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Zapponian Spotlight: Paul W.

create fun and a little weirdness, zapponian spotlight, zappos customer loyalty team, zappos employee spotlight, zappos employees, ZCLTDeep within the pit of midnight inside the Zappos Campus, ancient stalking figures turn the wheels of the insomniac giant. This team of nighttime warriors almost singlehandedly uphold the Zappos promise to be available 24 hours a day, sacrificing sunlight and access to any business closing at 5 pm. One such figure is Zapponian Paul W. Once believed to be a legend in the vein of Bigfoot, Paul was recently confirmed manifest by a passing Zapponian raiding the Bistro off regular business hours for a midnight snack.

A proud member of the fabulous Zappendales, Paul Walker's e-mail skills are so magnanimous that he makes answering a phone call look like live chatting a tweet. But how can this figure of Olympian online correspondence cope with the tedium of a world that doesn't understand his art? Often, he copes by dressing up all lady-like. Today, we take a long hard look into the abyss to determine the man, the myth, the motorcyclist. (Paul only agreed to speak with us if this interview was clothing optional…) 

This first question comes with a challenge. There are five words you are not allowed to use in your answer. The five words are "dance, sing", "gyrate", "guitar", and "showgirl". 

PW: So you can say them, but I cannot. 


Right, I can say them. You can't point to me and say "Say this one". That would be cheating. The question is "What do you do in the Zappendales?"

PW: I am the lead singer--


(BUZZ) You can't say "singer". 

PW: You see, I didn't see "singer" [on the list] just "sing" and that threw me off! 


You can't say "singer". You can't say variations of the words: "singer", "dancer", etc.

PW: Gyration? 



PW: Ok, I am the "baws" (spelled B-A-W-S) of Zappendales. Just so we're clear on that. I make the decisions and what I say goes. When it does not, I throw a tantrum in my trailer, because that is what we celebrities do.


What is the greatest foe that Captain Anomaly (your secret alter ego) has ever faced and what did Captain Anomaly (who you don't want anyone to know is you) do about it, Captain Anomaly?

PW: Doctor Normality. In the eyes of the public, I would like to say I vanquished him through providing excellent customer service. He likes to keep things toned down; he likes to mess with people. He likes to delay their shipments. And I like to go above and beyond, stop him, do what I can to WOW our customers and keep him at bay.

And when that doesn't work, I found his address through our friends in order verification, and I set him on fire. He won't be delaying shipments any time soon!


What do the letters Z, A, P, P, O, and S mean to you?

PW: Misspelled "Zappendales". 

create fun and a little weirdness, zapponian spotlight, zappos customer loyalty team, zappos employee spotlight, zappos employees, ZCLT

This next question is for the ladies.

PW: Well, I have the figure of a malnourished twelve-year-old-girl, so I think I can still answer this one. 


Uh, I mean this question is for their benefit. 

PW: Oh, oh! Right. Of course! Of course.


Z: If you could be any shoe, what would you be and why?

PW: [Slams his shoe on the table] I would be a Vibram® Five Finger®. I am wearing the KSOs. You can actually get those on! Free one business day shipping and returns. 365- day return policy! I don't know if you knew that…


Z: Final question, I just want your opinion on something.

PW: Definitely shave it. 


Z: Uh... not that. I often entertain my team with my spot-on impression of you. I wanted to get your opinion on it. [Does an absolutely perfect Paul Walker impression]

PW: Do you mind if I give you a little bit of feedback? I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I hope that's ok with you. I just like to give it straight…to give all the truth and just plow it straight on. Is that going to be all right?

There were too many clothes, alright? That's not my style. There was not enough pelvic gyration…I can say gyration now, right? That was just for that first question?...and you didn't express any of my amazing talents or skills: my dance moves, my convincing brow to lure the ladies in, so those are my recommendations.


There you have it! After speaking to Paul, I learned what a quick wit and comedic mastermind he is! I can see why he is such a popular member of the Zappos family. Thanks so much, Paul!

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@Zappos_Service Answers Your Most Pressing Questions---Right Now!

Did you know that you can tweet Zappos Customer Service anytime, any day of the week and they’ll respond in minutes? If you not, let me introduce you to “@Zappos_Service” -- your exclusive resource for getting questions answered…right now.

When it comes to providing exceptional customer service, Zappos has long been recognized as an innovator (CEO Tony Hsieh literally wrote a book on the topic).

So, it makes sense that they lead the pack when it comes to serving customers on social media. They respond literally 100 percent of the time when customers send them questions on Twitter, far superior to the 14 percent response rate my company reported in a recent social customer service study. Zappos doesn’t just respond either. They start conversations and they scour the Twitterverse for opportunities to surprise and delight Zappos customers in need.

