Carey Hart Visits Zappos!

Motocross legend Carey Hart visited the Zappos Officeslast week, and our Rideshop-Queen Cat S. had a few questions for the man!

Zappos will be sponsoring an After Party at Carey’s rock club, Wasted Space, on Saturday, click here for details !

Supercross After Party and Sweepstakes!


Fill out the entry form here and you may be lucky enough to win one of the 3 bags pictured below! Also, come to our Zappos Motorcross After Party in Vegas! October 10, 2009, 11:30 pm – 2 am (21 and over)

With Special Guests:
Davi Millsaps, Erin Bates, Josh Grant, Mike Mason, and Adam Jones.

The event will be rocking at the Wasted Space at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, come on out, one and all!

Click here for the Sweepstakes Rules .

See you there, and good luck!

Content Picnic Good Times

This past week was another round of the Content Team Olympics, hosted by our lovely lead coordinators. To start things off was a fun game of “guess who?” While we ate some awesome food, we all scratched our heads as to what team members did what. Who knew that Nick P. got lost in a cave for 5 hours and should have died (not me)? Out of 38 questions, Dana B. got 10 correct, winning a $25 Target gift card.

The next game to ensue was a hula-hoop relay challenge. Teams paired off into fives, and we all had to release our inner child and get our hula-hoop on. Unfortunately for the majority of us that couldn’t hula-hoop, we had to “chicken strut” our way to the next person. I’m proud to say that team 5 won (my team!), but it was all too hilarious to watch.

Next on the list of games was “Pin the Hat on Rico.” One member from each team was blind-folded, spun around 3 times and let loose to pin that hat! After a dizzying experience, Jen B. for team 4 perfectly positioned her hat and claimed victory.

It came down to the final challenge: dodge ball. Even though it was “waist-down” rules, some players were out for blood. After an intense battle between every team, team 1 and 4 came out on top and it was time to duel it out for the gold. Team 1 came out triumphant, thanks to Matt Burchard’s brutal throwing arm.

It was a super fun picnic with some friendly competition and a lot of laughs. We may not be able to hula-hoop, but you’ll think twice about playing dodge ball against us!

Burton Snowboards: "The B***** Tour"

Yesterday Mike F. found out that Burton Snowboards is having a movie premiere this weekend in the Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada area. He’s excited to get autographs, enjoy free food and see the movie, and he’s almost just as excited to start snowboarding.

Want to meet the Burton Snowboarding team(as well as Mike F.), see an exclusive screening of their snowboarding film, “The B”, and enjoy some food and drink—all for FREE?

Then come join us at The District this Saturday, 10/3, at 6pm!

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The Sunshade of Great Confusion

Have you ever bought a car sunshade that took you more time to fold than the time that your car will actually be parked out in the sun? Well, the new sunshade, exclusively from the Zappos Zollar Store, is kind of like that…or maybe it’s just me.

Mizuno Mobile Running Lab

Our friends at Mizuno came by the office last week to show off their Mobile Running Lab, which houses their signature Precision Fit Machine and every shoe size imaginable. Over 20 Zappos team members received a biomechanical running analysis to valuate several different aspects of their gait, foot arch, posture etc. The purpose of the Precision Fit Machine is to help runners find the perfect Mizuno Running shoe to fit their feet. A big thanks to Mizuno for coming out and helping get us ready for the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon !

A Customer Loyalty Thank You to Merch!

Our Customer Loyalty team would like to thank our Merchandising department, as well as our vendors who participated in this Spring’s Expos. We have Expos to show new products to our Team Members who answer emails and phone calls at….Thank you all!

Take it, CLT!

Bald, Blue and Beautiful 4 - Bald Harder

For the 4th year in a row, Zapponians in the Vegas office participated in what has come to be known as Bald, Blue and Beautiful Day. Explain, you ask? That I shall!

Four years ago, while still in the office on Warm Springs, some old timers at Zappos were out having a few beers and the usual madness ensued, which led to a dare concerning a little head-shaving the next day. Let me explain how I assume this most likely came up. Just in case you were not aware, Las Vegas is hot. Sidewalk like a skillet hot. You know that talk you hear about a “dry heat”? Don’t listen to that crazy talk. My oven creates a dry heat as well, if you get my drift, yo.

So, let’s assume someone was complaining about how it was already 100 degrees in May and how nice a bald head would feel…..take it from there, Mr. Clippers.

Thanks to all who participated!