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Beard Gang!

Check out the new webisode of, "Inside Zappos"! This week Pat and Matt form a Beard Gang.  If you missed last weeks episode you can check it out HERE. Don't forget to tune in every other Tuesday for a new episode on

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Brit Favorite Boxfresh Comes To

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Back in 1989, a few friends got together and started the Boxfresh revolution selling customized tees on London markets. In retrospect, it’s hard to believe everything they've accomplished in just over 20 years. The company was founded at a time when dance music and hip-hop ruled the UK airwaves, which in turn heavily influenced the birth of British streetwear. Music, art and street culture are the backbone in everything they do because Boxfresh is a brand that celebrates life to the fullest.

In classic Boxfresh tradition, the men’s footwear line reinforces their playful nature with the use of vibrant colors in new, lightweight materials. The color palette’s design inspiration comes from a wide variety of places, eras and global streetwear trends: neon Tokyo in the ‘80s, the British corduroy craze in the ‘70s and the classic denim look of the NYC. Boxfresh apparel will be coming to in the near future.

Boxfresh clothing consists of a variety of classic tonal, street-friendly hues mixed with brighter, bolder summery pops. With cheerful checks paired with more traditional stone, slate and gunmetal colors for a unique style and look. From pants, tees, to hoodies and jackets, Boxfresh doesn’t miss an opportunity to proudly show off their British street heritage. See how Boxfresh has been in the right place at the right time since 1989 in the video below:

A Father Daughter Valentine Dance

A Father Daughter dance is always a special occasion, and Valentine’s Day is a perfect holiday to organize a special dance between fathers and their daughters. It may seem like a difficult party to organize, but it can actually be quite simple.  Think about an area in your home that can accommodate a dance floor of several sets of fathers and daughters, perhaps a basement area or a large living room area.  If you have throw rugs, you may want to roll them up for the party and let them dance directly on the hard floor.  If a group organizing this party, take a look at the different homes to choose the best area to host your dance.

Make a traditional Valentine invitation.  Pink and red doilies cut into heart shapes with all of the dance details included on one side of a heart-shaped white card stock – which can be placed on the doily heart would be perfect. Make sure to address your invitations to the father and daughter alike.  Is this a dress up party or can people come as they like.  Given the theme, specifying dress attire would also be appropriate.

Decorate your dance floor with red, pink, and pearly white balloons, banners, and streamers.  Hearts of different sizes and colors may be hung from the ceiling with fishing wire.  It’s essential to have the music lined up beforehand.  Downloading music into a Father Daughter Dance playlist may be the easiest thing to do.  Mix up fast and slow songs, and you may want to do the Hokey Pokey for good fun too. Make sure the music is set and the place is full of Valentine colors!

When the fathers and daughters arrive give each father a small flower to wear and the daughters small corsages.  These can serve as the take home favor. Alternatively, you can hand out a single red rose to each father-daughter couple as they depart.

This party is about dancing, so spin those heart-felt tunes!  Mix up your favorites, and take requests, if you can improvise some new tunes on the fly.  Make sure to include some songs that act as games like limbo, Hokey Pokey, and perhaps a dance contest to see who can pull off the sleekest dance moves. Award everyone prizes if you go the contest route, fastest dancers, slowest dancers, longest, shortest, etc.  Make it up and have fun.

You can keep your menu simple and serve a line up of Valentine sweets like chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels, frosted heart sugar cookies, Conversation Hearts, small chocolates, red velvet cupcakes, etc. This is a great event to have a dessert buffet laid out that the fathers and daughters can enjoy as they are hungry throughout the dance.

It would also be fun to throw in a Cupcake Walk for good measure to this party.  It’s just like a Cake Walk, but instead of winning cakes, the teams win cupcakes of different flavors.  Set it up with chairs with corresponding numbers to the cupcakes.  Play that music and see who gets which cupcake.  It may be fun for the daughters to watch their dads in this game, which can become quite silly.

As your father and daughter guests depart, the flowers can serve as a favor or extra sweet treats.  Make it simple, and have fun with this special Valentine’s Day party.

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Melissa's on Vacation!

Darren and Pat try and figure out what to do now that Melissa is on vacation.

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Funky Dance Time!

Sometimes you just have to dance. . .

Dance it out Zapponians!

Thriller Night! Kentucky Party!

It’s T-minus 6 hours before the annual Zappos Holiday party and the whole Photo department is abuzz in anticipation. I’ve already been stopped repeatedly by some of the other guys in the department wanting to know if I’ll be “suiting-up” for tonight’s festivities. First-timers are asking questions relating to the cornucopia of food Zappos will be providing and whether or not there will be a coat-check. But the most interesting notation came as I walked past one of our studio bays on my way to the break room. As I strode past I heard music playing and the vocal count, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.” Peering inside I discovered that Amanda, Katie, April, and Tracy were rehearsing for their big Thriller performance.

I’m not sure how it came about, but during one of our start-ups this week someone had questioned what kind of dances everyone would be doing. Answers ranged from the “stanky-leg”, to “the microwave”, to “the Thriller”. It was at that point that Amanda offered to teach anyone who was interested the Thriller with step-by-step instructions. Keeping true to her word she and the girls took some extra time from their lunch to rehearse. Judging by how high they jumped after turning around (and seeing me with camera in hand) I can honestly say that they didn’t expect an audience. Looks good ladies, and I can’t wait for your debut tonight!!

Written by Dan C.

Ever dance with a Dev'r in the pale moon light?

Yesterday was book fair day at Zappos, wherein half of our cafeteria was transformed into a small book shop. It really brought some of us developers back to the days of elementary school where such events were not uncommon. Perhaps this feeling was strongest of all for Shane, who discovered a gem of a book entitled High School Musical : All About Dancing.

Part story book and part instructional dance manual, nobody had seen anything quite like it before. It’s true that one can get away with a great many things by saying “It’s for my daughter”, but I happen to know for a fact that Shane is a man who loves to dance! As soon as the recess bell sounded, Shane grabbed Becky and the two started cutting a rug- with director of development Brent calling out dance moves from the book. I was pretty surprised, but the three of them managed to pull off a pretty good show for not having had any rehearsals!

Incidentally, 10% of Shane’s book purchase (and all of the other books sold that day) will be donated to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Thanks to Suchi for the great action shot!