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Animal Instincts: 8 Styles for Your Wild Side

“Trust your instincts.”

 Can you believe that the first month of 2015 is  almost over?  It's incredible how fast time flies. We're already starting to see Valentine's Day signage everywhere, and we’re also starting to see the light at the end of our cold winter tunnel. And yes, it does get cold here in Las Vegas!

As we move forward towards our goals, sometimes we want a little boost to feel fierce and powerful, and there is nothing like an animal print to help channel your inner Artemis. This season, designers have put a great new twist on the traditional animal prints, offering it in unexpected colors and textures.

Pair these prints with a great neutral pant or skirt, add some great natural stone or wood accessories, and you’re ready to stalk your prey, be it that cute guy you keep seeing in the coffee shop or the promotion you’ve been eyeing for months. Whatever you do, let your outside reflect the fierce and powerful woman on the inside, and you can’t help but succeed!

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1. Hanky Panky Plus Size Leopard Nouveau Cami

2. Calvin Klein Plus Size High-Low Tunic

3. Roper Plus Size Poly Jersey Shirt

4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Water Ikat Flutter Top

5. Calvin Klein Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Top

6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Zebra Boatneck Dress

7. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Ellensburg Boatneck Dress

8. Stetson Plus Size Rayon Spandex Jersey Dress


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Strong Looks for Bold Moves

How is your New Year’s Resolution going? Are you all still working on that ONE goal you’ve set for yourself?  Some days, it is easier than others to pull that inner strength out and move forward. For those rough days, sometimes you need a "power outfit" that helps you feel like that tough, strong and amazing woman you are on the inside.

After all, one of the best things about clothing is that it helps each of us write our story and show the world around us how we feel. Fashion is the story of ourselves, representated by the clothing and jewelry on our bodies and how we wear it, rather than letting it wear us.

It is for this reason that I am in LOVE with the current moto-punk-chic trend. I mean, how can you back down and wimp out when you’re rocking a leather dress and strong denim? Add some great jewelry and a cool bag and get ready to let the world know you’re here and ready to rock!

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1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Structured Leather Coat

2. Kiyonna Inspired Illusion Mesh Top

3. Levi's® Plus Size Trucker Jacket

4. Roper Brown Plaid Shirt

5. Roper Plus Size Slub Jersey Tee

6. Pendleton Plus Size Double Time Vest

7. NYDJ Plus Size Janice Denim Legging

8. Levi's® Plus Size 580 Defined Waist Straight Leg Jeans

9. DKNYC Plus Size Faux Leather Ponte Dress

10. rsvp Rider Knee-High Boot

11. Harley-Davidson Marissa Boot

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Shades of Grey: 9 Pieces that are Anything but Basic

The holidays are over, and your New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. Good for you! Was one of your resolutions to step outside of your fashion comfort zone?  Then the “shades of grey” trend may be just the right baby step for you!

I will admit that as a curvy girl, I have spent more time than I care to admit wearing black because it's considered “slimming”. Getting comfortable enough on my fashion feet to rock bright colors took a little while, and grey was one of the first steps for me. 

Grey is a fabulous color- it can be dark enough to still feel conservative and comfortable (and ok, slimming), while the lightest shades can feel much softer and brighter. Add in some textural details and patterns, and you will find grey is one amazing color!

Throw on a Michael Michael Kors faux fur vest, a great silver belt or jewelry, and you have another outstanding go-to in your fashion arsenal that is versatile but never boring! Beyond that, we're also lucky that grey is considered the new black, so there is an amazing selection of plus sized grey items to suit your personal style. These are just a few of my personal favorites!

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1. Vince Camuto Plus Size Celeste Stripe Tee

2. Karen Kane Plus Size Asymmetrical Knit Top

3. Calvin Klein Plus Size Sleeveless Open Lace Top

4. NYDJ Plus Size Metallic Sweater

5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Chain Neck Fur Front Vest

6. Kiyonna Luna Lace Dress

7. Jag Jeans Plus Size Ricki Pull-on Legging

8. NYDJ Plus Size Audrey Ankle Pants

9. Columbia Plus Size Booty Cut Pant



Rocking some amazing looks you’ve seen here on the blog? Tag us in your photos on Twitter and Instagram using #WellRoundedWednesday- we would LOVE to see your style!

