take up much less space in luggage.

Step 4 - Select colors and patterns that hide stains. Dark blue slacks and a paisley top will hide a spot or stain better than white slacks and tops.

Step 5 - Choose clothing that can be layered. A sweater or jacket worn with a shirt can be donned or removed to adjust for temperature.

Step 6 - Choose shoes that are comfortable for the plane. Low heeled shoes that can be easily slipped off and on makes going through security easier. They can also be removed once you're seated on the plane.

Step 7 - Choose clothes that can be dressed up or down with accessories. For instance, a pair of slacks and top can be dressed up with a lightweight shawl, a strand of pearls and a pair of heels.

Selecting clothing without metal decoration will speed your way up through security.

If you are traveling overseas, check with your travel agent for appropriate clothing for your country of destination. Some tourist sites have strict regulations about what can and cannot be worn.

How to Pack for Travel

A journey over the river and through the woods doesn't mean you have to haul a caravan of luggage with you. Before you try to stuff your kitchen sink into your luggage, consider packing just a few versatile things. By dressing in layers and only packing a handful of travel-friendly items, your baggage will be less burdensome, and your weary back will thank you.

No-Iron Shirts
Never has there been a more travel-friendly invention than the no-iron shirt. These Oxford-style shirts are produced by dozens of manufacturers and designed from traditional to curvy with various sleeve lengths. Even if your no-iron shirt comes out of the suitcase with a wrinkle here or there, a couple of hours on a hanger will take the creases right out--no iron needed.

Zip-Off Pants
Sometimes called "convertible" or "two-in-one" pants, these casual trousers feature a zipper just above the knee. It wraps around the circumference of the leg so pants convert to shorts with a simple zip. Even though zip-off pants have always had a hiker look to them, new designs are more tailored with less conspicuous zippers.

Waterproof Jacket
Jackets made from lightweight waterproof fabric are invaluable. Look for something with a mesh lining. The mesh keeps you warm in chilly temperatures and allows air circulation when it's warmer. Zipper vents along the underarms or back are ideal, as well as inner and outer pockets and a hood that stows away in the collar.

Packing shoes is tricky, especially if you have various events to attend that require different dress codes. At the very least, pack a pair of black loafers and a pair of trail sneakers. Black loafers come in versatile designs that can be both dressy and business casual at the same time. Trail sneakers are good for urban treks and bushwhacking alike with their durable soles, breathable fabrics and water-resistant uppers.

Bring one or two totes to carry your belongings in. While a backpack might be good for a day of sightseeing, it isn't appropriate for a night at the theater. Check your itinerary and your outfits to see what works best.