@Zappos_Service, Ashley Verrill, customer service, Tony Hsieh, zapponians, zappos culture, zappos customer loyalty team, Zappos customer service, Zappos Service Twitter, ZCLT

For example, this customer that was having trouble finding a pair of sneakers he liked. Luckily, the @Zappos_Service team was there to the rescue.

@Zappos_Service, Ashley Verrill, customer service, Tony Hsieh, zapponians, zappos culture, zappos customer loyalty team, Zappos customer service, Zappos Service Twitter, ZCLT

Recently, I had a chance to catch up with @Zappos_Service crew to find out exactly how they provide exceptional customer service in the social media context. Here’s what they had to say:

Does the @Zappos_Service team literally respond 24/7?

ZS: Just like our contact center, we are manning the @Zappos_Service twitter account 24/7. Our graveyard team takes care of responses in the wee hours of the morning. So we’re here to help, whether it’s a 3 a.m. fashion emergency, or a lunchtime shopping break.

Do you respond to questions that mention Zappos, regardless of whether they use the full @Zappos_Service handle?

ZS: We respond to anyone that mentions Zappos (and a few misspelled variations just in case, as well), as long as their account is public so that we can see the tweet. It can be a question about an order, a comment on an item they found on the site, a news article with our name mentioned, or even if they are just bored and want to have conversation!

What other tactics do you use to keep the experience awesome for your Twitter-azzi?

ZS: We try to showcase our team’s personalities, so we encourage back and forth between them and our Twitter friends about anything at all. Creating Fun & a Little Weirdness is Core Value #3, and we get a lot of opportunity to do this on Twitter. The team normally introduces themselves at the start of their block of time working Twitter, and will try to engage folks somehow. This could be anything from asking who’s excited about football starting to asking opinions on the greatest Prince song of all time.

Give @Zappos_Service a ring--they’re here to help day or night, rain or shine!

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Zapponian Spotlight: Emily K.

Zapponian Spotlight, Zappos CLT, ZCLT, Zappos Customer Service, Zappos Culture, Zappos Employees, graveyard team, Say hello to one of our resident Zapponians from the ZCLT Team, Emily K. who’s been rocking out with Zappos since October 2012! She loves chatting with customers and is known around Zappos as being a fashion diva with one of the best laughs.

If you call our customer service number during the wee hours of the night, you just might get Emily on the other line!

We asked Emily a couple of questions to get to know her better:

What is your favorite part about working at Zappos?

E: I feel like I'm a part of something special. I think the work we do, the environment we have created and the people on our team are truly special. Sometimes I look around and think I'm so lucky to be a part of this experience. I'm proud of what we do!


What is your favorite  core value and why?

E: "Build a Positive Team and Family Sprit". It makes any journey more fun! No matter the task, having people who want to work as a team and value positivity makes what we do great.


I see that you played soccer when you were younger, do you have a favorite professional soccer player?

E: I do not and where did you get that fact? That was so so long ago, hehehe!


What is your idea of fun? If given a chance to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?

E: With friends and family laughing. Making memories, relaxing, EATING.


What kind of job did you do before coming to Zappos?

E: Retail. I was a sales associate for a high-end brand.


If you had a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world where would you go?

E: Bora Bora. It's one of the many places on my list that I'm just not sure I will ever afford.


What cartoon character best describes you?

E: Dori from "Finding Nemo" positive and a bit forgetful.

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Zapponian Spotlight: Beth M.

Today's Zapponian Spotlight, Beth M., is a ZCLT rep on the graveyard team. So, if you happen to call our customer service lines at night, you just might get Beth helping you on the other line!

We decided to get to know Beth a little bit by asking her a couple of questions:

  zapponian spotlight, zappos customer loyalty team, Zappos customer service, Zappos Family,zappos graveyard team, zappos hq,ZCLT, What brought you to Las Vegas?

B: I was living in Portland, OR and had just lost a job of 8 years. I came here to visit my mom at Thanksgiving, shortly after my Dad had passed away. By the time I left, I decided that there was nothing holding me in Portland, and job opportunities were probably better in Vegas. Plus, I was a little worried about my mom being alone, and I wanted to live closer to her. I moved here in January of 2009, and got hit with the lucky stick by Zappos in August.  Surprisingly, I love it here. I grew up in So Cal, and came here a lot on weekends, but never imagined I'd live here!

What is your favorite musician or band?  

B: I love classic rock, like Santana, the Stones and Eric Clapton. I also love Kid Rock!

What 3 words describe your personality?

B: Silly, off-the-wall, and happy.

What do you like to do for fun?  

B: I'm a home body a lot of the time! I like hanging out with friends, going out to eat, gambling.  I love to garden, too, but all I have is gravel now so everything is in pots.

Working the Graveyard shift means I sleep most of the day, and I'm working when most people are out having fun, like on the weekends.

I really look forward to Zappos events like the awesome picnic we just had because I get a chance to reconnect with my Zappos Family!

What is your favorite core value and why? 

