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Another Zappos Family Birthday Prank!

Mauricio’s team is at it again this year! You may remember the awesome prank that his team lovingly played on his birthday last year. Well, this time, the birthday “surprise” is more elaborate and involved an even bigger mess!

This is why it’s probably best to stay home on your birthday… IF you happen to work at! ;)

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Office Prank of the Day: Runaway Desk

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Here at Zappos HQ, there’s always a good reason to pull an office prank on our co-workers. It doesn’t even have to be their birthday!

You may remember the prank a couple of months back when a Zapponian’s desk was rolled outside in the parking lot. Well, the runaway desk prank has been relived today for Mauricio’s 1st year anniversary at Zappos.

Thank goodness they didn’t put his desk outside since it’s well over 100 degrees today! They decided the inner lobby was a better home for it.

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The Moth Prank

Here at the Zappos HQ, we’re no strangers to office pranks. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to fall prey to a practical joke. Even celebrities aren’t safe from some our office jokesters. Remember the classic prank played on Carey Hart? 

Leave your computer unlocked when you walk away from your desk for a couple of minutes, and you could come back to a pleasant surprise like a weird desktop wallpaper, or worse.

If you share your biggest fears…well, you could end up like our friend Darren. Consider this a friendly warning!

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Obligatory Office Birthday Prank Pic Of The Day

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We are always looking for a good excuse to prank each other, so when Johnny's birthday rolled around, his team went to work. Notice the extension cord - his desk had power and he was able to work outside! You may remember some of our classic pranks like the Ping Pong Ball Dump. Check out the throwback video below:

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Puppet Pranks!