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4 Handsome Valentine's Day Looks

I'm not starting this off like my typical menswear blog. Oh no. Not today. This post is specifically geared towards the gentlemen trying to prepare for the annual “step your game up day,” also called Valentine's Day. It’s a day where the world’s people enjoy the close company of another. A lot of planning and execution occurs on this day. 

So I ask you, what are you wearing? I'm sure you've already given this some thought. In fact, I'm sure you've already put your look together, purchased the items you needed and are just salivating at the chance to put on those new kicks you picked up. Right? Right.

If you're anything like me, you haven't given it a moment of thought. I don't blame you. In this fast-paced world of technology, social media and day-to-day life consuming your every hour, it's tough. But luckily, I enjoy this fashion challenge that seemingly every year asks you to improve. So here's what I'm offering: three solid Valentine's Day fits that are comfortable, fashionable and badass, if you've got the confidence to rock ’em.


Scenario #1: Brunch

Let's not act like we can't all see the elephant in the room. This V-Day happens to fall on a Sunday. So, many people might be opting out for the brunch option. Cool. So what to wear? I took the liberty to take a look at what temps look like in general sense for the US for Sunday, and it's pretty simple — east coast cold, west coast warm. 

What does this mean? You decide, based on the options I provide, how you'd like to proceed. Here's what to keep in mind when dressing for this. Bottom line it's a date. Dress like it. However, it's also Sunday brunch, and you need to be comfortable. What spells comfort like … joggers. Yes. That's correct. Joggers. Here's the look:





Should it be warmer out, I say ENJOY IT! Why not? It's not a bad time to appreciate the little things. Add accessories as you see fit. A beanie, hat, sunglasses, watch, pocket square, you name it. If it's a bit colder out, you'll swap out the joggers for black denim and the trainers for boots. You may also consider a parka. Like so …





Whatever you decide, own it with confidence. Trust in the decision you make and it'll go well (fashion-wise, that is). On to the next..


Scenario #2: Night In (Home Cooked Dinner)

Party's at your house! Well, kind of. More like just you and your date. But hey, that could still be a party! Let's consider what's important here. Not really the temperature. Why? Because you're at home. You can keep it as comfy as you want. What else? What do you have planned for the night? Just dinner? A game? A movie? Figure out those details. You want to be comfortable. Don't wear anything that doesn't correspond to what you'll be doing for the night. Oh, and by the way, it's still a date. Set the tone so your date knows you care. Most people will be getting dressed up. So that's the look I've created. Check it out:





Simple look for this one. It creates clean lines and subtle colors that grab attention. You can decide based on the conditions if the sweater and shirt together are too much. Also, the jacket is optional. But keep it out where you can see it. You never know when you'll need a stroll to the patio or an impulse move out!


Scenario #3: Casual Date Night (Dinner & Movie)

Hmm. How many times do you think that this type of date is overlooked? It's a basic, introductory, simple, feasibly enjoyable option for two people out to enjoy each other’s company. But, as I've stated earlier, it's still a date. First things first — where are you having dinner at? Does it call for a little shoeshine or are sneakers cool? From there, it's all about temperature. In this case, the dinner will be casual and the temps are cooler. What do I suggest? I'm recommending a masculine take with a fashionable twist. Here it is:




It's casual but fashionable. It's all about the specific pieces you add to the look. The suspenders, style of jacket and boot all make a difference. Feel free to add accessories as you see fit. You've got this!

Give these looks a shot and figure out what works or what doesn't. You can customize these any way you want. Be confident and comfortable. Side note: get excited! You have a cool date to go on. Go have a great time! As always, it's all about taste.



Men's Fashion Spotlight: Sebago Footwear

Men everywhere — it’s time to retire the dirty, worn-out tennies and punch up your winter footwear selection with something more dapper. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my tennis shoes as much as the next guy; however, you’re not in high school anymore and crashing parties on frat row. You’ve grown up, and so should your collection of shoes with Sebago.

When you’re headed to the ballgame with the guys or a date night with your favorite gal, a chukka boot or relaxed oxford is an exceptional alternative without going over-the-top fancy.



sebago, mens shoes, fall footwear, winter fashion, chukkas, boat shoes, men's fashion, men's fashion tips



Take a look at the Rutland Chelsea above, for example. This model boot features a contemporary design that can be worn anywhere, anytime. Easy pull-on construction eliminates the need to re-lace, and dual goring side panels allow for much-needed breathability. With color options in brown and black, this boot pairs easily with dark jeans and colored denim for a standout look.



sebago, mens shoes, fall footwear, winter fashion, chukkas, boat shoes, men's fashion, men's fashion tips



The Collier Chukka provides the same versatile design as the Chelsea, but with modified characteristics. Going throwback, this chukka features a lace-up design with a fashion-forward suede upper and leather lining. Navy and brown are your color options here, but I suggest the former as your new go-to staple.



sebago, mens shoes, fall footwear, winter fashion, chukkas, boat shoes, men's fashion, men's fashion tips


Just because it’s winter doesn't mean it’s cold outside. I’m looking at you, people in the Deep South and coastal states. You’re probably not in need of new boots, so let’s outfit you with something more weather appropriate.



sebago, mens shoes, fall footwear, winter fashion, chukkas, boat shoes, men's fashion, men's fashion tips


sebago, mens shoes, fall footwear, winter fashion, chukkas, boat shoes, men's fashion, men's fashion tips


If you’re out strutting the boardwalk or setting sail on your yacht, a sophisticated, well-designed boat shoe may be up your alley. Take your pick with a full grain leather or textile upper with contrast slipping and hand-sewn eyelets. Comfort comes free with a padded tongue, cushioned footbed and nonslip rubber sole. With several colors and styles available, you’ll be able to pair with your favorite shorts or swim trunks no problem.




