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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber

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Sure, you could grab your old rain boots when the weather gets soggy, but why not shake things up with something a little unexpected?

Never to be outdone as a reigning classic, Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® has reinvented itself once again this fall with its latest iteration: The Rubber Collection.

This rain-friendly collection is perfect for commuters, sneakerheads, and pavement pounders who want a waterproof version of this timeless All-American sneaker.  P.S. They look equally as cool when the weather is sunny!


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New Brand Spotlight: Project:Canvas

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Project CANVAS was founded upon the principal that within every person lies a wealth of creativity. It’s a project that set out to empower youth and young adults across the world to believe in themselves. People are inspired by Project CANVAS to treat life as a canvas upon which they have the power to create their own masterpiece.

Every Project CANVAS pair of shoes is one-of-a kind, decorated with abstract versions of the three basic primary colors: Blue, Yellow, and Red. The three basic color platform provides a foundation for self-expression, individuality, and creativity.

The Project CANVAS concept is a vibrant, yet simplistic aesthetic that serves as a base for art, culture, and fashion to be expressed in a unique format accessible to all.

“Life is like a canvas. It begins blank and everyday is another brushstroke. Make your life a masterpiece.”

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Lacoste "Easbury" Wedge Sneakers

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There’s no denying it. Wedge sneakers have taken over the fashion world as the latest must-have shoe. They’re a great compromise between the height of a heel and the everyday comfort of a go-to pair of sneakers. And who doesn’t love having the best of both worlds?

Check out the Lacoste “Easbury” wedge sneakers in a variety of cool colors for spring. They look fabulous with skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans!

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Jet. Set. Go.: New MICHAEL Michael Kors Sneakers

They’re finally here! The new MICHAEL Michael Kors collection of sneakers are causing quite the buzz, and for good reason! From edgy high tops to classic trainers, these sneakers are a totally chic way to stay comfy while you’re living a jet-set life!

MICHAEL Michael Kors, MICHAEL Michael Kors sneakers, high top sneakers, wedge sneakers, studded sneakers, edgy sneakers, logo sneakers, women's sneakers, fashion sneakers,

Clockwise from top left: MICHAEL Michael Kors Skid Wedge in Vanilla, MICHAEL Michael Kors Urban Chain High Top in Red, MICHAEL Michael Kors Studded Sneaker in Vanila, MICHAEL Michael Kors MK Trainer in Black

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Introducing: ROOS Shane & Shawn

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collaborations, cool sneakers, KangaROOS, kangaroos sneakers, men's sneakers, original sneakers with pockets, roos, ROOS Shane & Shawn, ROOS Sneakers, Shane & Shawn, Shane and Shawn, Shane and Shawn Ward, sneakers with pockets, Street, streetwear, Urban, women's sneakers

From the creative minds of designer twins Shane & Shawn Ward, ROOS Shane & Shawn is a new collection that combines the rich athletic heritage of KangaROOS with the duo’s fresh, urban-inspired aesthetic.

Taking inspiration from music, nightlife and pop culture, Shane and Shawn infused tons of edgy style into the classic, sporty silhouettes that KangaROOS is known for.

As a nod to the old school, every shoe in this collection features the ROOS signature pocket—done in new ways for the new school, of course!

What you stash in these signature pockets is up to you! You can keep your cash, ID, credit card, key, METRO pass, etc. close at hand in these fresh kicks!

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Seasonal Colors by Converse

Iconic. Timeless. Legendary. Classic.

These are just some words used to describe the world’s most popular sneaker—the Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star®. With a design that has stood the test of time, there’s only one way to make these beloved sneakers even better—limited edition seasonal colors!

What will you wear your Chuck Taylor® All Star® sneakers with this fall?

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Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Seasonal Ox (Low-top) & Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Seasonal Hi

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Fun Printed Sneakers by Keds

For decades, the most stylish people have been seen with classic Keds on their feet—even Audrey Hepburn herself was known to wear the beloved sneaker. And while we love our classic Keds, their fresh new crop of prints and colors are totally worthy of our must-have lists this summer!

Don’t be afraid to pair these printed kicks with printed clothes either. Just make sure they’re complementary colors so the look is cohesively cool. 

Check out a few of the lovely printed Keds we adore:

keds, keds shoes, keds sneakers, keds women's sneakers, printed sneakers, slip-on sneakers, women's sneakers

1. Keds Champion Laceless Candy Stripe Slip-On, 2. Keds Champion Laceless Floral, 3. Keds Champion Mini Twin Palm Jute, 4. Keds Champion Candy Stripe, 5. Keds Champion A-line Ankle Wrap Canvas, 6. Keds Champion Plaid CVO

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Summer Is Calling! Get Your Kicks With The Sanuk June Bug


Brimming with laid-back SoCal style, the Sanuk June Bug is the pared-down, feminine version of the iconic Sanuk  Sidewalk Surfers™. This vegan sneaker is the perfect throw-on-with-everything shoe for beach-loving girls everywhere. Its super flexible handmade canvas/vulcanized rubber construction makes it so comfy and durable for everyday wear. Of course, like with all Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers™, the June Bug can be worn as an easy, slipper-like sandal by simply folding down the back.

The easy-going Sanuk June Bug also comes in different colors, so you’ll always have one for every outfit. Wear these comfy sandal-shoe hybrids with all of your favorite spring dresses, shorts, tees…just about anything!