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Zappos vs. Amazon: 5th Annual Tech Donut Eating Contest!

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Yesterday, our tech team hosted one of the "sweetest" (sometimes stomach-churning) traditions at Zappos--the Tech Donut Eating Contest. We faced off against in an all-out donut war. Unfortunately, Amazon won. The winner ate a whopping 24 donuts in just 20 minutes!

Fortunately, nobody got sick, although some looked close to it...

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Downloading Core Values

Donut Eating Contest

In an effort to "Create Fun and A Little Weirdness" and "Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit" the Tech teams in Las Vegas and Kentucky held their Fourth Annual Tech Donut Eating Contest.  The donut eating contest was open to anyone in the tech team whether contractor/employee, manager/non-manager, male/female or pro/amateur. This year, we were even able to include the folks KY "real-time" thanks to our SKYPE-enabled video conferencing system.

Once ground rules were communicated and donuts placed strategically, the participants prepared themselves for the challenge ahead. And they’re off! The atmosphere was electric with spectators packed 4 to 6 deep in the specially designed arena. Many fans were holding signs for their favorite participant and chanting well-rehearsed cheers. The most zealous of fans were even standing on desks and chairs/couches to see their favored participants, much to chagrin of our risk team. Spectators strained to hear the designated "counters" as the donuts were consumed. The throng became even more frenzied as the contestants blew past last year's record (Brent Cromley) of 15 without a hint of slowing down.  Finally, the crowd gave a collective gasp as Bryan Merrill's counter yelled "24!", and the final second ticked off. Wow! 24 donuts! Bryan Merrill buried the last year's record. Much like Zappos doing 12.4 million on Cyber Monday and burying the 7.8 million from 2009!). Brent graciously handed the gold-encased trophy to Bryan. And now it's time to train for next year!