Safety Shoes You Need To Own

How many days has it been since your workplace’s last incident? Whatever the number, don’t leave it to chance by wearing ill-protected footwear. Depending on your occupation, you must adapt your footwear appropriately. For example, a career in manufacturing or machinery will require drastically different shoes than, say, a server or a warehouse supervisor. So before you read any further, ask yourself — are your feet properly outfitted? 

If you said no, first things first, and let’s talk about the risks of improper footwear. Typically speaking, there are two major categories of work-related foot damage. The first includes injuries from punctures, lacerations and crushing of the forefoot, again mainly happening in industrial careers. The second group includes slips, trips and falls due to a lack of tread. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, half of all workplace injuries are caused by floor contaminants. The second leading cause, responsible for 24% of injuries, is improper footwear. As a result, personal claim damages in 2006 exceeded a whopping $11 billion!

With those statistics in mind, Skechers Work brings you its line of ultra tough, durable shoes and boots. Designed in Skechers’s popular looks, the Skechers Work safety toe collection offers the latest in style, quality and comfort, and are tested to meet or exceed ASTM F2413-2011, I/75 C/75 standards for impact and compression safety.

Available in boots, sneakers, casuals and slip-ons for men and women, most safety toe styles are enhanced with Relaxed Fit® construction (a Skechers memory foam insole) and a roomier toe for instant, all-day comfort. Steel toe and lightweight options, such as alloy safety toe and non-metallic composite toe, are also available, as well as select styles offering electrical hazard and waterproof protection. 

Furthermore, in an effort to reduce on-the-job injuries everywhere, Skechers Work’s rubberized, slip-resistant outsole provides excellent traction and is OSHA compliant. In fact, many of its stylishly designed products have been sole tested with ASTM F1677-96 Mark II standards to meet or exceed a .45 coefficient, even on wet and oily surfaces.

So by the time your next shift begins, have piece of mind knowing your feet and body are protected with the Skechers Work collection. Check below for some of the latest and greatest styles available on

safety shoes, skechers footwear, steel toe, work shoes
safety shoes, skechers footwear, steel toe, work shoes
safety shoes, skechers footwear, steel toe, work shoes
safety shoes, skechers footwear, steel toe, work shoes

  1. Kenner
  2. Soft Stride Canopy
  3. Foreman Arvin
  4. Workshire Corpus
  5. Cottonwood - Cropper
  6. Cottonwood
  7. Flattery Transpire
  8. Mina
  9. Relaxed Fit - Career - 9 to 5
  10. Blais - Athol
  11. Gibson - Alias
  12. Softie
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New Brand Spotlight: John Deere

John Deere, John Deere footwear, John Deere boots, John Deere work boots, work boots, work shoes, John Deere is one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the world. Its innovative designs and quality materials include tough, durable leathers and slip-resistant outsoles that meet dirt, mud, and hard work head-on so you can give your best performance every workday.

John Deere work boots come with a variety of soft toe, steel toe, and composite toe styles to match whatever environment you will be working in. Their designs also accommodate what you need during your workday, with both easy slip-on work boots and secure lace-up work boots featuring eyelets and hooks that are set on stainless steel washers for long-lasting durability. The majority of their boots include removable orthotic inserts with airflow technology to keep you dry and comfortable. The John Deere WCT work boot series, which stands for Work Comfort Technology, is named for the tough, high-abrasion, and oil-resistant polyurethane that supports and protects your feet.

Made to stand up to the toughest conditions, your John Deere boots will not let you down.


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New Brand Spotlight: Alpro by Birkenstock

alpro by birkenstock, alpro comfort shoes, alpro, new brand spotlight, alpro by birkenstock clogs, work shoes, alpro shoes, alpro clogs,What makes sandals and clogs from Alpro® by Birkenstock® so special? In short, the correct wording would be pleasant comfort. Whether you’re at work or enjoying leisure time, your sandals and clogs should remain comfortable from the very first step. Alpro footwear is much more comfortable than anything else you will experience.

Your personal comfort is the center point of the Alpro business. That's why you will find only cushioned, adaptive (like cork, latex and ALPRO-foam) and anatomically formed footbeds that adapt perfectly to your feet. When providing footwear to people who work in industries such as the medical field, the food industry or any other occupational jobs, comfort and support is a must!

alpro by birkenstock, alpro comfort shoes, alpro, new brand spotlight, alpro by birkenstock clogs, work shoes, alpro shoes, alpro clogs,

From catering to healthcare, or from the laboratory to your after-work activities, try any of the Alpro styles of footwear, and you will feel what they mean. From the very first step, your feet will get the pampering they deserve!

