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Micah Cohen from Shades of Grey: 3 Key Pieces

During our sitdown with Shades of Grey founder and designer Micah Cohen, he shared his must-have wardrobe pieces that every man should own.

Take notes fellas!

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An Exclusive Interview with Micah Cohen of Shades of Grey

We recently sat down with Micah Cohen, founder and designer of the LA-born men’s clothing label Shades of Grey in their showroom.

Here he talks about the beginnings of the brand and the overall inspiration behind it:

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SHADES of GREY by Micah Cohen Blurs the Lines of Timeless and Contemporary

Founded in 2009 by 29 year old designer Micah Cohen, Los Angeles-based SHADES of GREY by Micah Cohen offers a complete collection of contemporary, wearable clothing, updated with progressive styling and details. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Micah’s multi-cultural heritage and diverse upbringing influence his design philosophy, infusing his designs with unique perspective and balance. Blurring fashion forward with traditional, SHADES of GREY offers a fresh take on timeless simplicity. The SHADES of GREY aesthetic is clean, youthful and sophisticated with a unique perspective that balances the past, present and future.

Cohen has an original procedure of design that involves literally writing out his entire idea before sewing the first stitch. His connection to each piece shows with crisp details and accents that are never too flashy or over the top. It's no wonder auther/vocalist Brandon Boyd has sported SHADES of GREY in Incubus music videos. But Cohen doesn't like to brag about who is wearing his line. He chooses to distance himself from tabloids, celebrity appearances and marketing schemes because he never wants someone to wear his line just because a celeb did it first. The organic connection that his customers have to the line is based on style and feel instead of trend. SHADES of GREY is such a timeless clothing line that a trend couldn't contain the breadth of his design.

In a world of black and white extremes, it’s good to know there is still SHADES of GREY. Check out our interview with founder/designer Micah Cohen from the Capsule Tradeshow in Las Vegas below and be sure to find SHADES of GREY on