3 Must-Have Men's Fall Styles

Autumn is by far and away my favorite season to dress. Although summer shorts, tees and complementing shades can look extremely crisp and classy, it’s just not for me. Fall styling, on the other hand, is much more refined, sleek and smart, as there are no limitations to layering wardrobes. From knit sweaters, button-ups, vests and jackets to dark denim and colored chinos, you’re guaranteed to look handsomely rugged and seasonally on trend.

Fashionable clothing is undoubtedly key to a well-polished outfit; however, the sophisticated gent should never forget three basic accessories: boots, belts and bags. One by one let’s talk about what makes each of these pieces distinct, which will help you achieve a top-down, fashion-forward outfit that’ll have you walking the streets in confidence. 

men's fashion, fall staple pieces, men's boots, men's belts, men's messenger bags


I’ve long been a sucker for a well-crafted, burnished boot to kick up the leaves and get me from point A to point B. Practical, durable and comfortable, ankle boots are a fall wardrobe staple that can be paired with any outfit, regardless of where the day takes you.

For example, if I’m in a more rough and rugged mood, the Dune London Simon suits my style well; however, if I’m trying to blend relaxed with dapper, the Stacy Adams Madison II is more my speed. Brands like Steve Madden and Robert Wayne also further my style with trendy, out-of-the-box designs for an uncompromised, all-day comfortable look. 

men's fashion, fall staple pieces, men's boots, men's belts, men's messenger bags


Although belts may not be the most visible wardrobe add-on, that doesn’t make them any less important to own. Pro tip: plastic belts should never make its way into your wardrobe arsenal; instead, think leather all the way.

Bed Stu, a brand that balks at the idea of mass production, prides itself on detailed craftsmanship by utilizing traditional techniques. In fact, they use natural leathers and a vegetable-based tanning process when available. Click the image above and check out a few of their most popular belts to wear for fall, and year round.

men's fashion, fall staple pieces, men's boots, men's belts, men's messenger bags


If you often find yourself on the go, don’t you dare leave your luxury loft without an urban-chic messenger bag by your side. Not only are these bags stylish, they’re more grown-up and just as functional as a backpack. With roomy storage and an exterior flap pocket, you’ll be able to pack your laptop and other necessities with ease.

Fully adaptable, you can wear these babies across your chest or detach the strap for a traditional carry. Made of varied canvas materials, these Bed Stu bags will surely be the exclamation mark to your fall style.

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Menswear Monday: What to Wear on Casual Fridays

Good day, gents! For today’s Menswear Monday, I wanted to fast forward a bit and focus on that day of the week that we all look forward to – Casual Fridays! How does one manage to look professional still dressed down to celebrate the TGIF spirit? Below, I’ve got a few tips and tricks to achieving that perfect balance of business and casual.

menswear monday, men's clothing, men's shoes, men's fashion, men's fashion stylist, men's trends, men's workwear, men's shirts, men's pants, Nautica, Rodd & Gunn, Vince, Perry Ellis, RVCA, Brixton, PUMA, Globe, Cole Haan

1. Vince Basic Slub Polo Shirt

2. Rodd & Gunn Dune Lake Shirt

3. Nautica Long Sleeve Solid Oxford

4. RVCA The Ween-End Stretch Pants

5. Perry Ellis Slim Fit Cotton Flat Front Dress Pant

6. Brixton Reserve Chino Pant

7. Cole Haan LunarGrand Wing Tip

8. PUMA El Ace 3 Leather Sneakers

9. Globe Moonshine


Let’s start with more traditional workwear staples like the suit. Suits can still be incorporated into your Casual Friday ensemble by simply dressing them down a bit.  You can opt for a slightly more fashionable version of your classic business suit but still look professional. You can also liven up a classic suit by adding in a bright button-up shirt underneath. No tie needed here! It’s Casual Friday after all!

Another cool Casual Friday outfit option for the office is a sleek monochromatic look. Pull in either all grey or a combination of grey, black and white. You can also do a more casual approach to monochrome dressing by pairing a nice chambray button-up with a mid-blue chino pant. Again, leave the tie at home. If you feel you must wear a tie, try a slim light grey tie for a more fashion-forward, casual feel.

Tie your Casual Friday outfit together with a nice pair of men’s oxfords or, if your workplace allows for it, wear a sleek and simple pair of sneakers. 