B: #3 - Create Fun and a Little Weirdness!  Anyone who knows me understands why. LOL 

What is your most embarrasing moment?  

B: Actually, not too much embarrasses me. However, I went to a Harvest Festival in Oregon with a friend who was visiting from L.A. There was one of those sling-shot things where you launched a pumpkin and there was a target to hit wayyyy off in the distance.  I was pulling it back really hard for a good launch, when my friend thought it would be a good idea to pull ME back (to help). The minute she pulled me, my feet slipped and I was flat on my back in a pool of mud. When I finally got up, there was a line of people who watched it happen. I was horrified! I had to finish the day walking around with the entire backside of me covered in mud!

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Zapponian Spotlight: Kelli A.

zapponian spotlight,zapponians,zappos employees,ZCLT

Today, we’re featuring one of our awesome ZCLT reps, Kelli A.!

If you could be a mixed drink what drink would you be and why?

K: I would be a pina colada with a little bit of raspberry swirled in because I'm sweet with just a bit of sassy.

If you had a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world where would you go?

K: I would go to Paris, because I have a feeling I could spend hours just hanging out near the Eiffel Tower.

Pick 3 words to describe your personal style.

K: Feminine, colorful, and modest.

Name 3 things you never leave home without.

K:  My iPhone, chapstick, and lotion.

What’s your favorite part about working at Zappos?

K: My favorite thing about working at Zappos is all of the friends I've made…and I'm a big fan of the nap room as well.

Name one thing you do to cultivate and help spread our culture.

K: I like to participate in the dress up days because it brings out the fun and weird in everyone.

Name three fun facts about yourself:  

K: I can play the piano, my eyebrows are ambidextrous, and I'm obsessed with my Carlashes (yes, my car has pink eyelashes on the headlights).

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Hotdogs! Get Your Hotdogs!

ZCLT,Zappos culture,zapponians,hotdogs,zappos core values,Team and family spirit

Our wonderful ZCLT team decided to do "Wacky Weiner Wednesday" last week to thank all the other departments for coming together and helping out during the holiday season and to help answer thousands of customer emails during the security breach.

Hotdogs in the name of team spirit? Sounds good to me!

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Holiday Helpers!

zappos culture, tony hsieh, fred mosler, zclt, zappos customer service, deliver WOW through service, powered by service, zapponians, zappos holiday helpers, holiday helpers, zappos call center, zappos customer loyalty, zappos customer loyalty team, zappos customer service center,holidays,holiday spirit

Like Santa's little helpers, but better!

Our number one core value here in the Zappos Family is “Deliver WOW through service”. Delivering excellent customer service is really at the core of everything we do. That’s why our long-standing tradition of Holiday Helpers is still going strong.

Every holiday season, when our call volumes reach their highest levels of the year, every Zappos employee from every department is asked to jump on the phones for a few hours to help out our ZCLT team.

So, if you call our customer service number during the holiday season, there’s a chance you could get our CEO Tony Hsieh on the line! We all look forward to helping your holiday shopping experience be the best one yet.

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Music Wednesday: Hank M.

las vegas, las vegas music scene, music, music wednesday, zapponian, zapponians, zappos hq, ZCLTHank M. from our ZCLT team has been on the phones since July of 2011. Hank is somebody that is always eager to talk about music and personifies rock n’ roll like nobody else at Zappos. To learn more about Hank and his love for music I asked him some music-related questions:

What are your top five albums of all time and why?

H: Faded Grey "A Quiet Time for Desperation"- Local Las Vegas Legends, this record represents a specific period of my life that I will always look back on with fondness.

Turbonegro "Apocalypse Dudes"- I believe this to be one of the greatest rock and roll records of my generation. Also, one of the tightest live bands I've ever seen.

Minor Threat "Discography"- A record I picked up in high school, and to this day it's still fierce and intense as I remember it.

The Murder City Devils "Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts"- When they were touring on this record I drove 8 hours to Salt lake City to see them.

The Observers- "So What's Left Now"- A few years ago I tried to set up a show with these dudes with the help of a friend. Due to a breakdown in communication I got the dates wrong and dudes showed up to my house and me saying "Sorry, I screwed up. I don't have a show for you". Luckily, they were bunch of sweet guys and we just ended up walking down the strip. I still have a friendly acquaintance with some of the members to this day.

What new artist(s) are you currently excited about?

H: The Wax Idols- I've been playing their "No Future" LP non stop!

What is your favorite venue to see shows at in Las Vegas and who are your favorite local artists?

H: I really like the set up at the Artifice. Also, Yayo Tacos is pretty rad! Favorite local bands: Candy Warpop, Pigasus, The Dirty Somethings. 

What was the last song/artist you listened to(be honest)?

H: Jay Reatard –“I Know a Place”

How has music impacted your relationship with employees at Zappos?

H: It's been a great way to find common ground and build new relationships.