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Mobile-Ready Pants

Is it a phone? A tablet? A phablet?


We know you're having a tough time taking your phone/tablet/phablet in and
out of your pant pocket. We've seen it all, missed phone calls, broken
screens, poor blood circulation (here's to you skinny jean wearers), and
worse, phantom vibration syndrome.

While we can't agree on what to call it, we can all agree on needing
bigger pockets. We are so happy to introduce Zappos Mobile-Ready Pants, just in
time for the iPhone 6!

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Goodbye Passwords and Hello TouchID!

Apple’s Touch ID technology has been around for a little while. Okay...well over a year. We were busy inventing the Mobile Ready Pants (, but now we have some news to share.
The good news (drumroll please) is that we are super excited and delighted to make Touch ID available to our amazing customers!

Our March 2nd update of the Zappos iOS app adds the option to log in with Touch ID. We are doing our best to make the Zappos mobile shopping experience even more convenient. There are those like us who have a list of passwords and dread keeping track of them, we totally get you. Passwords can be a hassle and that's where Touch ID comes in, with a single touch you are logged in and ready to check out!

Apple does a great job of making this Touch ID integration simple. Our iOS Software Engineer, Doug, developed this feature into the Zappos iPhone and iPad apps in one afternoon during a Mobile Team innovation session. Way to go, Doug!
As always, we thank our customers for the great suggestions and feedback.

Please download ( the updated app today.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Your friends from the Zappos Mobile Team

The Zappos Daydream

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noun . a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present.

Settings > Display > Daydream > Zappos > “Start Now”

Daydream was released to the world as part of Android version 4.2 – a minor update to Jelly Bean that also included lock screen widgets, multiple users, nested fragments, and RTL layout support (for all you non English speakers out there!). Basically a screen saver, Daydream runs on your phone or tablet when you’re not using it. There are a few options worth knowing about once you’ve decided that you’d like to Daydream…

First off, you’ll need to pick a Daydream to use. To do so, open up your Settings app and look for an option called “Display” – or similar. Under there, you’ll find a Daydream option that lists all of the apps you’ve got installed which support Daydream. You can select each and hit “Start Now” at the bottom of the screen to see what they do. Once you’re done, pick Zappos – but I’m sure you were going to do that anyway ;) 

Another option that’s worth pointing out is “When to Daydream”. This is pretty obvious, but without going into this menu and picking “Either” you’ll only see a Daydream when your device is docked. If you’re like me and don’t own a dock… you’ll never see anything! So, make it easy on yourself and choose “Either” from this menu. That way you’ll see your Daydream whenever you’re docked or charging.

Some Daydreams also allow you to configure their settings – these will have a settings icon near their names where you can configure various attributes. Zappos allows you to pick the gender of product you’d like to see. Want to daydream about women’s shoes? Now you can!

android apps, android daydream, android version 4.2, mobile, The Zappos Daydream, Zappos Android app, Zappos Mobile team

When we first set out to include a Daydream in our app, we were not quite sure of where to begin. We wanted to produce a screen which was useful, but which also highlighted our products, which are sometimes not the easiest requirements to satisfy. During our brainstorming session one thing that kept coming up was weather – and so we ran with it. 

While the Zappos Daydream is running on your phone we’ll be going out to the National Weather Service and loading in the current conditions for your area. From that, we’ll apply some super secret matching and find products that we think would match your weather. So for example, right now when it’s a hundred below zero you might be seeing snow boots or sweaters. When it’s mid July, you’ll instead see sunglasses or sandals (unless it’s a hundred below in July – in which case you’ll still get snow boots!).

Our android engineers worked up some fancy animations to swap between products, giving you a nice hands-off view of our product catalog. Like something you see? Just tap the image and you’ll be taken into our app where you can find out more details about the product.

We’d love your  feedback if you’d like to see more features in the Zappos Daydream. Till then, pleasant dreams!

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Shop From Your iPhone and iPad

That's right. Thanks to the combined efforts of multiple departments within Zappos tech, users of the Apple iPad and iPhone can shop at anytime and from anywhere.

To get started a customer just needs to download the fee app from the iTunes app store and start shopping. The customer will see the familiar brand styling and identical catalogue to our "regular" site. In addition, the mobile application adds some extra functionality not found on the website. For example, users on the mobile app can simply tap, pinch and swipe to easily navigate the storefront. And thanks to the great work of our API team, customers can shop with confidence, as the app even offers secure transactions.

So far, iTunes has served up 70,000 downloads of the free Zappos Mobile App, we've had a near-constant 4 star rating, and we were even highlighted in Apple's featured shopping Apps section!

Each app required close to 10 weeks to complete. Development required the bulk of the time at close to 6 weeks. This is a remarkably efficient turnaround based on the complexity of the application and relative unfamiliarity tech had with the format. The most interesting hurdle that they had to overcome was that the team couldn't view the complete app until the very end when all the various components are included. At that point, it was a mad dash to put the final touches on the app, get all the QA done, and release the app to the public.

The team that brought to our adoring and tech savvy public is comprised of all-stars from various departments. The UX team designed the customer-friendly look and feel. The DEV team provided the underlying code to support this highly-functional app while the QA team kept everyone honest by making sure no "bugs' made it to the final app. Special thanks also to the CLT for fielding customer support inquiries and keeping our customers happy. Finally, the Product/Program Management team wrangled all of these teams into one cohesive, efficient and creative whole. We've all been busy working on various projects, and it's been humbling to see these teams come together to take advantage of this evolving segment of the market.

Next up, will be the development of apps for the Android and Chrome OS. Like all projects that we get passionate about, the team will also constantly tweak, update and improve the current apps. Feel free to stop by and say hi to the team! They're sequestered in the Penn and Teller room in building 2290!