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New Fitness Gear for a New You

Happy New Year! Have you made a New Year’s Resolution?

One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight, but I think it is time to change the way we look at numbers.  Ladies, I want to challenge you NOT to make a resolution focused on a number on a scale when it comes to your health. Instead, I challenge each of your to set a goal with a number that is more to you than something that can change throughout the day.  Instead, I challenge you to set a very important number as a goal: One. 

Walk or run ONE 5K. Climb ONE mountain.  Learn ONE new yoga pose. Dance ONE night with your friends, no matter what. Complete ONE biathalon or triathalon. Take ONE new class. Read ONE great book. Make ONE amazing memory with your kids. It takes 28 days to break a bad habit or form a new one- enlist ONE amazing friend to help you achieve your ONE goal.

To achieve all these singular and lofty goals, you’re going to need a few basics. First thing's first: the most important thing you need is one AMAZING bra; Moving Comfort’s Maia bra changed my life to the point I’ve become quite the advocate for them. 

I am always sharing their amazing products with every woman I see at 5Ks or walks that is obviously in need of Moving Comfort's excellent support. In addition to their incredible bras, I’ve also included additional items to help you on your road to that ONE goal you set for yourself this year. Grab a great pair of supportive sneakers, a bag for all your gear, a water bottle to keep you organized and hydrated--and ONE great friend to join and support you on your road to achieving ONE.  Have a great time celebrating tonight- the work starts tomorrow!

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1. Columbia Plus Size Heather Hills Full Zip

2. Moving Comfort Fiona Bra

3. Moving Comfort Maia Bra

4. Moving Comfort Plus Size Foxie Full Zip

5. Spanx Active Plus Size On-the-Go Pant

6. Nike Filament Capri

7. Manduka Go Free Yoga Mat Backpack

8. ASICS GEL-Craze TR2

9. Brooks Addiction™ 11

10. Nathan Quick Draw Plus Water Bottle

11. Merrell Azura Hiking Shoes


Rocking some amazing looks you’ve seen here on the blog? Tag us in your photos on Twitter and Instagram using #WellRoundedWednesday- we would LOVE to see your style!  

To keep the folks in our legal department happy: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. Have fun and be safe out there!

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10 Great Looks for Your New Year's Eve Countdown

We’ve all made it to the end of the year -- well, ALMOST! I hope that your 2014 has been as amazing as mine has been, and that you are looking forward to the 2015 with a sense of hope, determination and purpose. To celebrate the end of this year and to get ready for a new one, you need something that makes you look as amazing on the outside as you are on the inside! Celebrating with friends and family is the best reason to put on your best party or cocktail dress and a pair of sassy heels to dance the night away as you welcome 2015.

Ladies, I bring you some fabulous looks for New Year’s Eve 2014. I hope that you spend your New Year’s Eve enjoying fabulous champagne, but more importantly, enjoying great company.  I look forward to sharing amazing, fabulous clothing, fashion and ideas with all of you in the New Year.

Women's Clothing, #Eyezapp, #WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, #ZapposExperience, Adrianna Papell Plus, BB Dakota Plus, curvy and comfy, curvy girl clothes, Gabriella Rocha plus, karen kane plus, Kiyonna, Lysse plus, Michael Michael Kors Plus, plus comfort, plus fashion, plus stylish, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus

1. Karen Kane Plus Size Silver Stud Dress

2. BB Dakota Plus Size Marloes Dress

3. Karen Kane Plus Size Metallic Knit Dress

4. Kiyonna Rumor Ruched Dress

5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Sleeveless Studded Dress

6. Lysse Plus Size Hayden Dress

7. Kiyonna Soiree Evening Gown

8. Calvin Klein Plus Size Batwing Jumpsuit

9. Adrianna Papell Plus Size Banded Deco Dress

10. Gabriella Rocha Plus Size Jordyn Dress

Rocking some amazing looks you’ve seen here on the blog? Tag us in your photos on Twitter and Instagram using #WellRoundedWednesday- we would LOVE to see your style!


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"Gimme, Gimme!" Holiday Wish List

We all have one. You know, that secret list you would give the real Santa if you could. It is the list that is not at all made up of the practical things you asked for, or peace on earth or good will towards men.