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Dansko Spreads Holiday Cheer to Some Medical Grads!

In the spirit of the holiday season, our friends at Dansko wanted to do something special for a few graduating students entering the medical field. So our Casual Lifestyle team reached out to Touro University Nevada, a private medical institution located here in Las Vegas, to find some much-deserving recent grads and donate some brand new Dansko scrubs and Dansko shoes as they embark on their new journey into the healthcare profession.  

Dansko and the Zappos team were able to give to 50 deserving medical students just in time for the holidays. With everything they do and have yet to do for the community, it’s great to be able to give thanks to these hard-working individuals!

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Fall Comfort from Dansko

Dansko,Dansko boots,Dansko women's shoes,Dansko flats,Dansko slip-on shoes,comfortable shoes,Dansko comfort,Dansko footwear,Dansko fall shoes,work shoes,casual shoes,Dansko casual shoes

Clockwise from top: Dansko Colby, Dansko Carol, Dansko Chrissy

For busy, on-the-go women, comfortable feet is the foundation of an entire outfit. This fall, Dansko isn’t just keeping your feet healthy; they’re all about versatile style. So whether you’re wearing them on a long day at work or just lounging back on the weekends, you can always count on the all-day Dansko comfort you’ve come to know and love!

Who says arch support can't look good?

Dansko,Dansko boots,Dansko women's shoes,Dansko flats,Dansko slip-on shoes,comfortable shoes,Dansko comfort,Dansko footwear,Dansko fall shoes,work shoes,casual shoes,Dansko casual shoes

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Earth Shoes: Wellness & Style for Work and Weekend

As every woman on the go knows, style and comfort need to coexist. That’s why we love Earth shoes for year-round comfort...and of course, wearable style.

Their comfy boots are perfect with jeans on the weekends or that casual lunch date. For work, Earth flats, oxfords and mary janes are perfect, particularly for jobs where you’re not exactly sitting at your desk all day. (Teachers, we’re talking to you!)

Check out a few of our fall picks from Earth Shoes:

Earth,Earth Shoes,Earth Comfort Shoes,comfortable boots,comfortable shoes,work shoes,shoes for work,Earth Women's shoes,comfortable shoes,stylish and comfortable shoes,Earth Fall 2012 styles,Earth boots,

1. Earth Buckeye Boots, 2. Earth Brushcherry Low Wedges, 3. Earth Buttonbush Mary Jane Wedge, 4. Earth Knoll Boots, 5. Earth Periwinkle Oxford, 6. Earth Zinnia Boots

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Get Office-To-Dinner Versatility With Rockport

casual shoes, dress shoes, office shoes, professional shoes, rockport, rockport shoes, woman, women, work shoes

If you’re like most busy working women out there, finding a balance between office-appropriate style and all-day comfort is something worth discovering. Rockport understands the modern woman’s need for versatility, style and comfort when it comes to work shoes. Being able to go from the office to a night out on the town without having to change your shoes is a great time saver.

The Rockport Audry, featured in the video below, is a prime example of superb comfort and day-to-evening style. You don’t compromise in other aspects of your life, so why compromise on your shoes? Rockport makes it easy to have the best of both worlds.

For even more comfort-driven style, check out the rest Rockport’s collection of men’s and women’s shoes and sandals.

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Mozo Shoes. It's What's For Breakfast! (and Lunch, and Dinner!)


No one ever said that work shoes had to be dull and yawn-inducing! Au contraire! The shoes you wear to work should still show off your personality, especially if you’re spending all day standing in a hot, busy kitchen! That’s where Mozo shoes come in.

Known for their superb comfort and durable craftsmanship, Mozo shoes are designed for those who spend their entire workday on their feet. It’s a preferred brand of chefs and other food industry workers.  While Mozo does create superbly comfy basic black work shoes, the Mozo Sharkz is a shining exception. This style is also available in quirky and fun prints: black check, egg and bacon.

That’s right, eggs and bacon! Why not? If you’re going to be in a pair of shoes day in and day out, why shouldn’t they show off some of your fun, offbeat personality? So, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, make your shoes work for you and grab a pair of the sizzlin’ hot Mozo Sharkz.