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Buyer's Picks: Burton Snowboarding Gear

With snowboarding season just around the corner, you just might have new gear on your holiday wishlist. That’s why we asked Jim C., one of our buyers for the Zappos Rideshop, to recommend some of his favorite gear from Burton.

Now all you need is some fresh powder, and you’re ready to shred!

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Guys: 1. Burton Custom 160 Snowboard, 2. Burton Malvita EST Bindings, 3. Burton Imperial Boots

Girls: 4. Burton Feelgood Flying V 149 Snowboard, 5. Burton Escapade EST Bindings, 6. Burton Mint Women's Boots

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New Brand Spotlight: CAPiTA

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CAPiTA Snowboarding is based on the fishing docks of Seattle, Washington and is recognized throughout the industry for unique graphics, progressive product, and world-class athletes. Founded in 2000, this is the 12th collection using the finest materials, meticulous construction and award winning design.

CAPiTA has not only teamed up with the most respected factory in snowboarding but has refined their technical designs while implementing innovative new shaping theories and materials. This has stepped up the freestyle specific snowboard construction for everyone out there.

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Shopping Guide: Snowboarding Gear

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Men: 1. Grenade G.A.S. Sullen Jacket , 2. Burton Poacher Pants, 3. Grenade Lizard gloves, 4. Spy Optic Platoon goggles, 5. thirtytwo Lashed 2012 boots, 6. Burton Custom Flying V 158 snowboard

Women: 7. Sessions VPS, 8. Oakley eaves 2.0 Pant, 9. Celtek Neptune gloves, 10. Arnette Mercenary goggles, 11. Burton Sapphire boots, 12. GNU B-Pro snowboard

There’s lots of fresh powder begging to ridden out there this season. Are you ready to carve through the snowy terrain? We’ve rounded up some of our best snowboarding gear to get you ready to shred it all winter long.

To check out even more snowboarding shoes,clothing and gear, check out the Rideshop Snow page!

Snow Sport Stay-Dry Tips

The right gear can keep you warm and dry on the slopes or during any wintertime outdoor activity. Staying dry can make the difference between a day you will remember fondly and one that will just leave you chilled and miserable. Warm layers, good boots, snow pants and a warm coat are all critical. The right gear and smart planning can help you stay dry during any number of snow sport activities.

The right undergarments are key to staying warm and dry on the slopes. Choose modern wicking undergarments, rather than classic cotton. Wicking garments pull sweat and moisture away from your body to keep you warmer. If you prefer natural fibers, wool offers the same qualities against the skin. A thin, long sleeved undershirt and leggings or long underwear will provide you with a good base layer to stay dry in the snow.

The layers you wear under your shell or snowboarding jacket to stay dry in the snow should be breathable and warm. Fleece offers both insulating warmth and water resistance, making it ideal for snow sports of all sorts. Wool is a classic option to stay dry in the snow, but it remains a good one. Avoid synthetic or goose down as both will loose their warmth if they become wet. Choose lighter or heavier fleece depending upon the weather and your own preferences for the stay-dry qualities you need.

Outer Layer
Choose Gore-tex or another waterproof and breathable fabric for your outer layers. Wear both waterproof pants and a jacket over your under layers to stay dry and warm in the snow. Look for waterproof and breathable garments with taped or sealed seams. Snow shields can keep moisture out of your jacket front and sleeves and a good waterproof hood with a drawstring will provide an additional stay-dry layer over your hat.