I mean the wish list with the REALLY cool stuff on it that makes your heart skip a beat. Those things that you love just because they are beautiful and the mere thought of rocking them makes you feel that much more marvelous. 

Fabulous extended-calf Frye Jane boots to pair with a great Nic +Zoe cardigan? Yes, please! Natori pajamas in a luxurious, soft and silky fabric for a night in with a good glass of wine and a great book? Check! A cozy, fabulous, and soft Pendleton wool dress to pair with a fabulous Coach bag? Oh, Santa! Cat-eye Maui Jim glasses for looking Hollywood fabulous while rocking a Michael Kors lambskin moto jacket? Be still my heart! Close out the wish list with a luxurious and cozy Michael Kors faux fur vest paired with a BB Dakota sequined skirt and you are ready to show the world a little bit of your inner diva.

I hope Santa, Krampus and all the Magi bring you everything you want this holiday season, beyond peace on earth and good will towards men. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming New Year!

Franki's Holiday Wish List from the Zappos Plus Size Shop & more!


1. Columbia Plus Size Mighty Lite™ III Jacket

2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Fur Toggle Vest

3. Michael Kors Plus Size Zip Pocket Leather Jacket

4. BB Dakota Plus Size Savita Sequined Skirt

5. NIC+ZOE Plus Size Cozy Cardigan

6. Natori Plus Size Zen Floral PJ Set

7. Pendleton Plus Size Merino Wool Dress

8. Frye Extended-Calf Jane Boots

9. Maui Jim Pikake Women’s Sunglasses

10. COACH Smooth Leather Crosby Carryall

Rocking some amazing looks you’ve seen here on the blog? Tag us in your photos on Twitter and Instagram using #WellRoundedWednesday- we would LOVE to see your style!


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Mobile-Ready Pants

Is it a phone? A tablet? A phablet?


We know you're having a tough time taking your phone/tablet/phablet in and
out of your pant pocket. We've seen it all, missed phone calls, broken
screens, poor blood circulation (here's to you skinny jean wearers), and
worse, phantom vibration syndrome.

While we can't agree on what to call it, we can all agree on needing
bigger pockets. We are so happy to introduce Zappos Mobile-Ready Pants, just in
time for the iPhone 6!

Follow the Zappos Mobile Team @zappos_mobile 

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Zappos Employees Leave The Car At Home

Las Vegas is known as a “car-town”. The city’s infrastructure was built for the car commuter and almost everyone drives a car to work (even Zappos employees). But a few Zappos troopers are bravely taking alternative transportation for the majority of their commutes.

One such employee is Steven Allen, the Zappos Campus Programs Manager. Steven lives in one of the City’s farthest suburbs but takes the RTC bus to work at least three times a week. The round trip is more than 30 miles per day; he averages 90 miles a week on the bus! The cool thing is that he rides the Centennial Express route, one of RTC’s express buses that jumps on the freeway and has a direct route (no stops) into downtown. In fact, the first stop on the route is just 3 blocks away from Zappos. Even better, the bus stop Steven uses to get home from Zappos is literally on Zappos’ campus perimeter. “I don’t even have to cross the street. I just walk around to the back of our campus, hop on the bus, and enjoy a stop-free ride home. It’s awesome! Plus, the bus is able to utilize the carpool lane, which I am painfully reminded of on the days I drive my car into work”, said Steven. He’s able to do it all on the bus. He can relax and listen to music or power through work and emails. The RTC also understands that we live in a very ‘connected’ world these days and is currently piloting a free WIFI program on the Centennial Express route.


Chris Race is a Technology Project Manager at Zappos and rides to work once a week and for fun 2-3 times a week.  When riding in, he uses the bike rack just off the North Garage behind the lobby.  For the sake of everyone in his area, he’ll clean up in the locker room located in the basement before heading upstairs full of endorphins and ready to ROCK.  Zappos installed more than 10 showers for men and women based on the guidelines established by the LEED certification.  Chris likes to ride his bike because it is a great fitness perk and helps save almost 200 miles a month on his car, which is money in the bank!  Morning rides in are usually full of neat sunrises, still air, and a line of people lined up to high-five everyone riding a bike to work.  In other words, jump on the saddle and head in on two wheels!



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Written by Brad T.