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With minimal running, or “barefoot running” as it’s often called, becoming such a popular subcategory in the running world, there’s no reason why the same principles can’t be adapted for everyday life!

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In comes the Freud heritage tennis shoe by VIVOBAREFOOT™. This smart and ultra-versatile sneaker was designed in England by head designer Asher Clark, marrying modern-classic style with the brand’s Pure Barefoot™ technology. This means that not only does the Freud offer all-day comfort, you’ll also get total flexibility and the natural motion control that VIVOBAREFOOT is known for. 

Day in and day out, your feet will be free to move as nature intended in this durable weather-resistant shoe that goes so well with all your everyday casual outfits.

In short: it looks like your dream shoe has finally arrived!

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Levi’s Canvas Classics

It’s hard to beat a true classic, no matter what year it is. That’s why we love these aesthetically simple canvas sneakers from Levi’s®. Like their iconic denim, these easy-to-wear shoes just get better with time…

Check them out!

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1. Levi's "Sullivan"

2. Levi's "Stan"

3. Levi's "Jordy"

4. Levi's "Hamilton"

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Lively White is Back: The Lacoste 1951 Collection

This season, Lacoste Footwear is getting back to its roots, making a return to the freshness and clarity of its “Tennis Whites” collection from 1951. The color white has always been at the heart of the Lacoste DNA since that very first polo shirt created by René Lacoste.

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Lacoste "Broadwick"

This ode to the basics is a powerful and iconic statement for Lacoste and is right in line with a resurgence of monochrome minimalism in the fashion landscape.

Check back for more Lacoste 1951 Collection styles coming soon to!

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New Brand Spotlight: Project:Canvas

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Project CANVAS was founded upon the principal that within every person lies a wealth of creativity. It’s a project that set out to empower youth and young adults across the world to believe in themselves. People are inspired by Project CANVAS to treat life as a canvas upon which they have the power to create their own masterpiece.

Every Project CANVAS pair of shoes is one-of-a kind, decorated with abstract versions of the three basic primary colors: Blue, Yellow, and Red. The three basic color platform provides a foundation for self-expression, individuality, and creativity.

The Project CANVAS concept is a vibrant, yet simplistic aesthetic that serves as a base for art, culture, and fashion to be expressed in a unique format accessible to all.

“Life is like a canvas. It begins blank and everyday is another brushstroke. Make your life a masterpiece.”

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Introducing: ROOS Shane & Shawn

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From the creative minds of designer twins Shane & Shawn Ward, ROOS Shane & Shawn is a new collection that combines the rich athletic heritage of KangaROOS with the duo’s fresh, urban-inspired aesthetic.

Taking inspiration from music, nightlife and pop culture, Shane and Shawn infused tons of edgy style into the classic, sporty silhouettes that KangaROOS is known for.

As a nod to the old school, every shoe in this collection features the ROOS signature pocket—done in new ways for the new school, of course!

What you stash in these signature pockets is up to you! You can keep your cash, ID, credit card, key, METRO pass, etc. close at hand in these fresh kicks!

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Seasonal Colors by Converse

Iconic. Timeless. Legendary. Classic.

These are just some words used to describe the world’s most popular sneaker—the Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star®. With a design that has stood the test of time, there’s only one way to make these beloved sneakers even better—limited edition seasonal colors!

What will you wear your Chuck Taylor® All Star® sneakers with this fall?

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Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Seasonal Ox (Low-top) & Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Seasonal Hi

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The Sanuk Streakers Are Causing Quite the Scene

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Getting its cues from retro ‘70s style, the Sanuk Streaker is a slip-on sneaker that’s brimming with laid-back beach style and comfort. Check out this awesome video parody of the Blue Oyster Cult 1976 classic “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, featuring the Sanuk Streaker!

Sanuk's "Don't Fear the Streaker" - Official Music Video from Sanuk on Vimeo.

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Ride The Water! The DVS Sandbar Series Is Here

dvs sandbar

Attention all wakeskating enthusiasts out there! The weather is warming up and those lakes and beaches are calling your name! Step back on the wakeskate and show them what you’re made of out on the water.

The DVS Sandbar Series is designed with the high-octane wakeskater in mind.  DVS Shoe Company has teamed up with Obscura Wakeskates to create the newest innovation in aquatic technology with a line of water-friendly wakeskate shoes.

The DVS Rico CT Sandbar Series sneaker is an all-mesh construction sneaker that gives the skater the ultimate breathability. It’s lined in Lycra™ material, making it ultra-comfortable against wet bare feet.

The Convict Sandbar Series sneaker combines highly-breathable mesh with water-repellent waxed canvas uppers for a more solid look.  The back rubber foxing features the Obscura logo, while the DVS logo is subtly added on the front and sole of the shoe.

So, this summer, start perfecting that beautiful frontside bigspin and master that YouTube-worthy kickflip with these water-friendly wakeskate shoes from DVS!