I hope your workweek goes smoothly (and quickly) into Casual Friday! Try one of these outfit tips in the office this Friday and you’ll be able to transition right to Happy Hour in style.


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Zappos Unrehearsed featuring Priory

Priory Band, Zappos Unrehearsed, indie pop, indie rock, music, men's clothing, men's shoes, men's fashion, Zappos Fashion,

For our first ever Zappos Unrehearsed, we caught up with Priory, an indie alternative band from Portland, Oregon.

Check out their exclusive live performance and interview below and shop our curated styles inspired by the band!

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Menswear Monday: Holiday Party Picks

Gents, as New Year’s Eve quickly approaches and holiday party season continuing to rage on at a steady pace, it’s natural that we start thinking about what we’re wearing to all these celebrations.

To help get those wheels turning, I’ve come up with a couple of party looks for both fancy parties and more casual get-togethers.


For a dressy event, consider going for a more monochromatic suiting option. Pair a black suit with a grey or dark purple dress shirt and pull it all together with a black tie. Anchor this timeless look with classic accessories—a black tie bar, a black dress belt and some shiny dress shoes should do the trick!

7 Diamonds Clothing, 7 Diamonds shirt, calvin klein, Citizen Watches, dkny, DKNY Men's, florsheim, men's clothing, men's fashion, Menswear Monday, New Year's Eve clothing, Steve Madden, Ted Baker, timex, wurkin stiffs

1. Florsheim Jet Plain-toe Oxfords

2. Ted Baker Richgeo Jacquard Shirt

3. wurkin stiffs Nuts & Bolts Slime Tie Bar

4. DKNY Golden Island Tie

5. Timex Classic Round Easy Reader Watch

6. DKNY Black  Plain Jacket

7. Perry Ellis Portfolio Modern Fit Flat Front Pant

Not going to any fancy parties? Try a cool layered look for those laid-back gatherings with friends and family. Throw on a light vest over a grey sport coat and a white dress shirt topped off with a nice scarf. Keep the outfit casual yet crisp with a pair of dark-wash slim-fit jeans.

7 Diamonds Clothing, 7 Diamonds shirt, calvin klein, Citizen Watches, dkny, DKNY Men's, florsheim, men's clothing, men's fashion, Menswear Monday, New Year's Eve clothing, Steve Madden, Ted Baker, timex, wurkin stiffs

1. Steve Madden Brack Oxfords

2. Calvin Klein Jaspe Textured Sportcoat

3. Calvin Klein Chunky Patterned Raschel Muffler

4. Citizen Watches Black Ion Eco-Drive Watch

5. Levi's Made & Crafted Needle Narrow in Rigid

6. French Connection Off Piste Vest

7. 7 Diamonds Reflektor Long-sleeve Shirt



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Menswear Monday: Sweaters for Every Occasion

Layering is a big component of smart cold-weather dressing, and one of the wardrobe fundamentals for winter layers is the sweater. There are several types of stylish men’s sweaters available for work, weekend and even nights out.

From refined V-neck sweaters to the classic crew neck pullover, stocking your closet with versatile sweaters is a good foundation of any well-rounded winter wardrobe. For more casual days, there’s the comfy and laidback French terry sweatshirt, or perhaps a merino wool cardigan to take your t-shirt-and-jeans look to the next level.

No matter what kind of men’s sweater you go with, remember that fit is key. Avoid a sloppy look by making sure the shoulder seams sit right on the shoulders (unless, of course, it’s a drop-shoulder sweater).

Below are a few of our favorite men’s sweaters to mix and match in your wardrobe this winter and even as we transition into spring:

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1. Lacoste Patterned Shawl Collar Sweater

2. Culture Phit Merino Aaron Zip Cardigan

3. Diesel K-Amini-A Sweater

4. Diesel K-Maniky Pullover

5. Fred Perry Tipped Island Knit Sweater

6. Lucky Brand Laurel Canyon Long Sleeve

7. Alternative Light French Terry Crew Neck

8. Gant Rugger R. Diamond Crüe

9. Culture Phit Merino Skipper V-Neck Sweater


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Menswear Monday: The Modern Jogger

Somewhere between stay-on-the-couch-all-day and business casual lies a happy medium when it comes to comfy men’s pants. We’re talking about the cool hybrid of the sweatpant and the chino otherwise known as the modern jogger pant. 

Whether you’re pairing it with your favorite t-shirt or taking it up a notch with button-up shirts, the modern version of the jogger is equal parts cool and comfy. If you’re looking for a versatile upgrade to your everyday chino pants or sweatpants, the jogger is definitely the way to go.

jogger pants, men's chino pants, men's chinos, men's clothing, men's fashion, men's jogger pants, men's joggers, men's pants, Menswear Monday., pants

1. Publish Hewes Wool Two-Tone Jogger

2. Levi's Men's Chino Jogger

3. Publish Legacy Jogger Pant

4. Staple Rally Oxford Jogger

5. Zanerobe Sureshot Chino Pant

6. Publish Noel Two-Tone Heathered Jogger

7. Staple Canvas Cuff Pants

8. True Religion Coated Runner

9. Scotch & Soda Woolen Jogger Pant