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New Brand Spotlight: The FLEXX

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The FLEXX™ footwear is the perfect hybrid of fine Italian design and complete comfort. Their design house in Tuscany, Italy is committed to creating fine footwear that marries the best Italian leathers and super flexible dense foam footbeds that absorb the impact of everyday walking.

With decades of experience in designing comfortable, on-trend footwear, The FLEXX refuses to compromise style over comfort or vice versa. See for yourself why The FLEXX shoes give you the best of both worlds (perhaps while you travel the world)! 



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Vionic Delivers Podiatrist-Designed Orthaheel Technology

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Taking footwear innovation to your everyday life, Vionic footwear offers podiatrist-designed support that is seamlessly built into every pair for premium comfort paired with contemporary style. No additional inserts needed!

Renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli demonstrates how the amazing Orthaheel technology can deliver all-day comfort and relief from everyday aches and pains through better alignment:

Imagine being able to stay on your feet all day while on vacation, running errands or at work thanks to the proper alignment facilitated by a pair of Vionic shoes.  Every Vionic with Orthaheel Technology comes with unmatched comfort features like a firm yet flexible midsole, an innovative biomechanical footbed and stability-enhancing heel cup. 

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Along with a great collection of flat sandals and shoes, Vionic also offers a great solution for those who like more height. Their heel & wedge collection also includes a comfort-focused footbed with an enhanced forefoot contour that delivers hours of carefree wear.


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Zappos on Extra: Ecco

This week on Extra TV, their resident trend spotter Flynn Adams, along with our very own Cat Cook share some beautiful, high-comfort Scandinavian designs from ECCO, just in time for fall weather! From a contemporary Chelsea boot to wear-with-anything loafers, ECCO has what your feet need too look and feel amazing this season and beyond!



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New Brand Spotlight: OTZ

OTZ’s story started not so long ago (2005, to be exact). Ludo, creative director of a leading athletic lifestyle brand, came across an article written by Petr Hlavacek describing the oldest shoes ever found. These belonged to Oetzi, the iceman, and dated all the way back to 3300 B.C. Now that’s a long time ago!

antimicrobial shoes, casual lifestyle, casual lifestyle footwear, clogs, comfort footwear, comfortable shoes, CorkLite, new brand spotlight, OTZ, OTZ footwearConsidering the time period, the shoes were quite remarkable—made of deerskin stitched to a bearskin sole with an internal woven net, filled with dried grass and moss for warmth and comfort. Inspired by Oetzi’s creativeness, Ludo was intrigued by redesigning this iconic shoe incorporating today’s trend, comfort, and technology. Thus the OeTZI3300 sneaker was born!

Ludo and his crew created a unique piece of art, utilizing a cork footbed technology, CorkLite®, that is made to make your feet smile—true barefoot comfort. CorkLite® is made for an all day, everyday adventure. The antimicrobial properties of the cork reduce bacterial build-up and allow you to wear the shoes with or without socks. OTZ® sneakers are designed for total comfort and a maximum organic fit. Just like any other sneaker, they will feel snug at first so a breaking-in period is recommended.

Fast forwarding to May 2010, OTZ was on the rise to revolutionize the industry. In such a short amount of time, and a slight shift in name from OeTZI3300 to OTZshoes, the brand has become recognized worldwide and continues to gain incredible momentum daily. OTZ is a happy family of workers who share the same passion and intensity for this brand, and the footwear they’ve created.


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Holiday Multitaskers from FitFlop

From holiday travels to braving the holiday shopping frenzy, it comes as no surprise that this time of year is when our poor feet could really use a little extra TLC. In comes the amazing multitasking prowess of FitFlop! These ergonomically engineered sandals and shoes not only diffuse underfoot pressure and shock, they also activate your leg muscles—making them the perfect run-around shoes for the busy woman in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle!

FitFlops aren’t just your garden-variety comfort shoes either! Take their festive “ChaCha” sandal for instance, with its fun & swishy beaded design. It goes perfectly with everything from skinny jeans, a cute maxi dress or a strapless swimsuit on that holiday vacation. For work, their “Due” Leather Ballerina is like your favorite go-to flat but with a height-enhancing boost thanks to the ergonomic BIOMIMETIX™ midsole . We like to think of them as the perfect sneaker-ballerina hybrid!

Check out some of our favorites from FitFlop and give your feet a little break this holiday season:

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1. FitFlop "Cha Cha"

2. FitFlop "Due" Leather

3. FitFlop "Astrid"

4. FitFlop "Due" Mary Jane Nubuck

5. FitFlop "Lulu"

6. FitFlop "Due" Snake

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Fall Favorites from Dansko

We all know how hectic the holiday season can be, and with everything that gets piled on our to-do list, the one thing we don’t have time for is uncomfortable footwear. That’s why Dansko designs shoes for every part of your busy week, from the office to weekend errands to holiday recitals.

Below is some of our top Dansko picks for this fall and into the holidays:

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1. Dansko "Fanny"

2. Dansko "Tilda"

3. Dansko "Betty"

4. Dansko "Tandy"

5. Dansko "Elise"

6. Dansko "Edda"


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MOZO Collaborates with Chef Cat Cora

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MOZO has recently collaborated with Chef Cat Cora to design a line of shoes that takes the busy woman through her week in superb comfort and casual style.

The MOZO Cat Cora Collection consists of two mini collections, all featuring a molded footbed and quilted padded lining to keep your feet feeling great, even if you spend most of the day on them! :

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The Farmers Market Collection- lightweight casual flats made of easy-to-wear waxed canvas and fun, juicy colors inspired by the produce at your local farmers market.

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The Caviar Collection- refined flats for work and play, done in versatile and supple black leather.

The Cat Cora Collection by MOZO is perfect for the busy creative woman who conquers life’s everyday tasks one step at a time. Shop the collection on now!

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Summer Vacation-Worthy Sandals

It’s almost that time of year again! The days are longer, the sun is warmer, and the soul yearns for a much-needed getaway. When it comes to those summer vacations, finding the right pair of sandals are almost as vital as booking the perfect accommodations—if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking and sightseeing!

Whether it’s that go-to pair of walk-around sandals from Birkenstock or Mephisto, to something a little dressier for dinnertime from fashion-comfort brand Naya, there’s a pair of comfy, vacation-worthy sandals for everything on your summer itinerary!

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1. Naturalizer Archer, 2. Mephisto Helen, 3. Dr. Weil by Orthaheel Sonora Euro Strap,
4. Minnetonka Wilshire, 5. Rieker Regina, 6. Naya Fabiana


7. Birkenstock Arizona Birkibuc (Unisex), 8. Haflinger Rueben, 9. Crocs MODI Flip